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Well we got this promotional vacation gift from a time share to a 3 day two night vacation at las vegas... we had to give a $100 deposit. then they call us with our travel times. On the first day leave airport at 5:15pm have to stop two times Houston and las angelas..get to las vegas at midnight. Then they booking us into an EZ 8 motel 30 mins from strip ans tell us we have to attend a timeshare seminar for about 3 hr on the only day we well actually be there(tues) when this is how we got this vacation deal.. Duhhh.. and now we will have to leave early mornin(wed)about 5AM back home.. wheres the Vacation what kind of crap is that just a waste of time and my money.Casablanca sucks...


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    CasaExec Jun 18, 2011

    Please contact me. I do not understand your complaint. Casablanca does not book flights with 2 stops?, does not use the EZ8 motel?, and does not require a 3 hour seminar to utilize the travel certificate. Again, please contact me, if you have a Casablanca travel certificate, I will make sure you receive the benefits.

    James McClendon

    1-702-938-2900 ext 2906

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    California82 Jun 28, 2011

    I think Casablanca is like every other company, there will be good and bad feedback. Needless to say for my husband & I, we have had pleasent trips. It has been some issues but when contacting Casablanca we have always gotten great assistance in clearing the matter, our hotels have always been four stars and never had a problem with communication, refunds or perks for complaints. We have been to Kona (beach front condo), Cabo (beach front canabana), Vegas (Tropicana), Lake Tahoe (Lakeside Inn) and Reno (Atlantis). My advice to all when dealing with Casablanca is ask questions, when they offer the hotel take the time to research it and if you don't like it ask for additional options. But most of all communication because it's your money and your vacation! Good Luck to All...California

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    Former Casablanca Customer Mar 14, 2012

    I have asked Casablanca Express for a refund of my money over a month ago, and they still have not responded. This shows a lot about their customer service. I also tried to change an arrival date to 1 day ahead, and they said they could do nothing to help me. In response to "CasaExec, " I had a "free" trip to Big Bear and the confirmation letter stated that the hotel will be Motel 6 or something similar.

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    Melissa21077 Apr 30, 2012

    I recently attended Silverleaf Piney Shores Resort in Conroe, Texas...after about 4 hours of us saying NO we can not afford that they give us a $40 Visa which I used to fill my car with gas =D and a cetificate from Casablanca Express for 3 day 2 night paid trip to Las Vegas with a $100 deposit for fees and taxes. Sounds like a great deal but Im sure there is a catch... I wonder what it is? Is this true? Has anyone taken this trip? Where do you stay?

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    shamescam3 Apr 26, 2016

    casablanca is a scam operation. we tried to do this twice. They never honored the trips. They delayed and delayed until the year was up. They said we did not take the trip within a year and they would not honor the contract. Thien after several years we get a notice saying that we could go on our trip?!?!? Only if we sent them more money?!?!?! Are you kidding me!?!?! Scam on me once shame on you, scam on me twice, shame on you. Expecting me to spend more money, NO, the third time would be scam on three times shame on me.

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    Chi Mas Feb 24, 2018

    After attending a seminar that appears to be representing RCI points (see web address They offer a "free" trip only if you pay an upfront payment of~ $300 USD (for registration and taxes), which sounded fishy. Be careful with this company

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    Jennw0724 Mar 09, 2019

    This service is a scam. I did not use anything they provided to me and I want to be refunded all the money I paid to them. I received this travel voucher as a winner in a contest. It ws supposed to be a free trip, that I had to pay taxes($250) and a refundable $100 deposit on. When booking my travel I was given the choice to pay an additional $240 to "upgrade" my hotel. I was having an issue before leaving for the trip about show tickets and spoke to a manager named Julio that would not help me and made fun of my NY accent (i hope these calls are recorded so management can hear this and really fire this man). I paid $490 to go on a "FREE" trip to vegas and was not told of any additional money i would have to pay. It turned out to be a complete scam where I would have had to pay more and more money and I decided not to use any service they provided. When i went to check in to our flight we had to pay an additional almost $300 to even get a seat and check our bags because they booked us on the cheapest airline and I felt totally taken advantage of and mislead because they never ever told me this would be the case, so I booked my own flight and had to pay $819.20 to the airline and then i had to book an additional night at the hotel because we arrived way before check in that cost me $324.26 because I already had our plans and this trip was supposed to be a gift to my husband. We arrive in Las Vegas and went to the hotel they booked me at (Tropicana) which is the oldest and worst hotel on the strip - we arrived at 3am and checked out by 10 am the next morning because the hotel was disgusting, Totally rundown, it smelt, it was dirty, there were bugs, and to top it all off while my husband went to the bathroom I was approached by 2 men and i feared for my safety. They were trying to get me to go to their hotel room and perform sexual acts with them thinking i was alone. Thankfully my husband came out of the bathroom and saved me because i started calling out babe, babe hurry and they took off because they realized I was with a man. At this point i was hysterical crying and I just wanted to leave. I immediately left this hotel and went somewhere else. It was completely unsafe and unacceptable. I advised the front desk right away of what occurred and the girl told me "it was just 2 guys hitting on you, nothing happened right? You weren't assaulted or attacked and you look fine to me." I was appalled at what I was being told and no report was written NO "I'm so sorry this is unacceptable" they basically made it as if it were no big deal that I was so scared and almost sexually assaulted (I was so shook up that now I realize and wish I would have made them call the police and make a police report) I was just so scared and wanted to get out of there asap so we checked out immediately. I could not believe they felt this was suitable, acceptable behavior from guests at their hotel to other guests. I left there and had to book a different hotel that cost me $889.80. All this money I had to pay for a trip that was supposed to be "FREE". This is so upsetting and disheartening. I have all my receipts and all my proof. To top it all off 3 days after I left Las Vegas the Tropicana where I only stayed for 5 hours mind you put charges on my card!!! I called them up and they said oh sorry it was an accident we thought it was someone else’s and refunded me afterrrrrrrr I called them so basically THEEY KEEP YOUR CREDIT OR DEBIT CARD ON FILE EVEN WAY AFTER YOU LEAVE!!! How dare they!! How intrusive is that!!! No reputable company keeps There are so many bad reviews on this company that i wished i had sen before I booked this disaster of a trip. Its so sad that you really can't trust companies anymore. This company is a complete fraud. PLEASE BEWARE!! Do yourself a favor and RUNNNN far away from this company!! THEY ADVERTISE FREE TRIP BUT ITS A COMPLETE LIE AND SCAM!!!

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    JMc man Dec 06, 2019

    @Jennw0724 Sorry you went through a costly hell with Casablanca. I'm close friends with an employee there and even this person say it's a scam and only stay because they're unable to find a better job and need the money. The manager Julio, unfortunately will never be fired. The VP knows all too well his behavior (they're close friends btw). The manager has a felony -- I'm not saying felonies don't deserve a second chance but what I am saying is that he can do no wrong in their eyes. In fact, they like to keep him there to play "bad cop" so to speak and deal with customers they deem "problematic" (the ones that will leave a bad review anyways so in their minds: "why bother being nice?")

    The other customer service reps (below management), get pay incentives/ bonuses if they can convince a customer to leave a good review stating the rep's name. That's why on other websites, almost all good reviews will include the name of a cs rep that assisted them. Some of the customer service reps refuse to play this game for higher pay because they don't agree with the business practices. Others don't care and want the bonus. The company is clearly at odds with itself.

    The manager is not the only employee with a felony btw. Casablanca likes to hire them -- not out of kindness or second chances -- but because they can take advantage of them since they are less likely to get hired anywhere else, thus they will put up with more bs just to "keep a job."

    They like to use the term "small family business" so people can sympathize with them but at the end of the day, it's better to book your own hotels and flights. They entice people with "freebies" to upsell them and use fear tactics to get people to upgrade. They'd make no money if zero people took the bait.

    Since its own employees wouldn't recommend it (but would never admit it publicly for fear of backlash), that's a major red flag. I hear enough complaints about it (I'm not talking about online reviews but in person) to run the other way.

    They have another website called CasablancaExpressScam(dot)com as damage control. Why? Because they're aware that one of the top searches for their company is "Casablanca Express Scam." Lol so they hope you'll see only what they want you to see and ignore the rest.

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