Carmaxwebsite, sales and transfer policy

A Sep 08, 2018

Twice failed! We found a car we wanted on Carmax's website. We had the loan pre-approved. First time, we put the car on hold via the website and later that night requested it transferred to the Bristol office. Next morning, no phone call. We finally call record of the hold order, no record of the transfer request, we even pulled up the emails showing us confirmation. Nothing but apathy and disinterest in helping us from the carmax people in Bristol. Second time (different car a few weeks later), no call next day (again). Apathetic receptionist at the Bristol office. Car is 4 hours away, but will take 14 days to get here?!!?! Two sales lost due to crap service and crap policies. Don't waste your time on these people. Great business model, horrible policies and zero followup. I'm guessing the salespeople aren't paid on commission. As much as I'd like to support that, in this case, you can really tell they don't give a crap about making a sale. Any other salesman would bend over backwards (or they should at least). Screw me once...well this was twice. Never again.

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