Capitol One Bankchecking and savings accounts

D Mar 02, 2020

Fraudulent charges on my account in excess of $3000 were allowed. 27 overdraft fees at $35 apiece equaling $945, and it has taken me months to try to get my money back.

The fraudulent charges were reversed right away, however Capital One wants to hold onto every time they can and not give me back my $945. I have spent 30+ hours on the phone with them in the last few weeks to try to get my money, which should be charged my time as well. The funds were placed into an account of mine that I could not access for over five days with no information given to me on that.

When I called and requested information on the refund, I was then informed that it was in the account that I could not touch. It had been there for five days already. I asked them to get the funds transferred into my personal account, and they refuse to do so saying that they were not able to do any transactions on that account. The only option I had was for a check to be sent to my home. It would then take 7 to 10 business days to receive that check. I asked for the check to be expedited since it had already been 5 days on top of the month plus I had started this mess with them. I was told it was not possible.

When I informed the representative I had the previous check expedited, he replied with "I will see what I can do but no promises". It was the. Sent to me FedEx overnight on Monday for me to receive on Friday afternoon. I was also charged $20 for the FedEx package that was supposed to of been overnighted. I did get the check deposited into the account immediately, and now they have put the funds on hold even though the deposit shows in the account, the funds are not available for at least 24 business hours.

Looks like Capital One is holding on to every dime they can as long as they can. I do not recommend this bank to anyone who has a need to access their funds that they themselves earned and put in the account. They reject actual legitimate charges if they are larger purchases but will allow 10-20 small charges from the same company daily for months with no question. Seriously???

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