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no burger patties only fried foods etc

We arrived at Rally's in St.Louis Mo 1015 S. Broadway at around 2:11 am July 3rd. We were told they were only serving fried foods and that they only had 5 bone in and 5 boneless wings said all slushy ice cream machines were down. First thing we ordered was 2 spicy chicken sandwiches with cheese along with some other items. We then pulled up and waited in line it was to cars ahead of us no one behind, we reversed and added 3 funnel cake fries. When we got to the window we seen that they closed at 3 which was probably why they stopped selling burgers, slushes etc. We only received a kitchen receipt when we asked for one multiple times and they wasn't going to give us one if we didn't. The workers were walking and working in flip flops using no gloves...rewind the cameras!!! We got our order and the chicken sandwiches wasn't in there they never rang us for it when it was the first thing we ordered. So now we are being taxed 3 different times for one order and then they said it would be a 5 minute wait on the chicken. By time we got to the Lumiere Hotel down the street food was cold. I AM PISSED!!!

i’m complaining about rally’s flying the american flag upside down

The rally's in Evansville indiana has absolutely no respect for our United States of America's it's not a joke being disrespectful of the America flag yet the pathetic people at the rally's was flying the flag upside down which is a sign of distress and emergency my husband is a army veteran we will never be back to rally's again something needs to be done about this!

i’m complaining about rally’s flying the american flag upside down

  • Do
    Don Pokorney Jun 29, 2018

    I called Corporate office yesterday and voiced my concern . I was asked if I called the Store first and I explained that I will not call them as I am calling you to address this disrespect. Sent them the picture and today I received a phone call from the Store here in Evansville explaining that a maintenance person Hung the flags up wrong and no disrespect was intended. I thanked them for the call but also told them I was not buying the story as it could of been acceptable mistake if 1 of the 2 were hung up wrong but both? I am sure Corporate had some managers caboose in a sling over this. I have made this Pic go viral and many have shared my photo. Will never give this business a dime from here on out. God Bless America !

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    Mary Keller Todd Jun 29, 2018
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    The disrespect shown to our Country, our Flag and our President is getting very very old. Never will walk in one of these stores again.


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  • Be
    Benmichael47630 Jul 01, 2018

    This was done in clear disrespect. It has been done to show protest against Trump. I will never do business with such a cowardly company.

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  • Fr
    Freedomisntfree1887 Jul 03, 2018

    As an army vet, I was actually hoping Rally's was going to have a good explanation for this. As for the rest of us, our country is in distress right now, im sure we can all see it if we are honest with ourselves. Theres a huge racial, social, and religious divide all across America right now. Adults have lost power over there children and nobody has any respect for anybody that is different than themselves. And ladies lets not forget the leader of this great nation told us all that with money and power you can do anything you want, you can even grab women by the pussy. Women have lost there self respect but only for certain people of power. I WILL CONTINUE TO EAT RALLYS, EVERYBODY IS ENTITLED TO THERE OPINION, EVEN RALLYS EMPLOYEES. This country needs us. We shoud ask why rather than point the finger and become the executioner.

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food is horrible

About a month ago I ordered big chicken sandwiches and they were over over cooked. Call and spoke to manager was told they would replace items but went there three times and was given an excuse until I gave up. Toady different location same kind of result. Ordered four single mozzarella burgers and the patty was very very small. No cheese and cold. I'm on a fixed income and can't keep wasting my money. I just want an apology and at least a ten dollar coupon. This is not the way to conduct business.


I contacted you days ago about your rallys manager threatening me with violence. I have heard nothing back from you! I assure you it is in your best interest that you remedy this horrible action by your manager. Threatening customers is no way to do business and as a columnist in my city, I plan on bringing this out to the public if you do nothing! I did nothing wrong and did not deserve that threatening and horrible all my days I have never seen any manager/fast food place act that way. Do yourself a favor and act on this before its too late!! This will not go away.

checkers 1449 donnelly ave atlanta ga 30310

I went to checkers on 6/24/2018 and placed an order witch they made incomplete I was only giving fries after...

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managers and customer service

The management on 1220 Tech Dr. Norcross, Ga 30093
Needs additional training on how to address employees in front of customers. It's very inappropriate to be in drive thru and managers forget to turn the speaker off and customers hear how they talk to their employees. It is unacceptable
This establishment just recently opened and I've been there twice and both times they were rude when the employee ask for help.. I'm assuming they are learning the system as well. Which means it take patience
I've worked fast food & retail and i know how important it is to serve customers.
One manager in question is Shelia, she need to be trained on how to talk to people. she's very rude. I will not go there until i see a change.. we as consumers shouldn't have to go to an establishment that don't know how to treat or talk to someone.
If you have an title it doesn't give you the right to handle someone in that way.

drive thru customer service

06/22/2018 @ 2340 I Drove into the location at 1846 remount road North Charleston sC 29406, waited in line to place my order. I approached the speaker and was ordering a 2 for $5, Philly steak or mushroom steak. the young lady interrupted me and told me there was no steak. I then started placing my order for a number 2 the baconzilla, she asked me the beverage, I told her a coke. She asked if i wanted anything else, so as Im adding to my order, the young lady rudely interrupted me again and told me to place my order at the window. So. Now, I am stuck in this drive thru loop and I no longer have a desire to eat here. I moved forward and she starts taking the order of the vehicle behind me. Moved up until I got to the window...the young lady(black girl, about 5 feet 6, 130-140 pounds with braids in her hair pulled up in a pony tail, blue shirt black slacks) She never once addressed me while i sat there approximately 2 minutes while she spoke to her colleague about the beverage order from the walk up window. I drove off. I took my large order to sonics, ($75) where I got wonderful customer service even though it was near closing. I understand your location was busy this evening, however, because of her lack of talent to've lost a loyal patron. This location is 2 minutes from my home in north Charleston but the customer service and the fear of what may transpire behind the scene, makes me drive out of my way to another restaurant. I understand the daily stresses of working with the public, I've worked in customer relations >35 years and I could never have acted in such a manner and still call myself employed. I wish my writing was on a positive note, but how many customers have you loss because of the horrible customer service? Not everyone has the time or ability to fill out a complaint but I'm sure everyone who has had a negative experience will gladly share that not so pleasant experience by mouth. Negative news travels quickly. Hopefully, this could aid in training .
Ms. Jackson


Is there any way we can get a checkers in Enterprise Alabama? We only have a sonic in this type and it is no comparison to Checkers. We have alot of soldiers in our area because of Fort Rucker being just a hop, skip and jump from Enterprise. We have a couple in Dothan Alabama but that is to far to go especially for older or disabled people. Please consider this. Thank you

manager threatened me with violence

6-21-18 2:50pm. Your crackhead looking manager threatened me with violence saying he will " kick my [censored]!" All I wanted was food, and your teller was rude, the manager got on and was even ruder, then came out to my car and threatened me. He was showing off to his workers. I want this thug fired immediately or retaliation will come mediawise as well as possible charges filed. It ruined my day and infuriated me!!! That you would employ a street thug like this as manager is unheard of!!! I expect action on this asap. Otherwise you will feel the wrath of the louisville media. That guy threatened the wrong customer, a customer with media connections. His actions were dispicable and the actions of a common street thug!!! Do nothing and see what happens! Customers should not be threatened to be beat up because they stand up to a extremely rude Rally employee!!! My name is duane burke. I expect a call/text ASAP!!! [protected]


I just went to Rally's to get my kids and myself a burger and some wings and the manager was completely rude and im professional I didn't like the service I had to wait 20 mins and to top it off when I got it it was cold still after sitting in this heat for so long I jus said forget it and left SMH what a waist of money and time my kids were hungry I just got off work and it was scorchingly hot as I sat and waited for my food before I pulled off hey we're arguing with another customer saying he will come across the window and whoop his a** I thought that's it I had it jus the worst experience ever!!


Worst experience I have EVER had at ANY fast food restaurant. First let me say, someone's personal vehicle was parked on one of the drive thru lanes.
We entered the drive through, there were NO other customers there. We went to the speaker and waited. We finally asked if they were open and someone answered. Much husband asked for a # 6. The lady said "We ain't even got none of the". My husband responded with "I apologize, did you say you were out of the big chicken?" She said "Yeah we is." He ended up ordering a deep sea double.
We go to the window. When she finally opened it to take the money, she told us the total. My husband handed her the money. She handed him the change and he said thank you. She rolled her eyes and shut the window. She opened the window again. She handed him the drink. He said "Thank you ma'am". She again didn't speak and partially shut the window. I asked my husband to please get the corporate phone number and her name because she was very very rude to us. He told me it would be on the receipt. I guess she heard us.
She opened the window and handed us our food. Once again, my Husband said Thank you. She said "Welcome" and shut the window. She no longer has a name tag on and our receipt had been taken off of the bag.
We finally get home and he tried to eat and it wasn't even edible. It tasted old and maybe frost bitten? It was absolutely horrible.


The cashier was very rude, disrespectful, and hateful toward me last night. She has blue hair, face piercings and wears a devil necklace. I believe her name is kaylee. I had to wait almost a minute before I was even greeted. Several employees were outside smoking, I was rushed the whole time I ordered, and when I asked for ketchup packets she got an attitude. And on top of that my fries were cold. I will NEVER eat here again.

cold food/customer service

In Opelousas, La The fries were ice cold and the burger was poorly assembled. the MANAGER sags his pants and has a habitual disposition of discontent. I remember eating and enjoying checkers in Opelousas, La from my childhood but the recent visits to checkers in Opelousas, La has led in utter disappointment. I'm filing the complaint in hopes that Checkers of Opelousas returns to what it once was; a customer friendly, reliable, and splendiferous experience for each individual who visit.


I went to the Checkers at 1377 Apalachee Pkwy in Tallahassee, FL 32301 ON 6-14-18 for lunch and ordered a # 3...

waiting for 7 min.

On 6-13-18, went to rally order a fish sandwich, chicken sandwich and mango slush give the cashier credit card she didn't give me my credit card back after she give me the slush or a receipt, so I may a mistake and left my card, so I went back to the place later, ask about the credit card I left there was no report about the card on the second shift so the manager on this shift was very unprofessional the way she came to me and said, I didn;t leave my credit card there and her employee wouldn't take the card or I left the card some where else. I feel she was this respectful.

awful services

Hi my name is Jessy. I visited your Anrnold MO 63010, on June 4th @ 8:41pm. We ordered 2 of the $4.00 meals, rally cheese burger, Ice cream cone, and a Large water. When I got home I opened up the food to separte the food. When opening the burger and chicken sandwich I came across that one of the burgers were wrong and the other was completly missing the hamburger patty. I called up and talked to the manger on duty that night I explained to him our issues and he said "this is a joke, your kidding me right. I said "no!" He said just come back thur the drive through and let let them know and we will remake your food. I informed him that i lived in south county and was no coming back tonight becasue of my drive. His response was oh [censored] that far. Yes he said the word [censored]. So he said can you hold please, gets back on the phone and says keep your receipt and when ever you come back we will just replace your whole order. So tonight 6/12 @ about 8:40-9:00 I go through drive thru and inform them on what the manager told me the other night. She ask me for my name and then asked if i ordered a chili dog plus some. I said no. told her that the guy just told me to bring back my reciept and that they would replaced the whole meal. With attitude she replys do you have your receipt? I said yes. She siad to just pull forward to the window. ( remind you she does not know our order on what needs to be replaced and there was 3 people infront of me) I get to the window and she siad so were just replacing the the rally burger? I said No he said they were going to replace the whole thing. After having to yell through the window to let the lady know the order that is holding our receipt, Sarah at the window asked to pull forward and thy would bring our food out that they are going to cook it fresh. So she gives us 2 of the 3 drinks, we pull forward. This guy brings out our food finally 15mins from the drive thru line and gives me this blank stare hands me the bag of food and leaves without out saying one word. Yet they still shorted me my food. I going through the rest of the food and say it looks right ( the food that we got) but when I go to eat my burger its cold and along with the apple pies. I shouldnt have to wait for food for them to make it fresh if its going to come out to me cold. Very disappointed!!!

seffner store

I was in line and ordered at your Seffner location, tonight, 6/12 at 8:55pm. I ordered a chocolate shake, a loaded banana split shake, and two swirl waffle cones. was only one person in line ahead of me. She was having a loud conversation/complaint with the manager at the window. It took quite a long time. At 9:11 I finally got to the window to have a young girl tell me how much it was, too my credit card, have it back to me and without a word closed the window and proceeded to make our shakes and ice creams we ordered. I can't believe that they weren't ready when we pulled up and we had to wait even longer! I wanted to get the information of my receipt to contact your company, but when I asked for my receipt, she said the "receipt thing was broken." She didn't even say thank you or I'm sorry for your wait. Is that really how your want your customers treated? I wanted to also speak to the manager, but he was handling upset customers at the walk up window and I honestly didn't want to wait there any longer!!!
Mc Donald's is across-the-street and their ice cream isn't as good, but they are a lot nicer and I get a receipt every time!!!

customer service

I visited your location in gretna, la located on stumpf and westbank expressway on today and it was the worst customer service i've ever experienced in the 40 years i've been alive. I waited in line for 22 minutes (the wait is usually always longer between 12-1) but today was ridiculous. I only waited because the food was for my 82 year old aunt who lives away and asked for rally's. I pulled up to the intercom and after sitting there for 5 minutes and not being greeted, I said "hello" and was just given a harsh "one minute" in response. After ordering and going to the window the shift manager ms. Thibodeaux (spell check) was the cashier and didn't apologize for the wait or anything, just told me the total and walked away. I noticed she nor any of the workers were wearing hairnets or gloves as well. Can you please speak to your staff about providing excellent customer service at all times, even when they may be frustrated because that's an excellent way to lose customers, to please wear some hairnets and gloves because I would hate for someone to contact the department of health due to that and also if you all can schedule more staff during your rush hour(s) it will be greatly appreciated.


This Rallys in Bessemer, Al is the worst restaurant, they are not friendly and usually you can't understand what they are saying on there speaker in the drive thru, the sandwiches they have are sloppy .The lettuce and tomatoes are always wet and slimy, and this is not the first time I came to this restaurant and they were out of ketchup and they sells hamburgers..Just very sad..


My family and I have recently moved. We used to love getting rally's when there was a location on St Joe. We have been trying to go to the store on E Virginia, unfortunately they continue to lock the door and not let anyone in. My vehicle can not go through the drive. I have called the store to talk to them and they just hang up on me when I make a complaint.