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Reviews and Complaints

Church's Chickencustomer service/my order incorrect

I placed an order at approximately around 9:15 for 2 wings combo wth bombers and drink. I paid and thn was asked to pull around for my order. I waited until around 9:30 whn someone came to bring my order but it was mixed. She then informed me that they didn't have any wings so I asked are u gnna cook some she said tht was all they had and wouldn't refund my money. She claimed she wasn't authorized and the manager was gone. Wo I asked was he coming bck she said yea if u wanna wait. I waited some more and then overheard her telling another customer tht she would have to come back tm for a refund. Thts unexceptable!!! I then asked her so u had me waiting for almost a hour for nothing bc he's not coming back?? She replied no he's not coming back i would have to come back in the morning. I called another store and spoke wth an awesome manager named Donna who called the district manager who said tht i would have to go to the Mansfield Rd store for a refund wow!!