Carrefour Complaints & Reviews

Carrefour / Online order and cancellation

Jun 22, 2019

I am really disappointed with carrefour online team and after sales customer service agents. Very slow service, didn't have the sense of urgency to do something with my complaint. Last June 15, 2019 around 8pm i have placed and order online around 2, 100 aed. I was trying to use and...

Carrefour / service

Jun 20, 2019

I have been very shamed to submit the complain against Cooked Food Section in al SAQR Branch Airport road AD, Mr AMINE ZOURABANE. Date 19-06-2019 Time : 1:30pm I had visited carrefour to get some cooked food. And I had ordered one of the food . Price was 19.75:kg food which ordered. But that...

Carrefour / washing machine

Jun 19, 2019

I have been a loyal customer of carrefour since first store in Abu Dhabi. It has been extremely disappointing customer support I have been receiving for past 2.5+ months. I regret being the promoter and supporter of Carrefour for over 15 years. I went to buy a washing machine, I had...

Carrefour Erbil / philips essential care compact hairdryer 1800w

Jun 04, 2019

I purchased this specifically for the cool setting. I asked in the store before purchase if it was cold, and I was assured that it was. When I tried the dryer at home, the cool setting was warm. At the bottom of my receipt, it says 2 week exchange. Purchase date was may 25 and I tried to...

Carrefour / incorrect billing

May 29, 2019

I live in the UK and have travelled to France today for wine shopping. We normally stock up about twice a year and purchase a large quantity of wine. On the return ferry I commented to my partner that the cost was very high this time and When examining my receipt/bill I noticed a mistake...

Carrefour / 4 euro et 60 euro promotion ticket

May 23, 2019

Since first highlighting I have had no success with your store. M. Rouquet, manager replied not knowing how it really worked. Since then I have tried to open an account with carrefour and it stops me by saying "it wants a mobile number" which I enter but it refuses my number!!! After many...

Carrefour / 4 euro et 60 euro promotion ticket

May 17, 2019

Alan le 10 mai 2019, 12:11 Sir/Madam, With my English friend, we visited Carrefour, Marseillan yesterday. I have lived near Agde for fifteen years and visit your store often. At the cash-out I presented my carte bleu visa with a four euro refund ticket and 'qualoified' for another four euro...

Carrefour / myclub points for mobile purchase

May 11, 2019

Hello Last saturday night I bought a new huawei nova4 black colour phone havilng 1000 free club points. And I gave club card while bill payment. But in the bill they mention the colour blue. Then waiting for long time they changed the bill.. Now yestrday I checked there were no club entered. They...

Carrefour / promotion

May 10, 2019

Sir/Madam, With my English friend, we visited Carrefour, Marseillan yesterday. I have lived near Agde for fifteen years and visit your store often. At the cash-out I presented my carte bleu visa with a four euro refund ticket and 'qualoified' for another four euro ticket. My friend was before...

Carrefour / refund for order not delivered

May 10, 2019

This is my 7th request for refund of an order invoiced but not delivered. I have contacted customer service via email several times using theseemail addresses: ooshop@carrefour.comand and and I emailed your President and board...

Carrefour / wrong washing machine received!

May 10, 2019

Good day, this has reference to my online order number 14138493841924. I ordered a whirepool washing machine on April 17th. The serial number of the washing machine I ordered is FSCR10432. And following are my complaints regarding this order: a) The delivery was only completed on April 30th...

Carrefour / delayed delivery of washing machine

May 07, 2019

Recently We purchased a washing machine and we were promised that delivery will happen next day, but its (Second day) is almost over and we havent received any call from the delivery team.I have called Carrefour to follow up and i have been given this follow up number(1163836), i hope to...

Carrefour Oasis Mall, Dubai / signal 2 toothpaste

May 06, 2019

I have purchased on Thursday May 2 single unit of signal2 I took it from the counter (price is AED 6). After I came home I noticed that I have been charged for 3+1 offer of signal 2 which is triple the price! I called the helpline 5 times with no luck for any help. They keep promising me...

Carrefour / my club point usage

May 05, 2019

Carrefour in the UAE promotes the usage and conversation of points to DHS value and hence we my husband and I shopped their regularly. In the last week, we have shopped for over 10, 000 DHS in order to obtain and use the value points as we we're relocating. We have a total of approx. 600...

Carrefour / cash counter

May 03, 2019

We are living in dubai . Today we went to Carrefour at dubai festival city . The lady at the 18th cash counter behaved in a very rude manner to us . So we approached the customer service and they didnt take any action for this problem . I would suggest to replace or give them a training a...

Carrefour / my club points redeem

Apr 29, 2019

I have my club account in Jordan, Irbid City and purchase Circa 400 Jod monthly, I collected 275 points and once I need to redeem I surprised that my balance is 17 points only. I submitted complain to customer service but without result, so that I am writing to you If you can help and...

Carrefour / animals

Apr 24, 2019

** URGENT!!!** Bonjour, Normalement à Carrefour, vous ne vendez pas d'animaux. Et surtout pas des tortues et des amphibiens dans un état épouvantable. Putain, je n'étais pas préparé de savoir que personne s'occupait d'eux! Pour votre info, personne va allez au deuxième étage et acheter un...

Carrefour Online / online order reference:90029288 10 april 2019

Apr 24, 2019

We placed a on line order for delivery to our home address in Spain, 15 Av Obdulio MIralles Serrano 30740 SAN Pedro Del Pinatar, Murcia It was due to be delivered 16 April 2019 The delivery did not arrive. We ave called the customer services number many times and got no answer, when we...

Carrefour / delivery of refrigerator

Apr 22, 2019

I purchased bosch refrigerator from Carrefour and they promised me delivery would be on Sunday and make sure stay at home. I was at home waiting delivery from morning till evening, I did not get any call nor feedback till evening and I decided to give a call customer service about delivery...

Carrefour Egypt / online delivery

Apr 21, 2019

Hi I made online order 14121425477635 carefour egypt on Apr 10 and until this moment I didn't receive anything It's been 11 days so far This is not the first time I ordered before and took them weeks to come If carefour is not able to provide adequate service to customers through online...

Carrefour / mouldy food

Apr 19, 2019

I visited a Carrefour shop in Barcelona, Spain to buy ingredients for dinner. I purchased some BBQ seasoned ribs to be reheated in the oven. The container was sealed, and the ribs were in a sealed plastic package. The expiry date was highlighted to be used by 7th of May. However, as you can...

Carrefour / service

Apr 14, 2019

I purchased tv on the 10th of april, I was promised I will receive it with then 48 hours now 5 days later they said tomorrow and tomorrow, I do not wish to keep my purchase I called the number 962-6-5000015 I filed request for return 3 time s no body contacted me form the department, no...

Carrefour / bakery items

Apr 14, 2019

Yesterday I purchased 2 packs of patries from carrefour Clifton Karachi, one of them was expired. If your bakery products are not selling then please stop baking them and dont play with the life of people. What your carrefour employees do is they just change the expiry date. They are only...

Carrefour / two things to inform you about

Apr 09, 2019

First, most of the Shopping carts in your branch in garnatah mall -Riyadh, Saudi Arabia - are ruined YOU must do something about it. Second, some of your employees used to smok and chitchat next to the main entrance you can imagine the bad smell and the noise they cause. Which makes me go...

Carrefour / customer service

Apr 08, 2019

I send not vorking vacuum cleaner I bought from from Carrefour 3month ago to service Three weeks ago. If customer service will be working properly and will be following up, I 'll be receive it back long time ago. But, nobody even moved their finger to do something. Absolutely dissapointed...

Carrefour / products and service

Apr 05, 2019

I have a complaint regarding an electronic bought on February carrefour deira city center, your sales man or the merchandiser focus only on selling, no follow up on after sales, and bad thing about carrefour is you are cheating, showing one option on the display and selling totally another...

Carrefour / fruits and vegetables

Apr 03, 2019

I bought some vegetables but quality is not good I say to section manger IRFAN he says to me the season is not available therefore quality is low, I complaint to department head shahid yousaf he says to me I have selling good quality but some days margin and profit is very low therefore we...

Carrefour / item delivery

Apr 02, 2019

HI am a loyal customer of Carrefour since long back i have bought a HITACHI refrigerator from carrefour muharraq brach on 30-03-2019 & promised that the delivery will take place in two days as i wanted on urgent basis requested for same day or in the next day but they have told me its not...

Carrefour / inbuilt fridge

Mar 31, 2019

I have been a loyal customer of carrefour but lately in the last couple of months the quality has extremely depreciated. Whether it is food or electronics or household stuff everything seems to be having an issue . Food stuff is stail and rotten with fungus once a week. My tate shower hose that...

Carrefour / hisense 55 inches smart tv

Mar 23, 2019

(I bought my TV March 2019)Manager of that section is avoiding me and not even talking to me when I brought mt tv, I reported it not even 24hrs after I bought the TV that the TV that I bought is faulty and the LCD screen is damaged I call the customer service. I did not use the TV even 1...

Carrefour / pista

Mar 22, 2019

We got live white worms in pistachio along with multiple black insect purchased 2 weeks back. We have similar experience with Strawberries which was full of fungus next day of purchase from Al Khan branch When we approached them they ask us to write a complaint in one form which We have...

Carrefour / attitude

Mar 19, 2019

To whom it may concern, Casheir no.12 in Carrefour - Cairo Festival City reacted in a very impolite way yesterday regarding the below: It was written on the slippers 150 pounds before discount and there was 50 percent discount so logically it should be 75 pounds after discount but he...

Carrefour / built in oven (ariston)

Mar 17, 2019

I bought a built in oven (gas) on 01.01.2018 from Carrefour Mall of Egypt branch in an offer. I assured that I bought a gas oven(and this is what is mentioned in the invoice) and that I will install it after a year. They assured that this is not a problem as long as I do not open the pack...

Carrefour / receipt scam in carrefour

Mar 12, 2019

I want to warn all customers of Carrefour to ALWAYS check their receipt and items immediately upon purchasing their items. This has been happening frequently in the UAE outlets and everyone needs to hear about it. Staff members at Carrefour can charge you extra for things that you did not...

Carrefour / online service and customer service

Mar 02, 2019

Carrefour egypt online services and customer service are literally ruining carrefour brand reputation in egypt as I have been theft by carrefour egypt online services when I made an online order since 2 weeks and they withdraw the money from my account immediately and they withdraw more...

Carrefour / trust gone with carrefour and unrespected store manager in mirdif

Feb 25, 2019

Store manager mr. akram Supervisor. mr. hassan Complaint number 1096759 Invoice no: 6001500304851902241902 Date 24.02.2019 Time 19.02 Product fa 50mlx2 20%off 19.40 aed As mentioned in the display 12.50 aed Can you explain why this happen? How I can buy again from carefour if mistake happen and...

Carrefour / staff and service

Feb 16, 2019

Dear Carrefour Team, I was one of ur most loyal customer, but my last interaction with ur staff (Varun - Electronic Section) and Duty Manager (Issam), in Dragon Mart 2, International city, Dubai, made me decide, to never go back to Carrefour again in my Life. Not only me, I vl b sharing thi...

Carrefour / milk powder

Feb 12, 2019

Dear carrefour team, Good day..! My name is sabeer hassan, I am a regular customer of carrefour jeddah. Yesterday (12/02/2018) I visited jeddah branch for purchasing some goods as I noticed some good offers available for this week. But it was very bad experience for me when I try to...

Carrefour / cashier behavior

Feb 11, 2019

I approached a regular cashier counter and after placing my items (34, bottles of milk and yogurt) and the cashier was staring, "sorry this is an express counter", well you couldve told me while im placing my items not just after I finished. well it looked like a regular one so they...

Carrefour / attitude of the cashier

Feb 03, 2019

Dear Ma'am & Sir, I have a complain about one of your stuff cashier. I was fall in line 10 items and then while he was punching my items he told me it's more than 10 while he's facial expressions got angry .. Then I told him that your font have customer either. So I think it's an...