Carnival Cruise Linesguest services unprofessional and threatening behavior

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I would like to know who I need to talk to before I have to get legal counsel on this situation. I have traveled on several cruise s with Carnival a d other cruise lines and this was the absolute worst of them all. My security was threatened by guest services and it appears no one cares.

We got to the oat boat early where we were literally bullied to have our luggage taken to the room. We generally dont because we had heard of horror stories about missing luggage. Because of how aggressive they were we just gave in and tipped them. We got on the boat and noticed the boat smelled like a sewer line busted and it was nauseating We got to our room a nd went to the safety briefing and came back and noticed our luggage was still not there. We called Down to guest services and was told they were still delivering them. We said ok. We waited another 2 hours a d went to guest services and stood in the very long line with ppl having complaints about missing luggage . We got to the desk we spoke with them about the missing luggage and was told they we re still delivering them. We left and came back about 7p. Stood in another long li ne a d we were told that all luggage was delivered and that they did not know but they will look into it. When we asked Trevor (Zimbabwe) what is going to be done he rolled his eyes a d breathed heavily. He said they will give us a Carnival shirt. We were not happy but was told they will investigate. we left a d the next day we saw a employee pushing our towards guest services. We told him it was our luggage a d asked him where it was . He stated it was at someone elses room on another floor. We took a picture with him and tha led him because Trevor stated he would contact us if he found anything out. We have yet to get a call from him.

We continued trying to make the est of the cruise but the smell got more nauseating due to back up of sewage on our floor. We had extra charges on our Bill's that we could not explain. We kept going down to guest services to see what was the proble.m. Trevor and Alexandria was at the desk. Trevor was clearly annoyed with the complaints a d lifted his knee over the counter and told a 4"8 young lady he did not "give a [censored]. The young lady clearly was upset and witnesses were clearly disturbed with Trevor's actions a d pulled the young lady out of the way fearing he was going to jump over the desk. The young lady was upset and told them how unprofessional he was. This is when Akuxandria called the young lady a "B***h". The young lady was told by the witness's that it was not worth it just take it up after the cruise.

Another family member was alerted to what was going on and tried to go to guest services to just settle the young lady's account. When got through the long lines of several other travelers complaints. Spoke with a Faith about the sit6and was told that she could not do anything with this young lady's account. Family asked for a letter of complaint a d was initially told she did not know what letter we were talking about. We showed her a copy of another complainants letter she smiled and said she had generated them but we would have to wait and they would bring them to us. She got a little rude. Family requested she call security a d she looked as if she called. After about 40 min a d seeing security pass several times, family questioned if Faith really called. At that time Alexandria a m several staff came and gathered in a threatening manner. Family saw Alexandria name tag and asked her if she was the one that called the young lady a B*t*h. Alexandria stated "Yes, she called me o e first and you are also acting like a B**CH".

FAMILY members clearly was upset and as we walking away ran into a roped sign shoved the sign out of the way. Security came rushi6as if we were hitting, threatening like Trevor clearly did.

We went went back to the room after talking to security he clearly understood our frustration and said dont come back to the desk a d complain whe. We returned. We did not have any other encounter with guest services.

We had vigus charges on our Bill's. Our 70 some dollar package with the internet never worked but could not even question that.

When disembarking which we were ad to due after being delayed to get off after not having enough staff to get everyone off in a timely manner. We received a letter they stated we had to sign or we could not get off the boat stating we could never cruise with Carnival ever again.

We waited about a week to complain as we did not want to still be angry when speaking with customers care. She got back to us about 2 weeks later to I form us they could not reverse a decision of the Captain. No calls to witnesses, no pulling of tapes to investigate our claims.

This is very upsetting and AMERICA needs to start an investigation on how travelers are being treated when we leave port. We felt like prisoners from the time we boarded to the time we got off.

This was carnival Sensation from Miami 5/11 - 5/16
Monique Lacroix


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    Nicole Maloney Jun 10, 2019

    This post contains so many errors that it's difficult to read. Where in God's name did you go to school? These are petty complaints, a lawyer would do nothing, if you could even afford one!

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  • Mo
    Monique Lacroix Jun 11, 2019

    @Nicole Maloney Well, you are entitled to your opinion. It is obvious that it is your job to critique everyone that complains on this site. You might need to get a job as a teacher and stay off of these sites. Get a life you prick!!!

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  • Um is not an answer! Dec 28, 2019

    @Monique Lacroix everyone WHO complains...

    so you dislike teachers, do you? yeah, you sound classy.

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