Chase Bank / JPMorgan Chase Bankcustomer service during the camp fire in california

K Dec 12, 2018

We were evacuated November 8th, 2018 during the devastating California Camp Fire. Over 15, 000 homes and businesses burned and many have perished. After a month in hotels we found out our home had survived. In order to move back in we had to have it smoke cleaned, new fire alarms, duct cleaning, ect. We received a check from US Bank in Ohio from American Modern Insurance. After hearing complaints from survivors that Chase bank had been extremely long holds on these insurance checks I called Chase to confirm their procedure. They confirmed our local bank is closed indefinitely and yes they were putting holds on checks for as long as ten days, no matter if we called for assistance to get the hold lessened they would not help at the 800 number. I asked about talking to their disaster number(as all the other banks have set up one for our local disaster). Only to be told Chase Bank has set no number up to assist the survivors and won't do sorry. I called the 800 number today. No compassion from Chase bank. I don't know if this complaint will even be seen let alone followed up on. So if there is follow up I would appreciate it. Thank you.

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