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Order delayed / poor customer services / no response

Dear Carrefour Team

My card was debited with PKR 12, 669 and the invoice you are sending me is for PKR 7715. how will I get the refund for my remaining balance?

Secondly, I am shocked to see a huge list of items out of stock. Is it Carrefour or a local grocery store? half of the list you guys are out of stock, which means a person has to buy his/her groceries from 2 or 3 different stores?

Thirdly, where is my order? it's been 2 days and I am still waiting for the order. Nobody responds on the ecommerce section if we call on [protected]. this kind of pathetic services Carrefour is offering in Pakistan?
I am really disappointed by the services from such a prestigious store

Online uae is the worst service I have ever seen.

After 20 days of placing an order, I received "few" of the items. On the tax invoice stated that the other items "mineral water" were "out of stock".
Since I did not receive any email, text message, nor could find any update on my order on their website, I called the call center and was told that the order got cancelled.
Seriously, after 20 days of waiting for the items it simple gets cancelled. I can only imagine how long it is going to take for them to process the refund... I hope i will never need to shop with them again :(

After sales service and customer service complaint

This is regarding the complaint on the delivery service, customer service and after sales service complaint of Carrefour.
I have been contacting Carrefour customer service since 10 days and asking for delivery of the order where I have never got a call back. I had to be on hold for 20 mins every time I called. When I received the order after 12 days which was suppose to be in 2 days I went to carrefour to return it and they did not accept it saying I need to call the call center and place return request.
After calling customer service again with a hold of 25 mins, I get a response that your case is raised, I did not except this type of unprofessional service from carrefour. So many calls and messages online were not responded even once in 12 days.
I need my money back as I will definitely never purchase or recommend anyone to buy from carrefour ever online

Case# 1546604
Order# [protected]
Name# Naima Ooves Abani
Mobile# [protected]

Electric bike

We purchased an electric bike at the Meze Carrefour but from the beginning we have been having problems with it. We could not fully charge the battery. The charging always stopped before the top bar of charge. More importantly the gear change does not work.
We have been back to the store twice and they have tried to contact the repairer but without success. We were informed that it often takes 2-3 weeks to get a repair attended to. As we live in the UK this does not really work for us as we only go to Meze for short periods at a time.
We are worried that our warranty will run out before the bike can be repaired, especially now with the Coronavirus preventing us from travelling.
Can you give us a guarantee that you will still repair our bike even if we cannot come to Meze for a long time?
Our client no. is: [protected] 0

Product and service complaint

I have ordered a speaker which costs 90 aed from carrefour online app in Dubai on the 5th of April. I have waited too long already then Aramex communicated me, the delivery guy was looking for me in the wrong building and he told me he is gonna deliver it to me tomorrow. But he didnt come. Then I sent a mail to aramex, and one of them told me they gave me nearest day for the delivery, but it never came after waiting a week. BTW, they carrefour and aramex never care about customer care, I sent them e mail a few times, I called them. then I called carrefour and asked my cargo? The lady told me supplier may not have product. Are u kidding with me?? I asked her to cancel asap and refund my money. She told me she ll send me something to me prove I canceled my shipment. See I ask you guys, where is my speaker, where is my money.. I have zero trust carrefour and aramex

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Delay in delivery and deducted the payment twice.

I made an order on 9th April, carrefour UAE, and upon confirmation of order the payment was deducted from my card and the delivery date assigned as 21/04/2020. On 19/04/2020 again the payment was deducted, and the delivery was supposed to be on 21/04/2020, till date as on 23/04/2020 there is neither delivery nor refund. I feel cheated, they are cheating, giving pains. I send too many messages on facebook and emails, but no response. Still waiting for delivery. I mean what kind of rubbish is this. I order from LuLu they delivery so promptly and never had trouble in that. Other online stores delivery smoothly and no payment issue. Here you have only troubles with them.Carrefour UAE is a total failure, an unprofesssional bunch of cheats.

Delay for delivery and no response from customer service since 23rd of march-20

I put an order in 23rd of March-20 and the online application confirmed the delivery will be in 24th of march-20 then i called customer services once delivery time passed but no response and I checked the web site and found the delivery policy changed to 7-10 days so till now and after 8 days passed i am not sure the order will arrive or Not to arrange other plan for getting the Goods from other source and make confuse to me. ​

I only need you to reply to us the order when will come or not to let us manage some of needs from other source till this order will arrived.

Order #[protected]

Order not confirmed but payment deducted through carrefour website

Two days back I made a purchase of 172.09aed through carrefour website. The amount got deducted through my card. But never got order confirmation sms or email.
Really bad experience. Even tried calling customer service. No one answers. Please help.

Serious injury risk

I am reporting the very unpleasant incident on that page as I cannot find any other way to contact you- all web links are re-directing me to shopping pages.
I actually want to describe very dangerous situation that I was exposed to in one of Carrefour stores in Madrid. It happened at night 27/28 February 2020. I was returning from restaurant and I popped into Carrefour 24h Market GTA. Cuatro Caminos, 4 Madrid. I wanted to buy bottle of water and some sodas. When I was looking for the products on the shelfs I realized that there were several young, Asian looking man who were pushing along the shop alleys, between the shelf cases, huge trolleys fully loaded with products - huge pallets. That were really big pallets. It looked bit too fast how they were moving with those very heavy and bulky objects but I turned back to collect my soft drinks and suddenly I felt that something hit my leg!!! That shock had actually moved my heel and turned me round. I realised that young Asian man had just hit my leg with that huge trolley with full loaded pallet!!!
He luckily only struck end of my heel so he did not break my leg but he destroyed my Gucci shoe by producing a deep scratch on it. He had not even stopped to apologise but he just moved ahead. I reported that case to shop manager. The young lady spoke no English but I was with a friend who spoke Spanish. We described all that in writing (the report was assemble by the shop manager) and I am attaching the yellow paper with difficult to read stamp of the store that she gave to us as report of that, looking like, malicious event.
I also reported the compliant on Carrefour document next day to another lady in that store - I came there next day as the shop manager told us the previous night that shop had insurance and would cover the damage. Of course no damage was covered and I only wasted another 2 hours for getting into that store and writing another complaint. I am also attaching that complaint that I left next day in that store.

I was initially only expecting the shop to pay for my damaged shoes but now when I realise that nobody was even interested in that potentially harmful situation I believe I need to report that case to all potential authorise including Ombudsman for customer right. It is unacceptable that at such big and one might think reputed network store (where customers should feel safe!!!) there are people employed who are either are not trained or so carless that they constitute such great risk to customers!!! On top of that after such event nobody was even interested to investigate the situation and address me after such bed experience that might have resulted in very serious injury and long lasting medical treatment and rehabilitation.
So far now on has returned to me (nor via e-mail that I left nor via phone) although the shop is responsible for damage of shoes worth 595 EUR and could have been responsible for serious injury of much greater cost.
All that is well documented. I am attaching these informations and event reports.
I am expecting prompt answer from designated personnel - I am not sure I am addressing that type of complaint to right contact. I can provide pdf. of incindent reports.
Pozdrawiam / Kindest Regards,
Wojtek Straś. wojtek.[protected]

My order is lost... Delivery performance need attention & I need a resolution

Please note following to put this in perspective
order # [protected]
Invoice #[protected] Dated February 25, 2020
Expected Delivery date:February 25, 2020

As i describe above, i place an order for soft drinks and rice and expected the delivery in a day. I was called by a driver a day after and requested for my location using WhatsApp. I immediately sent it and he never came and made any delivery. After waiting two days i started calling customer service at [protected] and was given 1464441 the complaint number with a promise to get the order delivered in a day. Since that day, i call this number everyday and feel the frustration of the customer service staff as they ask the online staff and they dont contact me to resolve this issue. Yesterday, i felt that they see my number and without referring to the complaint number start telling me what they have done. Today i tried many times and was on the line for over 15 minutes several different times and since they know the issue and their inability to assist they decided not to pick up my phone. I had no other way but to first email my issue to customer service and now to mention here so someone at a higher level see what these guys are doing with the reputation of an esteemend organization run by cometent senior people. I need Carrefour to know the level of service and complaint handling and nit necessarity the Dhs 124 order which is at stake. Over to the capable hands at Carrefour

Washing machine refused to deliver as per agreed time

Today I have received call from cell # [protected] that washing Machine will be delivered at my residence at 1:00 p.m on the other hand it was committed that machine will be delivered after 5 p.m, as mentioned on invoice too. I requested your representative but he refused by saying after 5 p.m it is not possible to deliver.

He straight way refused that time is not mentioned on invoice.

You can check recording of 12:23 p.m (dated 02-03-2020). Call received at Cell # [protected]

Your representative misbehaved with me.

Payment details are as under.

Rs. 40, 850/-
date 01-03-2020
Mian Atif Iqbal
165 E-1, Johar Town, Lahore.

Served by Kiran Ishaq

Washing machine refused to deliver as per agreed time

Online shopping

I am still waiting on 80% of my order [protected], only part order was delivered and I received an invoice [protected] for one of the items which I did not receive at all! I was also billed twice for this order. I called the customer service number today and was told that I was billed the full total of AED499 even though part delivery was made. But when I queried that I was billed 2 hours later again for AED499, it was said that it's only done for security and that I would be refunded once the rest of the order is delivered. How can I be billed twice for a part delivery. THIS IS ILLEGAL! And goes against everything said in the attachment.

Online shopping
Online shopping

Misbehavior of staff

Please be noted that i have visited the store for my weekly shopping with my 3 honorable guest. I am permanent customer of carrefour since long and believe that this is very reputable store but today... Just 5 minutes before i left my cart filled with groceries at counter only due to non discipline of billing and misbehaving of staff as they are forcing us that to make line again wheras i already approached counter with full discipline. It was so embarrassing for me and my Fellowes in front of many peoples. So decided to good bye of your store forever.
Just want to bring in your kind notice.

delay in delivery; worst customer service

I ordered a few gocery items through their mobile app which was supposed to be delivered on 11 Feb. 2020...

my complaint no. [protected] dated 19/1

I bought from the online service on 14/1 order no. [protected] with an amount of 226.20 without any discounts.
Then when I went to the store and I know I have 100LE discount voucher the customer service told me that I already used this voucher online in my order 14/1 and when I show them the invoice they told me call the online and they will solve the problem to you.
This what I did and complained to the online with complain no [protected] on 19/1 and upto this moment I did not get any feed back from them Is this the attitude of Business !!!
My mail is [protected]


I'm really dissatisfied of Carrefour custom services and after sales support.
I ordered 5 Items on 18th of Jan and till to date
i didn't get all my stuff, and when i call the customer services they always that i will all my orders within 2 days.

And I always receive a call from their stores that we will ship your staff today so please wait for us from 1 Pm and will call you to specify the exact time and they didn't, this happens 4 times so I called the customer services but they didn't solve my issue till i got 3 items 5 days ago and left my fridge because it's still not yet shipped from the factory.
finally they called me yesterday telling me that my fridge will be shipped to my address at 1 PM, they called me on 2.30 PM telling me that they will be there after an hour "which is not acceptable " my wife left her work to wait for them their and after that they called her that we need at least 2 hours we reach you because we have another order we need to drop it first " this really [censored]", and when I called the customer services to solve me the issue, her reply was i will send your complain and will contact you within 48 hours "another [censored]" I told her that my wife wants to go back to her work and her reply was "I send your complain and they will call you within 24 hours".
So I asked Her to give me her Supervisor, her reply was " No one is here now " ...another [censored].
I'm writing to you this to tell that this will be the last time I will deal with Carrefour and won't recommend it to anyone.
Also this issue will be published on all Social media.

Ayman Fathy

I am complaining one or you're delivery guy

He was shouting at me when i answered the phone and met him to pick my goods just because i failed to answer...

order [protected], online shopping canceled

Order [protected] done on carrefour's brazilian site, order cancelled because of wrong model, money not refunded.
Many times I have asked by phone and by email, but brazilian carrefour have done nothing to solve the problem.

CARREFOUR.COM.BR - brazilian site is on of the most bad company for online shopping, we have many complains on the local site, it seems that Carrefour dont care about their reputation, their dont care about the customers at all.

As I dont have any answers from Brazilian Carrefour, I hope someone from head quarter find a solution.

president maasdam 48% cheese

Complaint: I have bought your President Maasdam 48% at Carrefour Tbilisi (Isani branch) Carrefour and the...

I didn't receive my order and I got no support from customer care

Dear team,

My complaint is about Carrefour online orders . I made two orders in December, got two parcels with only half of what I ordered. I sent carrefour emails and called manu times and sent on FB but no one is helping. I already paid for the order from my card. Can someone plz help?
The email I used is amira.abbass.[protected]
My phone number is +[protected]

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