Canadian Tirereturn

T Oct 22, 2018

I was returning a patio box I bought from the Martensville store about a month ago. The box it came in was ripped from trying to put the pieces of the patio box back in the box it came in. I was a little concerned about returing it since the box was ripped - I did not want to patio box so thought I would try returing it anyways. Jessica was the name of the employee who told me I could return it. During the process of the return a gal by the name of Judy came up behind Jessica and told her this item cannot be returned since the box was ripped. I did not say anything as Jessica was being told why this item could not be returned. Judy then turned to me and told me "this item cannot be returned - read the policy" as she pointed to the sign on the wall. I was speachless as to how rude she was to a fellow employee especially in front of a customer. I was not upset about the fact they might not process my return but that they were so rude about it. If Judy was just a little nicer about the way she handled my return I would not be writing this complaint. Judy should not be working at the customer service counter if she is going to be this rude to all customers wanting to return an item. I am not looking for any compensation or credit. A simple apology would suffice. I did tell Jessica when I left that I was sorry she got in trouble - she was good about it. A Canadian Tire in a small centre like Martensville will struggle if people realize how they will be treated shopping at this store. Really to bad.

I have another complaint that involving this same lady Judy that I never did say anything. It happened in the spring when I was buying an item at the same store. The store has one line for customer service and checkout which I did not realize. I thought the line up at the time was for customer service and than a number of people were returning items. Judy told me in a louder voice to get to the back of the line. Again, I did not think much of it. I am a customer in your store and she is being rude. Really to bad.

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