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On 8/3/18 I ordered the Smoke house combo with dry rub ribs and brisket and a side of broccoli and mashed potatoes. When I got my order automatically I smelled a rank smell coming from the platter I tasted the brisket and it smelled old and sour and was very dry like it had been cooked in the microwave I automatically felt sick. I waited for my server to come back which was 10 mins later and told him he apologized and went to put in another order. While waiting I tasted my ribs and they tasted old as well like they had been cooked days before and just reheated. My brisket was brought out by the manager who waited for me to taste it and asked me how was it mind you it was sizzling so I waited a second but the smell from it was unbearable she told me it was supposed to have a old taste to it and said to try it. Then told her old is one thing but the meat tasted like dead old meat she got an attitude and walked off without asking me if I wanted anything else.. I tried to then eat my mashed potatoes and they as well were under cooked and cold

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