Canadian Tirehamilton beach duo flex coffee maker

A Sep 10, 2018

Hi there,

I bought the Hamilton Beach duo cup coffer maker just short of two years ago from from your store in London. I'm terribly disappointed in this product!

I basically gave up on it about 6 months ago when it stopped functioning completely...

What has happened throughout time
1) When the single-serve worked, it tasted like plastic (how toxic!)
2) Single serve has endless errors and stopped working
3) single serve started bursting out hot water at the seems (burnt me on several occasions)
4) It never got hot enough.

Is this covered by warranty (your website says 5 years). Can you advise on my next steps?

I am in the position of needing to buy another coffee maker to replace this horrible product and am questioning ever buying Hamilton Beach brand again because of this poor, poor experience. And, questioning Canadian Tire for even stocking this item, since I have been a dedicated, long-time customer that prefers to purchase from a Canadian chain. Very disappointed..

Can you please get back to me on my options?


Thank you

Andrea Lukac
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