[Resolved] Cell Cpoor service/ information given not correct/choice of cell phone poor


Sirs, I ventured into the Cell C shop at the water front at Cape Town and was approached by an employee who asked me about my current Cell C contract. He told me that he had contracts that were much better now and would work out much cheaper for me and I would get a much better phone. I decided this was a good idea. The next thing I knew I was being asked to pay out my exsisting contract and I had to run around to find a pick n pay shop where I could pay R1901.62 which I did. I was assured that was my old contract now completed. I still have the original receipts for this transaction. We then started to open up the new contract. Also the new Nokia phone a Nokia 5. All looked well but for some reason we needed some data so I was told it would not be charged to me but later I found that it was. The phone was opened and the person serving me entered a password and we later found it had been entered incorrectly and the phone locked. I took the blame for this to prevent the server getting into trouble and another phone was opened. All seemed to go well. I was happy with the post paid pinnacle 250 it was only going to cost me R399 per month and only a little more that I had been paying before my other bills were about R330 approx per month. Better phone and more data, minutes and sms's. Got the phone home but the wifi calling was not functioning. After more calls to the waterfront cell C and a visit where I sat for no less than 5 hours to get my problem sorted it was discovered that the Nokia phone was not able to do the wifi calling although it was being openly advertised by Cell C that it could. Nokia 6 could also not do this. I was offered another replacement phone but would need to come back at a later date. It was decided over yet another call to the waterfront Cell C manager that I could have three choices on the phone change over. I took what I thought was the better of the three phones which turned out to be a SAMSUNG J7 I had a SAMSUNG J5 on my old contract so felt very disappointed that after being with Cell C so long I was only on a J7 phone. I got the new phone after another trip into Cell C and off I went. My first Bill came in At R1138.43 which I complained about to the manager at cell C water front. She agreed it must be wrong and I stopped the payment. I told the manager at Cell C and she said she would certainly look into it. Several calls later and messages from Cell C telling me I was in arrears and if I did not pay I would be placed on bad debtors lists and would not be able to get credit. Costs would also be applied to my out standing debt. I did respond by telling Cell C it was being deal with by the Manager of Cell C in the water front but this message was not responded to. I then found that the Manager herself was not returning my calls so thought it best to reinstate the payment of R1138.34 which I did. I intended to make a formal complaint to the ombudsman and spoke with them. They said I would need a complaint reference number from Cell C. I emailed the Manager at Cell C and requested this no fewer than three times but each request was ignored. My next Bill came in and although I still had lots of minutes left and lots of Sms's and lots of data the bill was still R511.55. This upto date with all the costs and trips and calls was adding up to a hectic overall expensive and stressful change to my life. It then became apparent that my Wifi calling was not actually functioning very well at all. I also found out that my phone would NOT function on 0860 numbers. I found this out only after some one had rear ended me and I needed to call my car insurance people. The call would not go through. I also tried later that day to call my medical insurance and again the call would not go through. I then noted that although I was getting these large bills the Cell C app I had don loaded some time ago ws only showing very small amounts to pay and the *147# number was showing even less? More confusion. I then found out that even though I had good strong wifi at my home wifi calling would not connect or cut me off during a call. This I found out when trying to call my sons school to let them know he was ill and could not come to school that day. I had to use my land line because my cell phone just would not function. Using the Cell C app I requested invoices be sent to me. This did happen but then what should be a simple process of opening your invoice it became another nightmare trying to down load various programs to open the invoices. One I down loaded then asked me for a password?? what password?? I had lots none worked. I ended up going to Cell C at my local shopping mall to ask them to print my invoice which they did, but were not very happy about using the paper. I gave up with Cell C. I madea complaint on the Cell C app and was indeed contacted. A very pleasant man arrived some days later and I explained all my woes. He told me this service was unacceptable and I must complain and he would pass me a complaints ref number this number was [protected]. I see now that my next bill will be R411.02 still higher but better I guess. I have been told that I should switch off wifi calling that way I can first use up my free minutes. Then wifi calling can take over if it actually works. I would like the accounts looked at carefully for my payments to make sure I have not been over charged or charged for something I did not get. For Instance I was charged a pro rata for getting my new contract at the 22nd July 17 but did not have a properly functioning phone until the begining of August. actually I could argue I still dont have a functioning phone because wi fi call and 0860 numbers do not work and they certainly should I feel. I also feel that after such a period of time with Cell C where I have paid all my accounts on time and in full, save for the one I certainly queried and was supported by one of your managers. I think it would be a nice thing for Cell C to do to allow me a much better Cell Phone. I am disappointed with Cell C at present. You advertised openly a product with a phone that could at that time not function correctly. At no time was I ever told 0860 would not work on the phone and that is a serious safety matter I feel. That really does need to be put right at once . I have not at this time gone back to the Ombudsman but will keep that and this correspondence in hand if need be. Please Cell C start looking after your long standing clients. Thank you.

  • Resolution Statement

    Customer Service has done everything in their power to resolve the complaint. All attempts to contact the customer have failed. Therefore, the complaint has been annulled and must not be considered where image of the company in question and its services are concerned.

  • Cell C Customer Care's Response · Oct 14, 2017

    Hi Mr 241254

    We do apologize for the inconvenience caused to you.

    Please forward your contact details to [protected] and our team will get in touch with you to assist. We have escalated your query in the interim.


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