Circle K 333 San Pedro Texasthe manager is racist against the gay and mentally disabled

S Sep 12, 2018

I have been going to that store for about 10 years now I recently in concert with the manager I had walked in with someone and he the both of us out because number one he said that the guy that walked in with me sleeps outside so he banned me from there from sleeping for him sleeping outside and him for so-called stealing what she didn't even still the cameras showed everything and he was not allow me to go into the store that I've been going to for so long I live literally right behind there behind the store and I've been living here for years and I'm very disappointed that now that they've he is like very rude and threatens to call the cops every single time and most of the employees that work there live in my complex three of them to be exact so it's like profiling against the gay guy that's how I'm feeling and it's not right that I have to walk all the way up to the Circle K by San Pedro and Cypress when I live right behind one

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