CB Websites Chaturbate Corporate tyranny carried out by ai is woke cowardice personified

Chaturbate review: Corporate tyranny carried out by ai is woke cowardice personified

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Those who control Entertainment are, indeed, evil, maniacal and ruthless.

Not only that, but they also love to sell the most ugliest things. Fine. This is America and it's perfectly OK to sell whatever you want.

But when you run a company which purports to platform people and you refuse to platform them based upon a set of criteria inherent in this ugliness then you're not only demoralizing people (i.e. wasting their time, shaming their effort and psychologically traumatizing them) but you're openly dishonest.

Big Tech does this all the time. They exterminate our channels because our content runs contrary to their narratives or social customs. And they routinely give us things only to take them away from us (i.e. 'Indian giving').

But extra care should be taken into the algorithmic throttling (or shadowbanning) of individuals who are partaking in live streaming which involves sexual content.

If you're repeatedly telling us that we are in 'good standing' and everything is fine then you're forcing us to take notice of peculiarities inherent in your 'platform'. Namely that some strange people (bots?) seem to be trolling and blocking out our rooms from the general public.

It's up to you, Shirley Lara, to deal with Chaturbate Staff who are intentionally laying our shows to waste. Otherwise we're to presume that you've a) instructed Chaturbate Staff (bots?) to do precisely what they're doing or b) Chaturbate Staff are, as many have alleged, glorified video producers who (for one reason or another) have decided that we are no longer necessary to make videos (i.e. our live shows) for them (you know, the one's you sell on pay-per-view sites you own).

I'm an awesome model. I look great and I perform on Chaturbate expecting to have a good time and make a little money. Models who don't look nearly as good as me have people in their room. And zero for me? Maybe Chaturbate should tell models that payola (either from 'studios' or directly from us) is required. Or was it my dancing? Perhaps I even violated the Woke Vernacular.

You don't think we should know?

Or is it just that there is a secret code of violations your Woke site employs which we aren't allowed to know about, because if we did we'd feel compelled to say that Chaturbate seem to be overseen by some larger corporation which is being overseen by China itself.

Freedom, beauty and individuality to you, Shirley Lara, seem to be mere sources of scorn to be dealt with in the most unceremonious, quiet and utterly bigoted way.

Like all Woke social engineering 'platforms' you don't think twice. You just exterminate unwanted individuals whose only crime is being something other than the ugly stupid vapid and disgusting things some terrible people force companies like Chaturbate to emulate.

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