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rally burger fry and boneless chicken

I've called several times about this rallys. Someone responded back the first time but other times no. I...


an employee

Y'all have an employee working at night around 6pm or 7pm who works in Jacksonville Florida at the location...

employee didn't give me my correct money.

At 12:01 am I've purchase two $2 meals. An employee name Troy F in Cahokia IL didnt. Troy didn't give me my...

disrespectful employees and dirty store do not use gloves

I walked up to the window of Rally's on Claiborne I was met with a direpectful employee who stated that the system was down when asked how long the window was shut in my face asked to talk to manager and asked what was the employees name I received a shut window and received a dried out fish sandwich I would like to receive a refund this has really made me lose my appetite this fish sandwich is uneatible

disrespectful employees and dirty store do not use gloves
disrespectful employees and dirty store do not use gloves
disrespectful employees and dirty store do not use gloves
disrespectful employees and dirty store do not use gloves
disrespectful employees and dirty store do not use gloves

  • Updated by DWash · Jul 12, 2018

    After returning to the establishment with the UN eatible food my order was tossed to the side and the next person order was taken after window was shut the employees made disrespectful comments I changed my order to burgers told them I had fries with my order instead of fresh fries I received the same fries from the previous order at this point I'm done

2 rally burgers with cheese no onion 2 large fries 2 large drinks

I ordered rallys last night and got it home the order was wrong the drink tasted like the carbon stuff had...

Checkers and Rally's


I recently ordered from the restraunt on E.55th off Woodland avenue in Cleveland Ohio. Everytime I ordered...


I went to checkers and ordered a checker burger meal and Ended up with a MOLD burger! Mold was on the bottom...

Checkers Drive-In Restaurants, Inc.

customer service

This location is very unprofessional! They [censored] the whole entire establishment down before 2am! I live three...

Checkers Drive-In Restaurants, Inc.

service complaint

I went through the drive thru of a Checker restaurant, located at 3709-25 North Broad Street, Philadelphia...


Tonight at the Taylor Blvd store I orderd three Big Buford meals the fries were cold and the Big buford'...

store presentation

I saw this picture on the internet. Its about to go viral and be shared millions of times. I hope whoever owns this store gets a real butt chewing. This is an absolute disgrace to our country and the brave men & women who fought for it. If this is allowed at your franchise's then you deserve to go bankrupt!!!
If you can confirm that it's false then I will be glad to forward that information on to others sharing the picture. If it's true than trust me I will spread the word about the type of company you are.

store presentation

no burger patties only fried foods etc

We arrived at Rally's in St.Louis Mo 1015 S. Broadway at around 2:11 am July 3rd. We were told they were only...

i’m complaining about rally’s flying the american flag upside down

The rally's in Evansville indiana has absolutely no respect for our United States of America's it's not a joke being disrespectful of the America flag yet the pathetic people at the rally's was flying the flag upside down which is a sign of distress and emergency my husband is a army veteran we will never be back to rally's again something needs to be done about this!

i’m complaining about rally’s flying the american flag upside down

  • Do
    Don Pokorney Jun 29, 2018

    I called Corporate office yesterday and voiced my concern . I was asked if I called the Store first and I explained that I will not call them as I am calling you to address this disrespect. Sent them the picture and today I received a phone call from the Store here in Evansville explaining that a maintenance person Hung the flags up wrong and no disrespect was intended. I thanked them for the call but also told them I was not buying the story as it could of been acceptable mistake if 1 of the 2 were hung up wrong but both? I am sure Corporate had some managers caboose in a sling over this. I have made this Pic go viral and many have shared my photo. Will never give this business a dime from here on out. God Bless America !

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  • Ma
    Mary Keller Todd Jun 29, 2018

    The disrespect shown to our Country, our Flag and our President is getting very very old. Never will walk in one of these stores again.

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  • Be
    Benmichael47630 Jul 01, 2018

    This was done in clear disrespect. It has been done to show protest against Trump. I will never do business with such a cowardly company.

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  • Fr
    Freedomisntfree1887 Jul 03, 2018

    As an army vet, I was actually hoping Rally's was going to have a good explanation for this. As for the rest of us, our country is in distress right now, im sure we can all see it if we are honest with ourselves. Theres a huge racial, social, and religious divide all across America right now. Adults have lost power over there children and nobody has any respect for anybody that is different than themselves. And ladies lets not forget the leader of this great nation told us all that with money and power you can do anything you want, you can even grab women by the pussy. Women have lost there self respect but only for certain people of power. I WILL CONTINUE TO EAT RALLYS, EVERYBODY IS ENTITLED TO THERE OPINION, EVEN RALLYS EMPLOYEES. This country needs us. We shoud ask why rather than point the finger and become the executioner.

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food is horrible

About a month ago I ordered big chicken sandwiches and they were over over cooked. Call and spoke to manager...


I contacted you days ago about your rallys manager threatening me with violence. I have heard nothing back...

checkers 1449 donnelly ave atlanta ga 30310

I went to checkers on 6/24/2018 and placed an order witch they made incomplete I was only giving fries after...

managers and customer service

The management on 1220 Tech Dr. Norcross, Ga 30093 Needs additional training on how to address employees in...

drive thru customer service

06/22/2018 @ 2340 I Drove into the location at 1846 remount road North Charleston sC 29406, waited in line to...


Is there any way we can get a checkers in Enterprise Alabama? We only have a sonic in this type and it is no comparison to Checkers. We have alot of soldiers in our area because of Fort Rucker being just a hop, skip and jump from Enterprise. We have a couple in Dothan Alabama but that is to far to go especially for older or disabled people. Please consider this. Thank you

manager threatened me with violence

6-21-18 2:50pm. Your crackhead looking manager threatened me with violence saying he will " kick my...