Church's Chicken Restaurantopening

This is been several times. Opening is 10 on Sunday. I got there at 10:25 and the door was locked; one person in there state "we're closed" then went back to the phone. Was my mom birthday and she loves the chicken. I continued to wait, watching up to 12 cars come and go. Then at 11:30 the opened with 2 people. Then I ordered 10 pieces of chicken, went to car noticed no receipt and the wrong change. Went back in got my receipt and $5 more she stuffed me. Finally arriving at my moms and only had 9 purses of chicken. Wow those people that work there do not get in a hurry and shuffle there feed, have no regard for customer service what so ever.

Kathy Giambrone [protected]

Sep 29, 2019

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