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Chaturbate review: Supporter plan benefits not honored by some models

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I have been a CB "Supporter" at $19.95 per month since I began using your service several years ago.

The primary Supporter benefit is not having to deal with ads.

The other Supporter benefit is the ability to PM models, including when not a Fan Club member.

When I click on the Join Fan Club icon, the Basic/Supporter/Fan Club chart on every Join Fan Club page shows:

-"Basic" has no added access,

-"Supporters" has access to Private Messaging,

-"Fan Club" has access to all benefits green name, exclusive content, and PM..

I have PM'ed a number of models over the years with whom I am not a fan club member with no problems.

Unfortunately, I have a couple of favorite models that do not respect the "Supporter" PM benefit and require a Fan Club membership.

Is it the model's right to require a Fan Club membership for PMs or does your "Supporter" level benefits override that requirement? Is the Join Fan Club chart wrong?

Please provide clarification on my rights and benefits as a Supporter. Thanks!

Claimed loss: Lack of "Supporter" Private Messaging benefit with some model sites.

Desired outcome: I'd like clarification if Supporter status allows universal private messaging with all models or if some model can ignore that benefit and only allow private messaging to Fan Club members.Maybe the chart needs to be updated.Thanks!

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