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We are scheduled to depart from Port Canaveral on Dec 2, 2017 on the Carnival Magic. We are sailing with 4 other individuals. We booked this cruise many months ago and although Carnival cannot control the weather they do indeed have control over making things right with their passengers. After NUMEROUS calls and time spent arguing in vain via telephone we are still going on our cruise...mainly because we are forced to!! St Thomas and San Juan being substituted with Nassau and Half Moon Cay are hardly the same! It's like comparing apples to oranges. We got absolutely NOWHERE with the Carnival reps that we spoke to. We are not ignorant or heartless and understand the devastation in the islands affected however we PAID for destinations that were much BETTER than what Carnival substituted! If unable to take us to similar destinations I felt some type of on board credit or drink package or partial fare refund would have been fair. NO! Carnival washed their hands of it all and basically go on the cruise, change the itinerary /trip date for a fee of $500.00 per couple or lose all the money paid for cancellation. Might I add we were notified of the itinerary change 57 days out from our cruise date! How convenient it was not done within the 60 day no penalty period. We will go and make the best of it however as Gold Members it has caused me to step back and reevaluate where I spend my hard earned money. Next cruise we will look into Norwegian...who provides all kinds of amenities when you book a cruise. Very, VERY disappointed in the reaction of Carnival Cruise Lines and their "we take no accountability or give a crap" attitude.

Dori A Lovell
South Carolina
Gold Status

  • Carnival Cruise Lines Customer Care's Response · Oct 17, 2017

    Good day,

    We are truly sorry we had to change their cruise, as a result of damage caused by the recent Hurricanes. Designing memorable trips is at the heart of our business, and we're keenly aware that people choose one cruise over another because of the varied itineraries. We know a cruise is something planed carefully and looked forward to with much anticipation. So, we are very sorry for any disappointment the change has caused. Obviously, changing a ship's itinerary is something we never do lightly.

    We do everything possible to avoid having to adjust a ships itinerary and it is only done as a last resort. We can understand their disappointment, but please understand that we did not want to make these changes either. At times, situations arise in which changes must be made and some ports of call are canceled. For this reason, our booking confirmations state the booking is subject to the terms and conditions set forth in Carnival's Cruise Ticket Contract and provide a link to review it. The ticket contract does advise that we reserve the right to change the itinerary of our cruises.

    I'm sorry we are unable to respond favorably to their request for compensation. As valued guests, we understand this is not the answer they were hoping for. We apologize for any inconvenience caused by the recent hurricanes. Please understand that this was an Act of God and no one had any control over the events that occurred. Our goal is to salvage their cruise vacation and provide them with the best vacation experience. Our Leadership Team is all aligned with this decision; therefore, if they choose to cancel, applicable penalties will apply.

    Once again, we are sorry for any disappointment this has caused.

    Kind Regards,

    Carnival Cruise Line

  • Updated by Dori0315 · Oct 17, 2017

    So I posted this morning and of course, immediately came the response from that you can CLEARLY see is an automated response given to almost everyone...with still NO RECOURSE to the consumer. Carnival...we HEAR YOU...LOUD AND CLEAR!!! Don't bother with a response to this post as it is really quite pointless. We get it! Your cruisers get it!! We KNOW the policy...but all policies can be bent to a certain degree. The fact that you are willing to do NOTHING at all is what is sooooo appalling. Not to mention those that had cruises in September and October had offers for cruise credits, cancellations etc yet we have/were offered NOTHING at all. Yet all the cruises were affected by the Hurricanes so the same options should have been given to ALL PASSENGERS booked on cruising in the days following the disasters. Nobody has disputed your RIGHT to adjust itineraries...we just feel that the ports should be equal to what we paid for!!! Nassau...Half Moon Cay??? REALLY!!! No way those cost the same as St Thomas and San Juan.

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