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UNACCEPTABLE customer service!
First, my partner went into the male bathroom and he stepped on HUMAN FECES that were in the middle of floor!!! He had to spend 10 minutes in the washroom scrubbing and cleaning the bottom of his shoe with toilet paper!
After calling the manager on duty, which took multiple calls to even show up to the front desk, we explained the situation and she thank us for bringing that to her attention, but we weren't looking for a thank you, we were looking for a SINCERE APOLOGY ! She preceded to explain that the bathrooms don't get checked very often and it was the "parts dpt" responsible for checking on it. She mentioned that they had 2 new employees in the Parts Dpt. To which we responded that we understand having new people but regardless of that, they need to be checked as it is a BASIC Offering in a retail store, not really complicated!!! If your bathrooms are not going to be cleaned, DO NOT OFFER them to the public. We reluctantly spend 200dlls due to being in a time crunch even though I desperately wanted to leave my cart and walk out!
My boyfriend went back in to clarify the name of the manager who we had spoke before; after clarifying we proceeded to leave through the self check out. we made it through the theft sensor and we were stopped to have our receipt checked even though they did not go off. We always loved shopping in your stores but after this incident I'm seriously reconsidering ever stepping foot into a Canadian Tire again.
(Store in Chilliwack, BC)

May 27, 2019
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  •   May 27, 2019

    This all sounds extremely suspect to me. I think what happened here was you had way too much tequila and five chili bean dip the night before and made it halfway to the crapper before the better part of your continence gave up the ghost. Being understandably embarrassed about dropping the ole' numero dos on the floor, you tried to blame it on the management of this obviously reputable business.

    Also, does your male partner have some sort of physical disability that caused him to take 10 minutes to "supposedly" clean crap off of his shoe? That's an awful long time for a relatively simple process. I think he might have a suspect work ethic. As such, it's really not appropriate for you to be pontificating on what the staff at this poor business ought, or ought not, to be doing.

    Hope that helps!

    Your friend,

    Biggus Dickus

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  • 98
      May 28, 2019

    Sorry for my previous comment, I make no sense and it's my fault I'm a big idiot

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