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Dental Services Complaints | Page 6

Western Dental Services / upper dentures

Luydmila Makaryants on Oct 11, 2018

Hi, i would like to make a complaint about my recent experience with western dental Canoga park office. My name is Luydmila Makaryants, chart # 84. We had been coming to the Canoga park office since May 25th, 2018 to complete upper denture work. Unfortunately, it has been worse experience ever...

Comfort Dental Downtown / humana dental

leona pacheco on Oct 10, 2018

We became effective as providers with your company in July 2018. Throughout this enrollment process, we have made several corrections in regards to adding our suite number and correction of fax number through email, by submitting a letter and also through the credentialing department...

Kool Smiles / crown/filling

Fakhal01 on Oct 9, 2018

On Saturday Oct. 6th, 2018 I had an appointment for my son @ 11.00 AM. I recieved a call two day beforehand for appointment confirmation and I did confirm the appointment. I headed to the location and the front desk employee told me your appointment was cancelled.. I told her, i did...

Comenity Dental First / my over payment

Julia Milner on Oct 8, 2018

I had paid you off, but I over paid you $83.00. I would appreate it if you would send me back the over payment. My name is Jack Milner 4701 Hope Street Klamath Falls, Oregon 97603 I have limited income and can surely use the money. Dental First just keeps sending me statements that I over paid, but not refunding the money. Thank You, Jack MIlner.

Aspen Dental Management / permanent denture/adjust bill

cbtuisl on Oct 8, 2018

It will be a year Oct 23 that I had my surgery done. Per my agreement I was to have new Upper Dentures to replace my old ones and New bottom dentures post surgery. I requested a run down of all my appts and the service provided. What was given me was incomplete. The Top Temporary denture...

Aspen Dental Management / billing

DJ Rich on Oct 3, 2018

I went to Cedar Rapids office in April. They printed me out an EOB for services. I paid them $500 for the part that was supposedly left over. I have contacted them several times because my insurance, Delta Dental, needs more information from the appointment, charting from the dentist, etc...

Aspen Dental Management / copay

Claudia Seaton on Oct 3, 2018

My husband signed up for expensive dental work, dentures . We used Care Credit and they received their monies immediately. He was having quadrant deep cleaning and we received a bill for $108 for copay for fluoride treatment on the few teeth remaining. That was just 2 of quadrant. He never...

Monarch Dental / unauthorized charge on the wrong bank account.

Vanadee M on Oct 3, 2018

I Vanadee Mcghee had dental work done for an implant on 8/24/18 at the Mansfield location off of Debbie Lane #106, although my original office where this plan was suppose to take place was at the Duncanville location off Cedar Ridge Dr, however, kirk the guy in charge of signing customer...

Aspen Dental Management / aspen dental columbia mo

Dovesfly on Oct 2, 2018

On 2/9/18, I went in for an exam. I paid $1200 & my insurance paid $386. I was given a treatment plan summary for Comfi fit dentures. I had an impression on 3/8, I picked up my temporary set of dentures. My care stopped at that point. I wasn't comfortable with the dentist at all. I saw an...

Humana Dental / dental

Belden. on Oct 1, 2018

My wife and I have been members since 2012 I never missed a payment I'm on auto pay. My wife broke a tooth and we had to pay for it ourself which we assumed we had full coverage. We decided to upgrade our coverage to include major services in case we need it in the future. I called you...

Kool Smiles / appointment

Keith A. S on Oct 1, 2018

Today my daughter had a cleaning appointment at your Kool Smiles in Norfolk Virginia on East little creek. We arrived 20 mins early for a 9 am appointment. Too be seen 40 mins later is so unprofessional and it continues too happen ever time I come here. There has too be a better way for them too do their job. It's 9:48 rite now this is crazy. Worst

CBS Sports / CBS Interactive / cbs tv spirts re 9/30/18 ny giant game

Loretta Versaci on Sep 30, 2018

This game has been advertised as starting on your network at 4:30. It finally came on at 5:05 and is halfway they the 2nd quarter! I called your NYC office and was told only NYC had a "pull out" so we got 3-4 other games including an OT game. This is totally unacceptable! I live in the...

Aspen Dental Management / bill/insurance

Joe83173 on Sep 28, 2018

I went to the dentist and they came up with a number around 7000.00 I had insurance which the ran and said my insurance will cover 3000.00 and I had to take a loan out through the dentist for the rest.. Well I paid off the loan I took out and a year later I get a bill for 3000.00 so I call...

Aspen Dental in Harbison, Columbia SC / partials

Nidia L Dopico on Sep 27, 2018

Today we where scheduled to go to Aspen Dental to get my husbands permanent partials. When the receptionist called to remind us she advised me that my husband needed a deep cleaning before getting his permanent partials put in . I advise her that we did not have the money at this time to...

Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield / customer service

Mia R. on Sep 27, 2018

Called today Sept 27 for our patients. S/w Herlyn (I am not sure if this is her name and from Phils). I told her the automated or IVR was able to pull up the patient before I was transferred to her. She said there is no dental coverage found. Yur representatives have poor manners and dont...

Aspen Dental Management / appointment

Lynnbar on Sep 27, 2018

Aspen Dental ManagementI had an appointment and confirmed it same day drove 45 minutes to get their and they said I have to reschedule your appointment it's a 2 hr apt. I rescheduled again went today my name was marked out waited 1hr they said oh have to reschedule 2nd trip. No service that got their money and...

Aspen Dental Management / teeth that first name me gag! teeth that do not fit properly!

Esch on Sep 25, 2018

When I went to Aspen Dental they gave me a price of $9, 000 for Foreman at work to give me a new set of teeth and to do extractions! I proceeded with the procedure and after getting my set of teeth I found out that I had a gag reflex! Despite the fact that I had to gag reflex they decided...

Great Expressions Dental Centers / didn't get what I came for

Tawanab on Sep 25, 2018

My son first visit here today 9.25.18, he is 11, the lady who does the xray told me I couldn't come back till after the xray, I said ok, when my son came back he had already seen the dentist, an the same lady was bringing me a bill about what he needs done.I asked why didn't she call me to...

Aspen Dental Management / lack of dental care in winona, mn.

D Combs on Sep 25, 2018

This is a follow-up on my initial complaint dated 8-27-18. Shortly after my complaint I contacted Lisa, Phone # [protected], who indicated my $163.00 would be put back on my credit card and the matter would be investigated. NOTHING HAPPENED. I contacted her again on 9-17-18 about my...

DentaQuest / oral surgeon referral

Joanna Maple on Sep 24, 2018

My daughter has been trying to get 4 impacted wisdom teeth taken out since her March 2018 visit with her dentist Mark Johnson in Flagler Beach, FL. We were referred to Dr Jason Sheikh in Daytona Beach at Coast Dental who moved back to South Florida a week before her consult. We had to wait...