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This broadcaster name Heidi Kingn in the monitor I have found a report just previous to this one but as I went back on there to review this broadcaster instantly he been hides into another screen the monitor start buffering the camera but as he was talking to some other guy that was there I want him to tell this guy the minute times they sent death threats to me the many times how the king and the monitor have tried to sell drugs to me they got drugs or be having drugs in that room while on site trying to sell them to me and they hunch up their shoulder as if they don't care because they told me that you the ChatterBait administration not going to do anything well if you're not going to do anything but then I will forward these death threats in the drugs and all that to the FBI and let the FBI do something about it this broadcaster how he came in his monitor I think they love us but however they together have death threats me and yes they going to lie they sent death threats to me they have tried to offer to sell drugs to me what appear to be cocaine in marijuana they have done that online I have made many reports about this also in your failed to do anything about it best broadcaster in this money to proceeds to prevoke me every single time of on my connection this monitor in this broadcaster does this every time every night and I keep reporting keep reporting keep reporting and y'all do nothing about it they keep doing it and however that is violation of my constitutional right which is called discrimination I'm going to talk with my legal team and have this also address I filed a lawsuit against this broadcaster in monitor any as well y'all if y'all not going to address this however this is a criminal matter in a silver violation matter and it's also a violation of your rules and your regulation I'm reporting that so you know at this point

Claimed loss: This BROADCASTER and monitor provoking me ongoing Provoking me .

Desired outcome: That this monitor be removed from this site and hottie Kingn get a severe punishment and suspended for a couple of weeks or so

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