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TO: Customer Service
Merchant Service
JPMorgan Chase

FROM: Valentyn Kulbaka, President
Green Wall Construction
3261 Phillips Hwy.
Jacksonville, FL 32207

Merchant ID: [protected]

I consider it is my duty to inform you about the unpleasant experience that I had with Chase Bank Merchant Services when trying to solve important issues for my business.
We produce custom decorative architectural elements for our customers and the speed of ordering for us is very important because our customers want to get our products quickly.
(The catalog where you can learn more about the products we offer
In order to receive payments from clients, Green Wall Construction LLC has been using Chase Paymentech ever since December 19, 2015. Every month the company accepts payments from approximately 15-20 our customers using your service. For our business, it is of extremely important that payments are processed as quickly as possible and transactions are easy to complete.
During all this time I was happy to use your service, as all the issues were resolved easily and quickly.
Since most of our customers reside in other states, we work with which helps our customers get our products as quickly as possible.
On June 15, 2017 one of our new customers, Louay Hussein (phone [protected], [protected]) has placed with us an order for the production of architectural elements for his new home in Northville, MI.
On July 12, 2017 he received the invoice 7807 for an amount of $ 16 752.92. He flew to us from Detroit, along with his wife and a young child, in order to get acquainted and discuss the details of his house project. He was pleasantly impressed by the fact that we manufacture custom products and with the technological capabilities that we have in our facility.
He was so glad to start working with us that immediately made an advance payment of $ 6, 000 using the American Express credit card. On July 21, 2017 Mr. Hussein made another payment for this invoice in the amount of $5, 000 using the Discovery credit card. Having agreed with the details of the order, we immediately began to work on this project.
A month later on August 29, 2017 his order was completed and ready for shipment. We received a shipping quote from our carrier and waited on the customer’s shipping cost approval.
The customer was provided with pictures of finished products made according to his own dimensions and his specific design. The shipping carrier has also contacted him in order to receive payment and coordinate the delivery time.
The client informed us that he was pleased with what he saw and wanted to arrive and see products in person before shipping to check whether everything corresponds to what he ordered. We agreed that we will wait for him on Friday, September 1, 2017.
Unfortunately, Mr. Hussein could not fly on Friday for personal reasons and postponed the visit until Tuesday September 5, 2017. On Tuesday, he also did not to arrive and rescheduled his visit on Thursday, September 7, 2017. Since the hurricane Irma was approaching Florida, he refused to travel to us during this period.
Meanwhile, we found out that the customer withdrew his payments and indicated the reason that he did not receive the ordered products. Mr. Hussein has stopped responding to our calls and we could not get in touch with him for several weeks.
We turned to the American Express as well as Chase Bank Paymentech Customer Service for assistance with this issue. We explained the situation with a request to return the advance payments received by our company under the signed contract earlier, as the customer under the contract had to pick up his products or arrange transportation.
The total weight of the ordered products is 22, 000lbs and it completely occupies the entire trailer of the truck.
After reviewing all the documents provided by us, the American Express Customer Service has made a decision that in this dispute we acted in a good faith and honesty in relation to the client and returned us retained before $6, 000.
I want to note that American Express made its decision without putting our account on hold. The bank withheld the amount of $6, 000 from payments coming to the account and after the necessary amount has accumulated continued to work in a normal mode.
However, I had completely different experience with Chase Bank Merchant Services.
In the chargeback department, our fault was immediately recognized as dishonest seller based on the absence of shipment tracking information from us. The fact that then the client had to take the products from our warehouse under signed agreement seemed to mean nothing. One of Chase Bank Customer Service representatives went as far as offering us to ship products for free and then try to sue the client!
I want to inform you how your service works.
On September 19, 2017 at about 10-11 am we called Chase Paymentech service asking how long our account will be on hold.
I was transferred to the chargeback department then to the department of collection then to the risks department and in every place, I had to repeat my story again and again.
However, no of the representatives could tell me clearly why Chase Bank is keeping $ 7092, 26 of company’s funds on merchant account and still the account is on hold. Although, the amount the bank had to keep was only $5, 000. I’ve spent two and a half hours on the phone and was promised that within 24 hours there will be news for us.
The next day on September 20, 2017 in the afternoon, I decided to follow up what progress that has been made in our case. Everything remained the same as I was getting transferred from the department to the department. Later, I’ve found out that the issue with collection department has been resolved I need to wait 48 hours for this information to be submitted to chargeback department. Once submitted the account will be transferred to Risk dept., so the account could be released from hold. On that day I’ve spent approximately another two working hours on this issue.
The next day on September 21, 2017 after lunch, I decided to find out what progress has been made in our case. Unfortunately, there was no progress on the resolution. Everything was very similar to the day before. Once again I had to continuously repeat my story and be transferred to different departments. At that time I was in collection department that they have a solution that will speed up the process and the company should be back to normal operation by Monday or Tuesday of next week. Three times I was assured that the money will not be taken from company’s checking account at Chase Bank and that I should not be worried. Once again another two hours of my work time was gone.
The next day, September 22, 2017 I saw that Chase checking account was charged in the amount $4008.98 and $255.42. I contacted customer service to find out what the charges were for.
However, the representative from the merchant service talked to collection department while I was on hold and happily informed that collection has nothing to do with the hold anymore. I was advised to contact the Risk department at that time.
At the Risk of the department, a young man talked with me and within 40 minutes we found out that we have $ 7092.26 at our disposal and they will be transferred to our check-in account no later than Tuesday, September 26, 2017 and that nothing can be accelerated at that point and everything is already in automatic mode, so I should not worry. At the end of this phone call, another 2 hours were gone.
On Monday, September 25, I decided to check the status of my case again.
This time, to my huge surprise I’ve found out that a decision to terminate the account has been made. It was shocking to learn that the decision is not subject to appeal and our merchant account is closed due to excessive chargebacks (for the last three years it was the only chargeback on the account)
I was also informed that the amount of $ 5.761 will be withheld within 6 months to cover the bank's risks.
Moreover, I’ve spent another hour on trying to find out what happened to the difference between $ 7, 092.26 and $ 5.761 being held on hold. The representative could not provide an explanation about where did the reaming balance go and took my phone number saying he will call back. He never called back.

Let's sum this up. We suffered from an irresponsible buyer. The company did not receive the full payment $ 16, 752.92. Additionally, $ 7092.26 was placed on hold by Chase Bank. This sums up to $ 23, 845.18 that was stolen from my company. As of now, I cannot pay salary to my employees on time and have no ability to accept payments from responsible buyers who wish to buy our custom-made products.
Can you please explain to me what is my fault in this case and what benefits did I get for my business for cooperation with your bank?
All of the above you can check by contacting:
Louay Hussein (phone [protected], [protected])
Risk of department case No. GA # 9960
Merchant service case № [protected]
Collection department case № [protected]

Valentyn Kulbaka
Green Wall Construction
3261 Phillips Hwy.
Jacksonville, FL 32207
[protected] (office)
[protected] (cell)

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