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Date: 15th april 2019
Re: customer complaint forth time - re damaged luggage - no response from company

To complaints department
Caribbean airlines

I have decided to put all of this in writing as we have now attempted several times to claim via the email method without success of any reply. We did a correspondence via your website last week and were not responded to.

Debra and I traveled with caribbean airlines from trinidad to barbados on thursday 7th march on flight bw0412 8.05am. On arrival in barbados my suitcase was missing all together and debra's arrived badly damaged. I eventually got my suitcase at 10pm that night delivered to my aunts home which was appreciated.

We have been trying to get the matter of debra's suitcase resolved since.
Debra's suitcase was purchased for this holiday, so it was brand new. It is a futura hard shell orange suitcase and when it was taken off the luggage carousel in barbados the suitcase was very badly damaged. The damage was reported immediately to the person who took down the details of my missing suitcase.
This is a copy of the report that was provided to us on the day.

The suitcase is not repairable, as it was brand new, we have contacted the manufacturer and have been informed that we are not able to claim it under warranty as the hard-shell part is not under warranty only zips and wheels etc.
The case has been badly treated by the baggage handlers for it to be so broken. We were advised by the staff on the baggage dispute counter that we should claim the baggage damage, as it was due to mishandling while in the care of your airline baggage staff. Here are the pictures that were taken in barbados airport.

We are seeking compensation for the damages to our new suitcase and believe that we should be reimbursed for the cost of the suitcase so that we can buy a new suitcase. We paid $359.00 australian for the suitcase on the 31st october last year.
We would appreciate a response from your business as we have now tried on three occasions to place a claim without success. Each time we have completed it on line we get a message stating that our claim has been successful and then we don't hear anything further.
I would appreciate a reply email to this one to acknowledge receipt of this email and then I will wait for a formal response as to the companies reply on our request.

David and debra smith

Caribbean Airlines
Caribbean Airlines
Caribbean Airlines
Caribbean Airlines

Apr 15, 2019

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