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TXU Energy - Texas, Houston / I received a bonus gift card, and I was unable to use it. I have tried at least 15 times to get info on their recorded line.

Carolyn Calderon on Mar 27, 2017
Each time I call, I am eventually told I did not answer correctly, and to call again when I have the correct info . I keep trying, but I can never get an answer. I have been hung up on overtime I have called. One day I was lucky, and got a live agent. He informed me that my $250.00 card was not valid, but the company would send me a check for $250.00. This seems very strange to me.

TXU Energy - Texas, Midland / Extrem bill charges to the account

maria avalos on Jan 15, 2016
WE had service with TXU since 01/2015 and its been pretty normal billing, between 05/15 $74.06 we did not live in the house from May to July 2015 (kwh 71) 06/15 $31.51 (kwh 67) 07/15 $42.96 (kwh 167) 08/15 $305.94 (kwh 2340) 09/15 $388.97 (kwh 2724 ) 10/15 $250.32 (kwh 1904 ) 11/15 $205.60 (kwh 1168) 12/15 $301.03 (kwh 1789) 01/16 $ 717.43 (kwh 4393) until the month of January 2016 shocker when we ware not even using the A/C or Heater we used the fireplace and we have a gas dryer. What all's can I do to ? or were can I go to complain and summit a audit on this issue? I will most definitely not live it like this.

TXU Energy / TXU Energy Did Not Honor 3% Cash Back Loyalty Reward

Gunter66 on Jan 24, 2014
We were TXU Energy customers for slightly more than six years until December 2012. Even though TXU seemed to always discontinue the plan we were enrolled in for the previous service year, we always enrolled in one of their new plans and eventually one with a 3% cash back loyalty reward in the form of a prepaid Visa card. For the 2010-2011 service year, we chose the Texas Choice 12 plan and received our reward card without any problem. We then re-enrolled in the same plan with a 3% cash back loyalty reward for the 2011-2012 service year, although there was a problem with the promotional code...

TXU Energy - Texas / Rude and ignorant people

Dixie Chick Texas on Sep 8, 2012
We had used TXU Energy for almost 17 years even though other electric companies had approached us to switch. In August I received a bill of $179 with a due date of 8/21/12. On 8/15 I received another bill of $429 stating that I was late with my payments and a due date of 8/31. I called to see what was going on and was told that I needed to pay both bills when they are due or my services will be disconnected and I would be turned over to a collection agency. I asked to talk to a manager, who was even more rude than the first person. I asked how they can send two bills with only 10 days between...

TXU Energy - Texas / Rude sales people

Exec223 on Aug 28, 2012
TXU called to ask why we stopped using their service at one of our company’s locations. Lori was extremely rude when I was unable to transfer her to the person who handled the utility decision. I attempted to explain why it was not possible and she refused to accept that she could not be transferred to that person. I offered to take her number but she said it is an outbound only line. Her call will be reported to the person in charge of energy to ensure that we do not ever switch back to this company with such aggressive and rude sales people. If they want to know why we left them, they should start with calls like this.

TXU Energy - Texas, Houston / Customer Service

MissyL on Jul 24, 2012
After a high pressure door to door salesman repeatedly came to my house, I agreed to switch to TXU as my electricity provider. After locking in a 12 month contract with a penalty for early cancellation, I realized the salesman misrepresented several things to me, including the amount of my rebate and the cost to cancel with my old provider. Basically, it cost me money to change to TXU. When I complained and provided proof of the misrepresentations, TXU told me "too bad". A year later my contract has expired and I went online with TXU and selected a new plan for a slightly lower rate. One day...

TXU Energy - Texas, Fairfield / billing problems

Shady Oaks Cabins on Apr 26, 2012
When I built my park consisting of 24 cabins for rent and 42 rv spaces in 2007, I used TXU for my electric provider. Early in 2009, their computer system got messed up and we didn't get a bill for 2 months (like hundreds of other customers). When it came, it was astronomical and we had to work out a payment plan which we abided by. Late in the year, we switched providers (after the expiration of contract with TXU). Two years went by and a TXU salesman said they would give us an Itherm thermostat for each cabin so we could monitor settings from the computer, so we switched back to TXU...

TXU Energy - Texas, Plano / won't extend bill date

Gary W. on Nov 29, 2011
Every month I get a disconnect notice for my Electric service, am currently unemployed and every month I have to deal with TXU Energy to try and get it extended on the date I get paid, but keep getting told I can't get it extended til the pay date on the 12th of each month. I also have a 1 year old child in my home and it is getting cold outside. I have been with TXU for over 2 years and that alone should count for something, but it don't in the eyes of TXU. Can't transfer to another energy company because they all say I have to pay a large deposit in order to get their service.

TXU Energy - Texas / Early Termination fee after 27 Years!

deadmanwalkin on Oct 1, 2011
Avoid this company at all costs! My wife and I have been married for 26 years. I was a TXU customer prior to my marriage, then after I was married as well, totaling 27 years straight. About three years ago, I switched our service to another company with a lower rate, then received my final bill from TXU which included a $200 ETF! When I called to question how in the world could I have a $200 etf, the rep told me I had broken my contract. I asked what contract could I be in that last 27 years. The rep said they had called my wife the month prior and advised her my plan had expired? Again I...

TXU Energy - Texas, Fort Worth / late bill claim

restrictedhomeowner on Jul 28, 2011
From 2007-2009 I was a customer of TXU Energy in Fort Worth, TX. During that time I had my share of problems but nothing was too major or uncommon. In September of 2008 I switched my power company from TXU to another company. I did not receive my final bill until I called TXU and they stated that I had a $0 balance. I assumed that my new power company had switched over usage and overall I did not think too much of it. In March of 2009 I received a call from a collections agency stating that I had a balance of over $200 due to TXU. This came out of the blue with no other written, verbal, or...

TXU Energy - Texas, Fort Worth / Unfair practices

pahenderson on Apr 17, 2011
I was disconnected for not paying my electricity bill of $123.47, a payment made by direct deposit on the 4th April 2011 from my bank account, I got a failure to pay notice and disconnection on 16th April 2011 and after spending over 2 hours on the telephone to TXU customer service and explain that this bill was paid with conformation code from my bank the service was disconnected. I have paid my Bills on time every time and due to some computer error on TXU’s part I was disconnected and was asked to pay a deposit of $600.00 to be reconnected. I am not in a financial position to take this through the courts

TXU Energy - Texas / over charging

itramjam on Mar 22, 2011
I am a rental property owner, the only time the electric service is in my name is durning vacancies. My unit was vacant for 2 1/2 month during oct 15, 2009 through Jan 7 2010. I recieved a bill from TXU 1 yr and 3 months later stating that I own them 799.00 for my usuage during that period of time. Keep in mind this unit was vacant durning that time. I call them and told them this must be a mistake, they told me I have to pay this amount, there is noting the can do. They said they sent me a bill in Jan 2010 with this charge, which I never recieved, even if this bill was lost in the mail why...

TXU Energy / Ignores credit letter requets

DJ_Playing on Mar 16, 2011
I have purchased a house that we are going to remodel and flip in Keller Texas. The electric provider is Tri County (TXU is not a valid option) as a result I need a letter of credit, so I don’t have to pay a deposit; from TXU my electric provider at my house in Irving for the last 6 years. I have made 5 phone calls over the last two weeks now and TXU Simply Refuses to send me the letter, or address the issue. For the last two weeks I have been using a generator that I borrowed from a friend, all because of “Power Inc.” and there not wanting to lose a customer in a move. Can...

TXU Energy - Texas / delayed billing, incorrect meter reading, not returning credit

angry in texas50 on Feb 11, 2011
TXU is the most crooked electric company there is. My problems started with TXU when they put me on a delayed billing (which I didn't not ask for) in late 2009. I would receive a bill the early part of the month which would not be due until the latter part of next month (example, would receive the bill in January 6 wouldn't be due until Feb 27) before the bill date was due I'd receive another bill (received Feb 6 not due until March 27). Called them many times to see why this was happening. Was told I was on a delayed billing plan because they were "updating" their system. Told...

TXU Energy - Texas, Rockwall / billing error

jmacade on Jan 9, 2011
Upon my deployment to Iraq in August 2010 ( I am now in Afghanistan), I moved out of my apartment I 452B Yacht Club Drive Rockwall, TX 75032. I notified the company, which ignored and did not respond to any of my letters, some of which were sent via certified mail. The company continued to bill me through December of 2010. All I asked was to have my bill prorated for the time I actually occupied the unit. I tried attaching a copy of my deployment order which indicates that the date I was deployed was August 14, 2010, but your system will not accept pdf files. I also have copies of certified...

TXU Energy - Texas, Arlington / Erroneous Charges

Set up automatic bill pay for my electric bill and received my first statement after that showing that my checking account would be drafted on a certain date. Cool. That day came and the attempt was made to draft the account but for some still unexplainable reason it didn't work. TXU tried several times to draft and it never worked. Unfortunately for me that cost me a $25 fee each time for 4 times. I didn't find out that it wasn't being drafted until after getting a disconnect notice. Called TXU customer service. Never got to speak with an American citizen on our soil...

TXU Energy - Texas, Austin / WAY OVERCHARGING

I live in a one bedroom apt by myself and work 8-5pm. I keep my room temp at about 72 and my bill averages $125 - $200 a month. I went on vacation during Christmas for one week and turned EVERYTHING off yet my bill for that month came in at an unbelievable $345!! When I called TXU they said they would investigate the matter since my meter was spinning out of control even though everything in my apt was off. I let them know I was moving and scheduled a shut off date for the next month but they decided to come the next day and turn my electric off. They then told me I had to wait until the...

TXU Energy - Texas / scamers


TXU Energy - Texas, Houston / Overcharged to make up for the recession

TXU ENERGY is FULL OF CRAP! I pay my bills full every month on time. This month my light bill was $1354, their reason was backcharging since November 2009. My light bill around the cold months was $200+ which was expected, then they talking about those were only estimates because our meter was not accessible. On this invoice that we got it stated that there was an actual reading done on 12/28/09, 1/27/10, and 2/28/10 (which were the months they estimated). I received a letter dated 1/30/10 stating that my meter is not acessible for reading (that I better make it accessible or I will lose...

TXU Energy - Texas, Houston / Billing BS

I recently became a TXU Energy customer as of 10/1/09. My bills have been ranging from $120-$160. I found this highly unusual but that's what I was billed so that's what I paid. Well after 3months...I receive a $756 bill!!! I freaked out! I called and talked to SEVERAL represenatives who could not help me so I requested to speak to a supervisor and after being on hold for almost a hour I FINALLY was able to speak to a supervisor who also could careless about my complaints and was only interested in setting me up on a payment plan. I told them if my meter was not being read correctly it...
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