Casablanca ExpressTravel Voucher for Boat Transportation to Catalina


My trip is in 4 days and I have yet to receive my boat voucher, I have called 6 times this week and have spoken with several customer service representative and one was gracious enough to give me her direct extension x7408, however she never answers or returns my calls, which besides the 6 customer service calls I have made this week, I have called her and left messages over a dozen times. Basically I am told by the reps that my voucher was mailed to me, and that will email me the voucher instead, to wait ten minutes before checking my inbox, I check and nothing, so I call back and wait for 30 minutes to speak with a representative, than I am told that they are referring me to the reservation department and they should take care of me, nothing has been emailed to me, and no one seems to be able to email the voucher information other than you are departing from Long Beach on Monday, and that is all we know because the reservation department has that information. Unfortunately I have never spoken to anyone from the reservation department other than the day I made the reservation 8 weeks ago! Yes, I was also given the bait and switch, I was told to upgrade and pay more or else I would end up with a Motel 6 type of room up the hill lugging my luggage. Last time I will ever fall for that crap! Because this is the last time I will use Casablanca Express.


  • Merlin Slocumb   Feb 23, 2016

    Horrible!! I called david to talk about my upcoming trip to Hawaii. Call everyday and have no received a response back. I lost my money to this company! !extremely dissapointed with their service!!!

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