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Hi my name is Simamkele Vikilahle,
I just want to start by saying C-surance is the worst insurance agency ever! I've been trying to lay a claim for my phone for 3 weeks now. I've called them more than 10 times now and mind you I had to hold for 40-50 minutes to get through. The first time they told me to go to cell c and fill in a claim form, I did that and called them back and they told me they had not recieved the forms. That went on for two more times, until a consultant at cell c Promenade called them himself and they finally told me they have got the forms. I was given a ticket number, I then called again and gave them the ticket number, they then told me that I needed to fill in some more forms, I went back to cell c and the consultant told me there's no such thing. He told me c-surance was even supposed to give me a policy number the first time I called. I called them again today and held on for more than an hour until the call got terminated from the other side (I do not know how). This is pathatic, frustrating! I have to work, I dont have time to be running around trying to get these people to fix my J5's broken screen. I'm even considering terminating my insurance with c-surance, but I read somewhere that that's also going to be another drag.


  • Cell C's response · Jul 25, 2017

    Dear Mr Vikilahle

    The matter has been escalated and our team will be calling you to assist.

    Apologies for the inconvenience caused.


  • Cell C's response · Jul 26, 2017

    Dear Mr Vikilahle

    Thank you for taking our call and allowing us to assist you with your query.

    We are working on resolving your query, should you have any questions, please send an email to the email address provided to you.


  • Resolution Statement

    Customer Service has done everything in their power to resolve the complaint. All attempts to contact the customer have failed. Therefore, the complaint has been annulled and must not be considered where image of the company in question and its services are concerned.


  • Nk
    Nkosinathi Dlamini Aug 08, 2017

    I'm also having a problem. I claimed for my lost phone months ago. I blacklisted it and went to cell c branch filled in the claim form. Been trying to get hold of them but it's impossible. I sent them two emails already but no progress. This is really not cool because I pay this people every month

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  • @cellc_support Aug 08, 2017

    @Nkosinathi Dlamini Dear Mr. Dlamini

    We'd like to assist.

    Please email us your Cell C number + any reference numbers you have and your contact details.

    Our email address is [email protected]


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  • @cellc_support Aug 08, 2017

    @Nkosinathi Dlamini Dear Mr Nkosinathi Dlamini

    Thank you for contacting Cell C.

    Please forward your Cell C number + a contact number, we'd like to get in touch with you to assist.

    Also, if you have the email sent to the insurance with your completed documents, please include these as well.


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  • Nk
    Nkosinathi Dlamini Aug 08, 2017

    @@cellc_support I did send u guys an email but you aren't responding

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