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J Sep 11, 2018

I took my 2013 Hyundai Sonata through the car wash at the new location in North Port, FL on the corner of Price Blvd and Sumter Blvd on 9/11/2018 around 1:45pm and got the standard wash for $11. I heard a loud noise when we were in the car and the red scrubbers were going across the top of the car. After the wash I noticed that the "antenna" on top of the car was missing. And there was a splatter of some sort of chemical on the rear passenger door, that will not come off. I feel as though this car wash was completely unsatisfactory and I am extremely angered that the antenna broke, as I have only had this car 2 months or so. I feel as though something needs to be done.

car wash
car wash

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