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store locations

My name is amanda hodgkinson and I just wanted to say that we need to get a checkers In marietta sc 29661 there is plenty of spaces for a restaurant if you're the one that I talk to loves Checkers and it's sad that you can't even get one in Marietta all I'ma too far away to travel to get food from but if you could please consider this and put a Checkers in Marietta South Carolina thanks and have a blessed day if you need to call me my number is [protected] in my name is Amanda hodgkinson

rude, ghetto service

I put up to the drive-thru they asked me for my order I wasn't ready at the time so then I hear the man...

Checkers and Rally's

unethical behaviour

My name is Samone Burley I was at work on 8-23-18 and I receive a call stating that my children were missing so i went and told the manger on shift that my chlidren were missing so she told me to clock out so i clock out and when i found my children i went back to work then she said you can take the rest of the day off and dont come in tomorrow i wasnt gone but 10 to 15 mins and this on lee and harvard

the rude employee

We stopped at the rally's location at 2585 E. 55th Street Cleveland, Oh we was trying to place our order and...

credit card fraud

August 18, 2018 I received notification on my cellular device that a Debit card/Signature purchase was made...

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never open when they should be

The Rally's at 1940 E Livingston Ave. Columbus, Ohio is never open when it is supposed to be. I work late and...

chicken sandwich

I was at the Rallys on South Claiborne in new orleans Louisiana at 10:15 pm... I ordered my food and I wa...

spicy chicken and fries

I went to the Rally's on Page Avenue in St Louis Missouri this evening first off they posted they were completely out of spicy chicken didn't even have any in the store and I asked them if they had regular chicken sandwiches they said yes, I asked them to honor the spicy chicken and fries $2 deals with regular chicken and they refused and proceeded to tell me they would be accused of stealing if she rang it up and did Regular chicken sandwich instead the the manager wouldn't give me her name was very rude to me I asked him to please honor that chicken and fries deal for $2 since they did not have the spicy chicken which is not my fault and they responded was nothing but rudeness and unprofessionalism


Hi I was a worker here in New Orleans La on North Broad street today Gail Veals came to my job and ask my boss how Shannon doing she has no reason to come to my job asking about me she trying to make me look bad I know it's against the law to do such things I left Rallys because she's not a good person to run a store she has no respect towards anyone I feel Gail Veals is slandering my name I don't go to Rallys with no trouble and she's coming on my job with nonsense I don't think it's right I have kids to feed bills to pay I don't appreciate her pulling off something like that I hope you all at Corporate please handle the situation because she's not fit to work with the company thank you for listening to me...but I hope you all do something about this
Thank You Shannon Celestine

employee advised they were closed but advertisement says open until 4:00 am

To whom this may concern,

We just visited a rally's off Winchester and hacks cross in Memphis tn at 1:12am. No one greeted us on the intercom so we drove to the 1st window. Upon doing so, an employee adcis d that they were closed although the sign on the window stated that they were open until 4:00am on today. We are highly disappointed due to the advertised hours of operation. Service was subpar and unexpected. The inconvenience of driving to this location with expections being ignored be hooves is. We are expecting someone to reach out to us as soon as possible to provide accommodations to make us whole

customer service

The most lackluster disrespectful "manager" I've ever experienced! Not only was eve entire staff dressed in clothing with food stains all over them, I was repeatedly called out of my name when asking for a manager I will NEVER go to another rallys in my life!. Absolute worst, and even after I turned to walk away the "manager" stated "I get off at 5 b* you wanna fight?" As a final term nursing student I took myself out of the situation but never again will I spend my money with rallys

contract lies

2556 N High St, Columbus, OH 43202

Manager: Reginald aka "Reggie"

When I first got the job, the manager lied and told me that I have to register for the prepaid adp debit card even when I told him I want direct deposit. He lied and said it wasn't an option until after 3 months.

When I started working, he made uncomfortable remarks asking me if I was lesbian. He would also say that he was my pimp etc. and acting really unprofessional.

Not only that but he made me work and he would clock me out without telling me. He would even joke saying that i am working without pay.

I quit that job and he started calling the regional manager to do his work and monitor me trying to find ways to fire me before I leave the job.

manager and employee smoking marijuana

I drive in to Checkers and I see the manager in the blue shirt names Tiara Davis and Meghan smoking marijuana outside sitting down with no regard to the fact that I'm at the order speaker. They take their time coming in to prepare my order and when I drove up to pay they wreaked of marijuana and cigar smoke. This is the most unprofessional and ridiculous action I've seen and I am very certain that if they are drug tested they will definitely be positive for marijuana. I don't want employee under the influence of drugs and alcohol handling my food. They both should be fired, immediately or I'm going to report this matter to the necessary people who can ensure that the employees are drug free and display customer service. I have seen Tiara and Megan smoking marijuana on several occasions and if you check the cameras they are always sitting outside for a long period of time. I have had enough, it's disrespectful, unruly, and highly dangerous. I bring my children and family here and they shouldn't be exposed to such behavior. And I have been viewing Tiara Davis Instagram and Facebook page and she is always engaging in fights and altercations, one in which with a customer off duty. What type of people represent Checkers as managers when they are doing drugs and publicizing their negative immoral conduct on Social media.

waiting in line

The checker's in fort pierce florida !!!
Me and my husband waited almost 30 minutes because the cashier was letting the customers drink all of their drinks in drive thru and then refilling them when they are done drinking didn't tell any of the customers if there was a problem with their order to pull around so that they could service other customers very very poor service and by this being the only checkers in fort pierce florida they would try a little better but i guess not if they don't want to work they should find another job

rude & unfriendly staff.

I will not shop at Checkers Langebaan again.
Your Checkers Langebaan store must the store with the rudest, most friendly staff with bad attitude in SA. This is the third incident I reported to the management of the store, nothing seems to get done about it, your staff needs training in human relations and customer satisfaction and. One immediately notices the difference when you enter Woolworths or Pick n Pay stores. Their staff is friendly and goes out of their way to help. On 28 July, a few minutes before 12h00, I very politely requested an assistant at the cold meat and deli counter to hand a container to me for filling with olives. Without answering me, she looked away and started talking (in an african language) to one of her colleagues and walked away from me. How rude!!! When I questioned her she answered that she was telling her colleague she had just been to the toilet and was going to wash her hands.
Firstly, she should never ignore a customer.
Secondly, tell the customer what you plan to do, not your colleagues.
Thirdly, wash your hands before you leave the toilet, not in the facilities at the deli counter.
This was the last time I shopped at Checkers Langebaan.

  • Updated by Lourens Meyer · Jul 29, 2018

    "Most friendly staff" should read "Most UNfriendly staff"

customer service and food quality

The ordering process was nice, at the end when i requested my receipt the cashier was extremely short, rude and gave me dirty looks because i asked for my receipt. Then i bite into my fries and they are soggy and taste like dirty oil, and like they've been sitting in that oil all night. I am dissapointed with the food and service received and hope you can fix this issue!

the customer service

I visited my local Rally's today I made a purchase of $21. The cashier rushed me to order, once I ordered...

the service was so bad. can't blame the employees. I only seen one in the whole store

Yesterday there was a special on burgers and me and my family went to this location for lunch. The drive thru wait was so long so we parked and went to the window which had many more customers . This location had no employees. Nobody was in the store but a manager . For a day like yesterday I'm pretty sure you will need more people than that . It's a shame somebody should have to go through this . It saddens me because I love checkers but after seeing this I'm never returning.

employee rudeness

I was on Vacation in Memphis Tennessee and the store 3 is 6230 and the Cashier name was Mike and when I...

drive thru operator

Hi my name is Amelia Hill I want to make a complaint towards the checkers on 6000 memorial dr, Stone Mountain ga 30083. As I was leaving from seeing a relative that I'm providing money for chemo therapy I decided to try and grab something to eat because I haven't eaten in 24 hours. I knew I had a few dollars on two cards which I knew wasn't much but it may have been at least enough for a meal my money has been running low because of this minor set back because of me funding treatment for a family member. As I got to the window to pay I was in the car with two other people the female took my card then gave it back with a nasty attitude and said it didn't have money on it so I ask could she swipe it again for less the amount then use another card which she proceeded to do. I have her the next card and she said it declined I then asked her to do the same with that card then she rudely gave the card back and said there isn't any money on there so with the day I was having I just took what I could then proceeded to leave as I was leaving out I noticed she failed to give me my drink so I stepped out the car and walked up to the window and let her know she forgot my drink she rudely said to me "there's about five people in that car and nobody has no money", which threw me off guard. I didn't say anything because I didn't want any confortation and the way her attitude was already I knew it may have went further. My receipt says it was at 11:14pm and the associate name is Porsche. I wasn't going to contact you guys but I slept on this situation and it was still heavy on my mind when I woke this morning. Some people just don't know what others are going through to judge anyone and I was just very offended and also embarrassed.