Cell Cpaying insurance every month and now that my phone broke there's just no assistance

Od Oct 02, 2019

I took out a new contract with Cell C about a year ago. As always I made sure the CellC insurance is also in order.

My phone fell and broke 24/08/2019. 30/08/2019 I took my phone in and it was sent away to be assessed. They told me it is R1 900.00 to repair my phone and the excess is R1 000.00. I was dumbstrucked.

My husband phoned the insurance where they told him I don't have insurance on my current phone (That fell and broke) but was paying insurance on a phone I don't even have anymore.

I requested a copy of my contract at the Tygervalley branch but still today I have had no service. All they tell me is that they are waiting. I mean it is already over a month that they sent my phone away.

I am really dissapointed that they debit insurance money every month and now no one wants to assist me. I'm upset for paying insurance and now they tell me they can't help me. It's very unfair. To start off with - It was the Sales Lady's job to make sure my insurance was in order and on the right phone the day she sold the contract to me.

Can anybody help me please. I need my phone repaired and going to the Ombudsman soon if I don't get some service here.

This is somewhat my last resort to lay a complaint and hopefully get some service.

  • Cell C Customer Care's Response, Oct 02, 2019

    Dear Odette1

    Thank you for contacting us.

    Please send us your claim reference number, the number in question and your alternative contact number to [protected]

    We would appreciate an opportunity to assist on this matter.


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