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There was a female employee named, ana she looks pregnant she works for cinemark in el centro she works in the hall and takes the tickets she was on the phone with someone talking about "sucking dick and licking balls :. I asked her to stop talking about that in front of my two daughters and she told me to # off and I asked her to let me speak to the manager in charge she said he aint here right now. So I walked off and went home. I didnt bother to watch the movie. This is suppose to be a family enviorment and uyou have employees on the phone using foul language this happened yestur day on


Alonzo ford

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    Toly Aug 07, 2009

    Was she hot? LOL, jokes aside, contact the manager wherever this is and make damn well sure this trash gets fired. You shouldn't have to put up with that kind of crap ANYWHERE; daughters with you or not.

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    mlynnvar May 27, 2012

    My boyfriend and I went to see a movie that was rated R and we were 16 and 17, but we had his mother with us to buy the tickets and the teller said they can't go in unless they have college ID's since it's rated R. Well the sign just to the left of us said you had to be 17 and have and ID with you to show proof of age, the guy himself looked to be only just out of high school. but anyway he started to give us a hard time, so we turned around and went outside then decided to just see another movie. We went back inside and asked for tickets to see another movie and this time we went to the other teller behind the window, while we were getting our tickets, the guy who gave us problems before decided to speak up and said "just so you know if you decide to go to another theater we will catch you and throw you out" and we just looked at him and said "ok we weren't going to do that because we aren't that type of people" then he just "I don't care, im just telling you that if you decide to do that you will be thrown out" and said that about another 3 times till i finally spoke up and said "sir, do we look stupid enough to do that or are you just that ignorant?" and took our tickets and left, but he still was going on and on and on so my boyfriends mom stepped in and told them how to treat customers. When we came out of the movie the manager and three other people along with the lady was in the teller's booth, but the guy who we had problems with wasn't.

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    seylea Jan 11, 2018
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    @mlynnvar Ok, I know this whole interaction seemed rude to you, but you have to understand there are kids who DO buy tickets to another movie just to sneak into an R movie and then we have to kick them out and do a refund and it's a huge pain in our butts. That being said, I would have probably phrased it a little differently but still you would have known that if I DID catch you in the wrong movie you would have to leave, and there would be no refund. It's a friendly warning so there are no surprises or tears later on.

    The ID thing wasn't explained well to you, it looks like. You have to show a valid picture ID complete with birthdate to get into the movie if you're 17 or over. The 16 year old MUST be accompanied into the movie by his/her parent per MPAA rules. This is so the parent can monitor what their child is watching and remove said child from content they don't approve of. Enough parents complained about not having control over what their children were exposed to that this rule went into affect.

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