10:30 AM - 10:00 PM

Captain D's / fried fish

Sh Mar 5, 2019

Having eaten at this particular restaurant for many years, my most recent experience was, on a scale from 1 to 10, sadly, a 0. The staff appeared to all be teenagers, dressed as though they all just walked out of goodwill and one old man delivering the food to the tables who could barely make it across the room. I had to repeat our order no less than three times, and the young man taking the order finally replied "sorry, i'm tired. I've been working here all day."what?! A full day's work causes memory loss in our younger generation now?! On top of everything else, while we thought we were ordering a snack size meal, our tab (with only 1 drink) was over $18! By that time, I didn't argue and paid for my order. Now the worst part. The fish was totally under-cooked, and when I sent it back, it came out exactly the same way the second time! So, my wife and I figured it was just us until an elderly lady customer walked over to our table and asked "was your fish cooked well enough? Ours was far from done." we told her ours was the same and she then approached a third table who told her the same thing. If chic-fil-a is a "top of the line" fast food restaurant, and I think it is, you cannot get much further from the other end of the spectrum with this restaurant in matthews, nc. And if that is not bad enough, one week has gone by and the "owner" who was supposed to call me to get more details, has yet to call. I'm not holding my breath, but he can bet i'll be spreading the word far and wide about this experience.

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