Canada Postcustomer service


The women behind the counter at this canada post location (20800 lougheed hwy, maple ridge) need a serious lesson in "customer service". each and every time I go in there there's a line up with typically 4-6 people waiting to get served.

While they obviously have more than one person working... they choose to make everyone wait while only one of them works the counter. almost every time I go in there, someone is walking out (including myself) because of the amount of time it takes to get served.

Today was the last straw. today one attendant decided to have a very lengthy conversation (at least 15 mins) with four people she was (supposedly) serving about absolutely nothing! they talked about their kids, the weather, and even what they were going to on the weekend while all of us stood there in line waiting. are [censor] kidding me???

If management doesn't doing something about this soon I will take take the issue higher up because it's been going on now for months (if not longer). what a joke!

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