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CheapOair.cathey took money for the tickets, but didn't provide them

I ordered 4 tickets from the website www.cheapoair.ca. It was horrible experience, ‘coz I paid them money, but they didn’t provide booking number and tickets. I called and spoke with the operator, but this jerk only promised to check info. I waited, while he checked, but suddenly our conversation interrupted. They are liars and scammers, and I want to find other deceived customers, who lost money. Please we need to stop this company and return our money. Post your comments.

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    • Ch
      cheapoair.ca Oct 01, 2014

      Howmuc, in order to determine what happened, we need you to send the 8 digit booking number to our priority customer service team at [email protected] Place blog in the subject line.


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    Cheapoair Cheapoair.comfraudulent and abusive business practices

    My credit card was used to buy plane tickets in 2013 to a name that does not belong to me nor do i recognize..
    on September of 2014 i received a letter from my tenant at a property i have not resided at in 3 years stating that since i wont my credit card dispute for credit card fraud last year in 2013 they are going to send me to collections unless i pay them what my credit card company took back from them. WTF ??? i have never seen ### like this in my life at all. Seriously its freaking crazy these are like some knee busting methods to defraud victims of fraud i have never seen any company do this and now i know why they are called cheapoair ... i would not recommend anyone ever use this company

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      Cheapoair Flight Ticketscam costs me $1000

      Don’t ever buy flight tickets cheapoair.com! It’s a scam!!
      On august 8th, I was trying to book a round - trip flight ticket from shanghai, china to reykjavik, iceland for an engineer in our company on cheapoair.com. Every time after I filled in my payment information and was trying to submit my order, the price went up from $2, 000 to $3, 000, sometimes $2, 500 (In which cases I accepted the offer and tried to proceed, but again, the system declined and the price went up again to $3, 000), so this goes on and on until 10 minutes later, a sales representative whose name is albion stone, called me on the phone saying that he could help me book the flight, but the cheapest rate he could provide is $2, 500, which is $500 more than the price listed on their website. But I was in a hurry, because our engineer had to leave in two days, so I let him went on booking. A few minutes later he charged my card and emailed me the flight confirmation. I relieved and thought everything is set in stone! However!! I didn’t even expect something much more horrible is waiting for me!!
      The returning flight from reykjavik, iceland back to shanghai china is invalid for anyone who doesn’t have a russian visa!!! The returning flight contains two stops, one is petersburg and the other is moscow, both are cities of russia, so a russian visa is required in order to transfer from petersburg to moscow! Who applies a visa just for a flight stopover country!!?? Why didn’t the cheapoair representative remind me that before he went on booking!?? A person whose job is selling ticket should have the knowledge that this flight only works for passengers who has all of the three countries's visa, china, iceland and russia! Because of the absence of the russia visa, our engineer was refused to check in at airport when he was trying to take the flight to iceland!! The staff at shanghai airport told him unless he changes his returning flight (A flight that doesn’t require a stopover country’s visa), they won’t let him get on the plane. So I called cheapoair immediately to change the returning flight, but they said I should call the airline company and they don’t know anything about visa. I said I don’t need you to know anything about visa, just change the returning flight so our engineer can get on the plane!! They finally agreed to change the flight for me, but kept me on hold for 1 hour and 30 minutes! (During the hold they asked me couple questions after every 20 minutes waiting!!) I called them from china,the international call cost me $150!! I really want to give up during the wait, but we had everything scheduled with our iceland customer, and our engineer’s visa is only valid for 6 days, which is from august 10th to august 16th, he has to get on the plane, otherwise he would not be able to finish his job before his visa expires!! Finally they managed to get me another flight which leaves on august 11th, which is one day later than scheduled and they charged me $819 as penalty for changing the flight!! That’s ridiculous!!! That’s their fault, why I have to be punished for the $819, plus $150 international phone bill! Because of the stupid mistake of cheapoair, I have to spend another hour explain to my customer about the delaying and rescheduling the hotel stay! My boss blames me on ruining the whole schedule and won’t reimburse me the cost and almost fired me !! I hate cheapoair and I will post this everywhere and tell everyone I know to avoid cheapoair!!
      To summarize, cheapoair scam works this way: they allure you with cheap flight rate, when you trying to buy, the prices goes up dramatically. Then they will have a sales person to contact you and help you book a problematic ticket, which you may not be able to find it out until last minute before you trying to get on the plane. At this point, you have no other choice but to call them and pay your penalty to change the flight. Be careful!!

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        The complaint has been investigated and
        resolved to the customer's satisfaction
        CheapOair.canever ever buy ticket from cheapoair.com

        I will never use CheapOair again. They misled me over the phone to cancel my ticket (Booking#[protected]) and apply for the refund through their waivers department. The refund was supposed to processed in 4 to 5 business days. After a while they said "we are sorry to tell you that you have now neither Ticket nor refund". Can you imagine????. The funny thing is they always point the problem to the airlines and as you purchased via them, airlines wont help either.

        What they did to me was exactly stealing my Mooney.

        Do not be fooled by their low price or the travel insurance they offer. Before buying any service from them, just Google "cheapoair review" and see how many complaints they have.

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          The complaint has been investigated and
          resolved to the customer's satisfaction
          Cheapoairticket non - change ruse

          My recent experience with CheapOair compels me to lodge this complaint with CheapOair, online travel services, the Better Business Bureau, and any other social and general media sources in an effort to gain compensation and to warn would-be travelers of the fraudulent and deceptive practices of CheapOair. I am a regular flyer and have logged over 200, 000 miles in the past 10 years of air travel. I book directly through the airlines and through online services. Hotwire is my preferred service, and for overseas flights, their practice is to link with other agencies such as Expedia, Priceline, CheapOair, etc. Until this experience, I have never had a single complaint or issue with an airline or agency in 30 years of flying.
          On March 11, I booked a round-trip flight from Cork, Ireland to Seoul, Korea online through CheapOair. The booking reference number is [protected]. The e-ticket that was issued to me clearly indicated, and I understood, that the ticket was NON-REFUNDABLE. There were no other specific restrictions beyond what is standard indicated anywhere else on the ticket.
          On March 30, I contacted CheapOair to make a change of date to the ticket. As I was calling from overseas, I used the online live chat to attempt to make the change. I was told by the person on the chat that a change could not be made to this ticket at all, and that this was airline policy (KLM), so only the airline could change it.
          I promptly phoned KLM, who denied that there was any such policy and because the ticket was booked through CheapO, it could only be changed through CheapO, but there was no KLM policy that prevented the change.
          At that point, I completed both a Customer Request Form with CheapO and wrote to their feedback email address explaining my concern and the response of the airline. As per their website policy/pledge, written concerns are to be responded to within 24 hours.
          I waited until the following day, 27 hours later, and when no response was forthcoming, I contacted CheapO by phone, and spoke to a representative named Phil. Phil repeated that the ticket could not be changed and that it was the airline that had to change it. When I inquired as to where on the ticket there was any indication that the ticket was non-changeable, he directed me, not to any statement about the changeability of the ticket, but the section that says that the airline is the final authority on policy.
          In fact, as I was on hold waiting for a representative, I listened as CheapO’s recorded message encouraged travelers to buy their tickets early, because changing tickets is cheaper than waiting and having the ticket prices rise closer to the date of travel. The same message also informs callers that ticket changes come with a fee. Having traveled only two weeks prior and having changed that ticket four times as my plans changed repeatedly, I was familiar with and accustomed to change fees.
          However, rather than acknowledging that the error for misinformation or lack of information was on the part of CheapO, Phil insisted on arguing that CheapO was not responsible and that I needed to return to the airline. When I asked to speak with a supervisor, he claimed that it was a 15-20 minute wait. To me, this indicated to me that there were either too few supervisors or too many complaints, but I suspected that this was CheapO’s strategy to wait out customers. Because I was calling from overseas, I could not wait 20 minutes to speak to a supervisor.
          Instead, I called a supervisor at KLM, who again insisted that the problem was not with airline policy, but was with CheapOair. Thus, I was passed back and forth twice from the ticketing agency to the airline, each blamed the policy of the other, and neither could explain why the restriction on changing the ticket was not clearly stated anywhere.
          In the end, I was forced to purchase an entirely new ticket (although not through CheapO or KLM), and have now spent nearly $2300 to get to my destination for a ticket that initially cost me $950. Even with change fees and ticket price differential, I would have paid somewhere in the neighborhood of $400 additional to change the ticket, but that still would have been nearly $1000 less than what I paid.
          For any potential traveler, I must say that I have never previously been denied a change of ticket on any airline or through and travel agency. But more than that, the complete and total lack of appropriate response by CheapOair is the worst aspect of this experience. Not only did they fail to represent the restrictions on the ticket (my plans frequently change, so I never would have purchased that ticket), they denied any and all responsibility, did not return attempted contacts (disregarding their own stated policy), preferred to argue about irrelevant information, and used stall tactics to discourage pursuing the issue further.
          It is my intention to continue to pursue this issue until it is resolved reasonably, and I will use every means of informing potential customers of the dangers of using CheapOair and the risks involved.

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            CheapO has responded to my concerns, which I posted here, their Facebook page, their customer service department, and two other online complaints resources. In fact, I received no fewer than three responses to my postings, but I dealt almost exclusively with Mr. Ruben Bello. I believe that CheapO's handling of the matter in the person of Mr. Bello was swift, professional, and respectful. I consider the matter fully resolved.

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            Cheapoairticket flights

            I would have never thought that in the 21st Century, companies are allowed to scam. This is by far the worse experience I had ever had when booking a flight. Long story short:

            February 18 - booked online a round trip to Europe, departure April 2014, return September 15 (as I am doing research in Europe, I will spend the summer there).
            Next day, February 19- I receive a phone call from customer service telling me that although I have received email confirmation and basically made the payment, the booking didn't went through due to some flight changes applied while I was booking.
            I then book another flight, over the phone, with a customer service. I asked if I will be able to change flight dates in case I need to (since as a research graduate student anything can came up and delay for a few days my trip plans). She said that if I am willing to pay the differences I will be able to adjust my fight accordingly. She did not specify a price but I thought that whatever the price is going to be, if I need to adjust flight dates according to schedule changements, I will). Two weeks later, the bad luck comes. I receive an email telling me that I have to postpone a little my research plans.
            I called CheapOAir to make the adjustments...and:
            They kept me on the phone for 7 hours
            Then they told me that I have to call Lufthansa because they are the ones who can help me
            I call Lufthansa, they laugh in my face and direct me back to CheapOAir.
            I then call CheapOAir, stay on the phone for another 3 more hours, and they tell me nothing can be done.
            I ask to speak with a supervisor, after an hour or so they finally put me though.
            The supervisor keeps on the phone for another two or so hours and then tells me that he will be calling me back in 48 hours.
            I wait, and wait, and wait, for almost a week. Nothing...I was being ignored.
            Anyways, he then tells me that the ticket is non refundable and non adjustable. I read him the booking policy that they sent me which says:

            Baggage Fees : Most airlines now impose baggage fees. Please click the Baggage and Carry On Fees link for complete details and click to check fare rules.

            Please note: As Airlines have frequent schedule changes, please call the Airline 24 hours before departure to reconfirm your flight details. Airline Phone Numbers

            Your ticket is NON-REFUNDABLE . For any changes to dates or routing, please call our Customer Service. These changes may have airline penalty and our fees. Some flights may be completely NON CHANGEABLE even with an airline penalty.

            Passport / Visa : For international travel, all passengers must be in possession of valid travel documents such as ticket, passport, visas, transit visas, Schengen Visas and all other entry permits. Your passport must be valid for 6 months after your return date. While sometimes we may be able to assist with visa and passport information, it is solely the responsibility of the passenger(s) to arrange for all documents needed to enter the country you are traveling to, or passing through in transit.
            US Passport Holder Information
            Canadian Passport Holder Information
            Other Passport Holder
            * Please check the Terminal information directly with the airline, as this may change prior to departure without notice.

            What bugs me is this : "Some flights may be completely NON CHANGEABLE even with an airline penalty" because I clearly asked and double checked with the lady on the phone if I can adjust, contra cost, my ticket dates. And she said YES.

            What is this then? Poor customer service is nothing. They deliberately give you misleading info until you book. After that comes the ugly truth. STAY OUT OF CHEAP O AIR. FOR $ 100, OR $ 200 SAVINGS, IS NOT WORTH IT. I LEARNED MY LESSON. NO MORE CHEAPOAIR.

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              The complaint has been investigated and
              resolved to the customer's satisfaction
              Cheapoairsteer clear of cheapoair!!

              Hereby I urge all the fellow travellers, be very cautious if you wish to use cheapoair. Before you hand over your hard earned cash, google “cheapoair complaints”, look at the sheer volume of the terrible feedbacks from other customers, and make your own mind up.

              My experience of dealing with cheapoair is simply the worst ever, not only in travel industry but among any business I had ever purchased from. I still couldn’t get my refund back, and cheapoair just completely ignored my query. Wish I did my research before booking!

              I booked via cheapoair a return flight to valencia, spain in march 2013. On 27 july cheapoair emailed me saying the flight schedule had changed, meaning I will have to wait in my connection airport for 24 hours rather than the original 1 hour. This is of course not acceptable so I called cheapoair and they agreed to issue me a refund.

              But this is just the start of the terrible customer experience. The visa debit card I used for booking had expired, and the newly-issued card has a different number. Cheapoair emailed me on 7 aug saying that they cannot refund to the old card, then emailed again on 18 aug saying they cannot refund to the new card either. During this period I had kept trying to call them, but the average waiting time was 45 minutes, and 3 times the agent answering hung up upon hearing that I am calling regarding a refund!! I had also sent emails to [protected]@cheapoair.com explaining the situation but no one ever responded.

              Eventually on 21 aug I spoke to an agent named ramsy and explained the situation. Ramsy spoke to his supervisor and came back and said I need to directly contact the airline to ask for refund because cheapoair cannot do it. I found this is getting ridiculous, but nevertheless called the airline and my bank. Unsurprisingly, the airline stated that refund should be dealt with by agency, and my bank could not understand why cheapoair is unable to refund to my old card, as this is quite a common situation and the bank can easily put the refund back to my account. All just seem to be excuses to make things difficult for me to get the refund.

              So I called again and spoke to ramsy, who said he will arrange his supervisor to call me within 48 hours. Of course, that didn’t happen.

              On 26 aug I received a voice message on my phone and an email from a cheapoair agent named sharon but all she did was to give me the general phone number of the airline and told me to contact the airline directly. I replied to her email repeating all the points I already raised to ramsy – I have contacted both the airline and my bank, and refund should be dealt with by agency, and refund should be issued onto the old card. And I asked for the supervisor’s name who came up with the idea of telling the customer to contact the airline directly. Again no one ever responded.

              My points are:

              1) I work in finance myself and I do not believe cheapoair’s statement that they cannot issue refund to an expired card or a new card. For the payment processing systems, there is always a supervisor overriding function to enable refund to expired card or a different card. Alternatively, the billing department should also be able to issue a cheque as means of refund. This has been confirmed by my bank. It is very common for customers to have a new card with different number due to expiry / lost. There are several questions I would ask cheapoair: are they willing to confirm that their payment system does not have overriding function to issue refund to expired cards / different cards? Why their billing department cannot issue refund by cheque? Have they never come across similar situation in the past? This either is a faulty operational process, or someone within cheapoair is telling a lie in order to avoid issuing the refund.

              2) it is ridiculous for cheapoair to ask customer to directly contact the airline for refund, because we as customer purchase the service from cheapoair, of course the customer service issue should be dealt with by cheapoair. It just seemed to be a deliberate attempt to divert customer’s attention. The question I would ask cheapoair, is that for all the customers who have a new card due to expiry / lost, does cheapoair always tell every single customer in such situation to directly contact the airline for refund?

              Based on reading other customers’ experience with cheapoair, it appears that this company does make things very difficult for customer to get refund.

              I had already submitted a formal complaint to best business bureau, also I am posting my experience on numerous complaint / travel websites and forum. I will be updating my posts on weekly basis until I get a response from cheapoair.

              And I believe all the fellow travellers have the right to know about my experience (As well as other customers’ experience) with cheapoair. I hope this will help you make up your mind about this company before losing your hard earned cash.

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                Cheapoair — cheapoair changed my flight schedule without my permiton and do not allow me cancel the ticket with refund

                Last week I've purchased 8 tickets departing flight is from Sfo to Bzn on 9/7, and the return flight i...

                The complaint has been investigated and
                resolved to the customer's satisfaction
                Cheapoairfee for seating assignment

                After using CheapOAir to get a good rate on a flight between Los Angeles and New York, I received an email from CheapO providing my confirmed itinerary and the cost. It also had a button that allowed me to “Select Seats”. Great, I’m thinking, now I can do it now, instead of 24 hours before takeoff. I happily pressed the button and it takes me into a confusing set of options, if I will donate $11.95 to the CheapOAir happy Indian club (service fee). Then I say WTF and decline, and enter Google “CheapOAir Seating Assignment.” That takes me here, “the complaint board”.
                The good news is most, if not all, airline provide online seating assignments for free. Free if use it within the 24 hour period before takeoff or pay a fee if you get seating more than a day in advance. You can go to any airline website and select the option to manage your flight, providing the six character airline confirmation code that CheapOAir provides on the email.
                What this says is that CheapOAir is simply charging for a service if you want it. I would not consider this as a devious ploy. Just use the free airline 24 hour pre-seating option; you have had for the last 10 years.

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                  Cheapoairtravel insurance

                  I had to change my flight due to my husband being with fema and being sent to new york to work on the disaster. It clearly states on their web page that if you buy the insurance, it cover delays. Due to my husband's job, we now had to push back the trip till may 22nd, instead on the original date of may 02. I was so disappointed but, thought I was okay since I bought their insurance. After speaking to 2 reps at cheapoair, I was told my fees would be more than the price of the ticket I had already purchased (I paid $1, 077.50 for 1), plus $55.00 per person for insurance. I now had to pay $1, 846.00 more to change the tickets for 2. They blame this on the carrier they booked me with, delta. Feeling so taken advantaged of. So much for our "once in a lifetime trip", now we won't have the money to enjoy it! Cancellation is not an option. Also, was disconnected from customer service which I see is a problem for anyone making changes.

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                    Cheapoairnon refundable

                    Hi Ma'am/Sir,

                    This is with regards to my online booking which I failed to use (my round trip ticket) due to unexpected incident. I hope you will give me consideration for this case because I also don't want this to happen but it happened already. My passport got lost before my flight date. It happened because I am currently renewing my visa that time. The Embassy unable to return my passport at the right time and when I checked with them no one knew where my passport sent. I already notified your airlines regarding this incident prior to my expected travel date and they gave me 1 yr allowance but i told them that I can't able to use the ticket within the allowed duration due to my conflict schedule at work and I have some papers to process first. Just want to know if is there any other ways to use my ticket fare because I still can't have schedule of vacation on January 2013? Just want to know if I can refund the amount or any other consideration for me because no one wish this to happen. I am hoping for your immediate and fair decision with my concern. The customer service advised me to provide the following information which are written below and if you have any necessary documents or proof needed please let me know so that I can provide and show you. Thank you and More power!

                    Booking Receipt
                    Please print and keep this receipt.
                    Please do not respond to this e-mail! This email is intended for notification purposes.
                    Click here to see your itinerary online »
                    Click here to print your itinerary »
                    Customer Information
                    Normelita M Azupardo
                    Booking #: 9964079 Booked on: Fri, Jan 13, 2012
                    Trip Summary
                    Flight Summary
                    Edmonton, AB, CA (YEG)

                    Manila, PH (MNL) Depart:
                    Tue, May 22, 2012
                    08:30 pm - 05:30 am (+2 day) (1 Stop)

                    Fri, Jun 22, 2012
                    06:45 pm - 09:08 pm (1 Stop) Airline Confirmation:
                    Air Canada : NNNQZE
                    Philippine Airlines : B6HWJJ
                    Select Seats
                    Traveler Name Ticket Number Meal Preference Special Request
                    Azupardo, Normelita (Adult) [protected] E-Ticket Any meal
                    Disclaimer: All special requests, meal preferences, seat requests are not guaranteed. You must contact your airline to reconfirm that they have received this request and confirmed it.
                    Flight Booking Details
                    Upgrade Your Insurance (Recommended)
                    Upgrade Insurance to C$ 1 Million Flight Accident Policy, plus C$ 10, 000
                    Medical Transportation including all standard features. Learn More »

                    Difference only: C$ 9.99
                    Yes, Upgrade my Insurance
                    Booking Number: 9964079
                    Departing Flight - Tuesday, May 22, 2012

                    Air Canada
                    Flight 255
                    EMBRAER EMB E90 JET
                    Airline confirmation: NNNQZE
                    Select Seats From
                    Edmonton (YEG)
                    08:30pm -May 22, Tue To
                    Vancouver (YVR)
                    09:00pm -May 22, Tue Nonstop

                    Flight Duration
                    1 hr 30 min

                    Philippine Airlines
                    Flight 107
                    Airbus A340-300 Jet
                    Airline confirmation: B6HWJJ
                    Select Seats From
                    Vancouver (YVR)
                    11:50pm -May 22, Tue To
                    Manila (MNL)
                    05:30am -May 24, Thu Nonstop

                    Flight Duration
                    14 hr 40 min
                    Flight Duration: 16hr 10min Layover Time: 2hr 50min Total Trip Time: 19hr 00min
                    Return Flight - Friday, Jun 22, 2012

                    Philippine Airlines
                    Flight 116
                    Airbus A340-300 Jet
                    Airline confirmation: B6HWJJ
                    Select Seats From
                    Manila (MNL)
                    06:45pm -Jun 22, Fri To
                    Vancouver (YVR)
                    04:00pm -Jun 22, Fri Nonstop

                    Flight Duration
                    12 hr 15 min

                    Air Canada
                    Flight 246
                    EMBRAER EMB E90 JET
                    Airline confirmation: NNNQZE
                    Select Seats From
                    Vancouver (YVR)
                    06:45pm -Jun 22, Fri To
                    Edmonton (YEG)
                    09:08pm -Jun 22, Fri Nonstop

                    Flight Duration
                    1 hr 23 min
                    Flight Duration: 13hr 38min Layover Time: 2hr 45min Total Trip Time: 16hr 23min
                    Please note: As Airlines have frequent schedule changes, please call the Airline 24 hours before departure to reconfirm your flight details. Airline Phone Numbers

                    Your ticket is NON-REFUNDABLE . For any changes to dates or routing, please call our Customer Service. These changes may have airline penalty and our fees. Some flights may be completely NON CHANGEABLE even with an airline penalty.
                    Insurance Confirmation Details
                    Your trip is insured
                    Add Car / Hotel to Your Booking
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                    Price Details (CAD)
                    Flight Price Details
                    Traveler Type Ticket Price Tax & Fee Breakdown Total
                    1 Adult/s C$ 1, 245.00 C$ 67.16 C$ 1, 312.16
                    Insurance Fee: C$ 55.00
                    Promo Discount: - C$ 15.00
                    Charged on Credit Card - Visa - ****2700 Subtotal: C$ 1, 352.16
                    Total Booking Amount: C$ 1, 367.16
                    Total Discount (Savings): - C$ 15.00
                    Total Cost: C$ 1, 352.16
                    Please Note:

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                      Cheapoairbeware of this company

                      Please read the content I sent to the Better Business Bureau. If you have similar problem or any other problems with this company, I advise you to file a complaint to BBB. The more people complain about them, the more chance BBB would resolve the problems for us and help us get our money back.
                      This is what I wrote:
                      "My family purchased a total of 4 tickets to go to Vietnam from Cheapoair for the total of $5068. When we arrived at the airport, the airline did not let us check in even though we all are lawful permanent residents and have all the legitimate travel documents. I called Cheapoair and explained our situation to them. Instead of advising us what to do, the rep. threatened me that if I didn't make the cancellation at that moment, I would lose all the money. I was so panic with the given situation that I told him that I wanted to cancel the reservation. After speaking with them, they immediately charged us $800 for the cancellation fee on my credit card without notifying me. Then when they processed the refunds, they charged us an additional $1268. So the total they charged us was $2068. When I spoke directly with the airline company, they said the penalty would only be $300 per person ($1200 total). When I asked the Cheapoair rep. what all the charges were, she couldn't give me any details about the charges. I strongly believe that Cheapoair has overcharged me for the penalty. They took advantage of our situation and did not notify us about the charges. I would be very grateful if BBB can help me resolve this issue and get my money back as well as warn other consumers about Cheapoair."

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                        The complaint has been investigated and
                        resolved to the customer's satisfaction
                        Cheapoairflight cancellation

                        I booked 3 airfares on june 5 when cheapoair had their lax to lim sale price of $240. They sent me a booking confirmation right after I booked the flights. The next day I received a missed call from cheapoair stating that I need to call them back to verify information. I called back several times and could not get a hold of a representative. And when I actually got a hold of a rep, they put me on hold and eventually hung up on me. I wasted 3 hours of my day trying to contact them. I even emailed them asking them to call me back but they never did. So I attempted to call again the next day and I finally got a hold of someone. I verified my information and the rep said my e-tickets will be emailed to me shortly. The subsequent day, I received an email from cheapoair stating that they cannot issue my e-tickets due to the number of airlines involved. I don't understand how this booking agency cannot fulfill a flight that they posted for sale. A friend of mine that booked hours later after I did, received a confirmation and absolutely had no trouble with her itinerary. The days following this event, I continue to receive contradictory emails stating that there has been flight changes and requested that I accept. So I accepted. Then days later, I got another email stating that the billing department has cancelled our itinerary and any charges to the credit card will be refunded. Cheapoair is the # company ever. I don't know how they remain in business. I will not only post this review on this website but I will continue to post on every review site there is to imagine to spread the word of how despicable this company is. They did nothing to help us. So be aware and book on orbitz, expedia, or priceline. They will never let you down. This is the first and the last time I will ever deal with this company again.

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                          The complaint has been investigated and
                          resolved to the customer's satisfaction

                          One day I checked the schedule of my ticket, I realized that one of the return flight was cancelled. I contacted cheapoair.com to ask what happen. They said that airline cancelled that flight. So they suggested me two options, making 2-stops, or refund. My ticket was 1-stop return flight. I thought I can't do 2-stops, so I requested refund. They confirmed refund on 02/29/12 01:10 PM.

                          Still today, I didn't get my money back. Also, I called them, and emailed them a bunch of time to ask about what's going on. I really need my money back ASAP because I make another reservation for air-ticket after I requested refund.
                          Cheapoair.com sent me email after I asked about what happen. They said wait for 48 hours and they forwarded my email to billing department. So billing department will contact me. However, I've never got any call or email from there. There was a phone number, so I called them also. After 15min, one of the representatives answered but he said "its travel service, hang on." 15min later, one lady answered and also said "travel service department, How may i help you." I said I asked to connect to billing department. Another 15 min later, one lady also said "travel service department, How may i help you." Are you kidding me? -_-
                          After 10 min, finally I could contact with billing department. However!!! The lady who works in billing department said "Hello~ Hello~ I can't here you" And then hang off.

                          When can I get my refund? Are they really working?

                          I think I will not book the ticket using Cheapoair.com ANYMORE!!!

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                            The complaint has been investigated and
                            resolved to the customer's satisfaction
                            CheapoAir.com — purchased illegitimate flight itinerary from cheapoair.com

                            Cheapoair.com concealed critical information related to their flight package and resulted in horrible...

                            The complaint has been investigated and
                            resolved to the customer's satisfaction
                            Cheapoairpromised, but refused refund

                            Please read if you are planning to purchase a ticket from Cheapoair. You might thank me later.

                            I took a trip to the Philippines in early 2011. Originally, I purchased a round-trip ticket for about $1, 000. My connecting flight was missed in San Francisco (my fault). The airlines instructed me to work it out with the agency which sold me the ticket in the first place, Cheapoair. They told me I could take another flight out in two days (the earliest) and could have the difference in my ticket refunded to me. However, they told me I would have to pay for another round-trip ticket upfront (about $1, 600). Later, the AIRLINES were going to refund my money, they told me. They also said it would take about two months to get my refund. After spending two days in San Francisco, I caught the scheduled flight and finished my trip.

                            After two months, I contacted both the airlines and Cheapoair to see where my refund was. Below are three emails received from Cheapoair. This does not include the phone conversation and my attempts to connect via their website.

                            1) If I am not entitled to a refund, I should have been told that before purchasing another ticket.

                            2) If I was sold a ticket and informed incorrectly, most reputable companies would eat the cost and refund the money anyway, especially since an authorized representative PROMISED via phone AND email.

                            3) ALL reputable companies would communicate quickly to resolve an issue relating to their services. Cheapoair rates VERY POORLY in this regard. They ignore your communication often (unless you are purchasing from them).

                            If I would have known that it would cost me $2, 600+ to take my trip, I would have made other plans!

                            Please read below if you plan to purchase form Cheapoair!

                            ---------- Forwarded message ----------
                            From: <[protected]@cheapoair.com>
                            Date: Wed, Apr 27, 2011 at 3:00 PM
                            Subject: Cancellation and refund booking # 701xxxx
                            To: [protected]@gmail.com


                            As per our conversation over the phone, We have canceled your booking
                            7015097 with a $350.00 cancellation fee . Your refund amount is $900.00,
                            kindly allow 1 – 2 billing cycles for the refund to reflect on your
                            account. This is the time frame the airline takes to process the refund.

                            Please note that $200.00 will be charged upfront on your credit card and
                            the remaining $150.00 will be deducted from your credit amount with the

                            Thanks & Regards
                            Customer Service Executive
                            213 West 35th Street
                            Suite # 1301
                            New York, NY 10001

                            Toll Free: [protected]
                            PHONE: [protected]
                            FAX :[protected]

                            From: "[protected]@cheapoair.com" <[protected]@cheapoair.com>
                            Date: September 22, 2011 1:40:23 PM PDT
                            To: [protected]@gmail.com
                            Subject: [#29xxxx]: Cancellation and refund booking # 701xxxx
                            Reply-To: [protected]@cheapoair.com

                            Dear xxxxxxx,

                            Thank you for contacting us at CheapOAir.com in regards to your booking # 701xxxx.

                            First let me apologize for the confusion that this cancellation may have caused you. While this ticket is normally non refundable since a segment of the ticket was used, I have gone ahead and submitted a request be processed for the unused portion of your ticket. As long as this is approved you will receive an email with the amount of your refund at the time it is processed.

                            If you have any further questions or concerns please feel free to contact us again.

                            Billing Department

                            From: "[protected]@cheapoair.com" <[protected]@cheapoair.com>
                            Date: October 6, 2011 7:37:57 AM PDT
                            To: [protected]@gmail.com
                            Cc: [protected]@fareportal.com
                            Subject: [#95xxx]: Booking # 701xxxx
                            Reply-To: [protected]@cheapoair.com

                            Dear xxxxxx,

                            Thank you for contacting the Billing Department; we apologize for the delayed response. We have been in contact with the airlines on several occasions in an effort to get this matter resolved. in order for us to process a refund on your behalf, all of the flight segments must be open. United Airlines has collected their payment for the first segment of your flights; and that segment is now showing used. Due to this we are unable to process the refund. Unfortunately there is nothing more that we can do on our end, as Asiana Airlines is unable to re-open the flight segment. Please follow up with the Airline if you would like to pursue the refund further. We sincerely regret that we were unable to provide you with a better outcome.

                            Kind Regards,

                            Ms. Miriam
                            Billing Department

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                              The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer's satisfaction.

                              • CheapOair's response · Jan 16, 2012

                                Customer was given a partial refund after the airlines determined what the value was left, after she used a portion of the ticket.


                              The complaint has been investigated and
                              resolved to the customer's satisfaction
                              Cheap O Airtravel/flights

                              I am completely blown away by this company. I am quite literally speechless and I never normally file complaints or reviews wether they are good or bad but I just have to warn people out there about this company.
                              I find it hilarious that the reviews on their website are all excellent but on other non cheap o air related review sites they do extremely poor.

                              I booked with them and spent $4000 on flights and whilst waiting 24hrs for the etickets (they said it was verified and confirmed etc) I still did not recieve them.
                              I tried callinf one of several customer care numbers to no avail. I either couldnt get through with no dial tone or the automated voice kept repeating the wrong booking number! I chatted 3 times with online services each saying it wont be long.
                              finally I get a call 24hrs later from a guy verifying my credit card details and saying the tickets will be emailed shortly... this was not the case a few hours later so again I went on to chat with an online rep.
                              I was on there for 1.5 hrs being told that there were no seats available onthose flights anymore and I had to pay $400 more to get the next cheapest flight!

                              the flights I booked were still showing aas available, apperently it takes a few days for their system to update the available flights... are you kidding?? this is an online booking company! how could you not have up to date data and information and how come it took 24hrs to get back to someone who is needing a flight immediately!
                              they didnt even contact me to tell me I had to hassle them.

                              I checkde with the rep and he said that all the similar/same flights for the next few weeks are booked out... but they were all (5 a day) saying they were available!

                              I am now on the phone on hold for an hour still not geting through!

                              I will never use this company again an I will be warning anyone I can not to use them either.

                              STAY AWAY from CHEAPOAIR

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                                The complaint has been investigated and
                                resolved to the customer's satisfaction
                                CheapoAir.comrental car company not at arriving airport

                                We booked a car through cheapOair and I choose the cheapest option for a rental car, this company called "NU" turns out that there is no rental car company called "NU" in Liberia Costa Rica and they are probably in the capitol city of San Jose instead. So we just land in Costa Rica and about 20 different people are trying to rent us a car and nobody has heard of this company NU, "You want a new car?." After trying to call customer service with no luck, and the phone calls costing $30 we give up and choose Thrifty, and instead of costing $250 for the trip our car cost over $800!

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                                  CheapoAir.comfake fares

                                  Cheapo is really cheap site. they booked the ticket very cheap as compared to other site. after two days, they revised the fare and aksed me 300$ more or cancel my tickets. money got stuck for 1 month. no one picks phone ever in billing department. they say it was mistake on there site. cheaters.

                                  worst experience in my last 15 years. this happen even after got confirmation mail from airline.

                                  More to this, after receiving confirmation from airlines i cancelled my other itenerary with AA which i booked earlier.
                                  ripped from both end, now either way i have to pay more.

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                                    I need to know their Headquarter...I will complain to the National Consumer Affairs...They do not what is going to hit them...they think this is INDIA. This is USA Jack and you better believe it...We will teach you how to make business in this country...

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