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TXU EnergyScam billing!

A payment was made to my account in January and was returned for account not found. I contacted my bank because TXU said my account didn't have the funds. I contacted my bank which sent a detailed note stating that the amount was paid. There is still a $25.00 charge on my account and if not paid my electricity will be turned off Feb 15. But conveniently, TXU can't pull up how past bills were paid, so they have stuck me with a bogus bill! I have never not paid the bills I owe them and always pay early. The supervisor I spoke to didn't really care, and basically told me I will pay the bill. When asked if I can switch my service to another company, I was informed that I would owe $200.00 for a cancellation fee. That being said, my deposit was the standard $215.00.

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    • Di
      Disgruntled Feb 03, 2009

      We went back to TXU recently and have been disgusted by the horrible service, in addtion they charged us more than double what our normal month's useage is historically. When trying to explain and get some kind of resolution, I've spent much time on hold and the same response over and over. I might as well be talking to a recording. When our contract is up we are moving service.
      I don't get it, this is a company that's been around as long as I can remember, when did they stop caring about their customer and doing honest business.

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    TXU EnergyTerrible customer service!

    I was without electricity for four days and not due to non payment. TXU received my payment and still disconnected my service two days later. I have a child in the home that requires special medical care and we had to stay in the hospital for the weekend to ensure that she received the care needed. I explained this to the three supervisors that I spoke to in addition to the representatives, no one cared. They dragged their feet and my services was not restored until the fifth day after I finally contacted a supervisor that went a little further beyond an email. I am a single mother and we had to throw away all of the food in our refrigerator. I loss like that is a major hardship in my household. I cannot begin to explain the major loss that their negligence caused to my children and I.

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      • Te
        Terri D. Collins Mar 19, 2008
        This comment was posted by
        a verified customer
        Verified customer

        I have called TXU energy for three weeks now, I have to talked to Selma, Alberto, Juan Carlos, Edwardo, Alexi, you name it I have to talked to them, but yesterday I talked to a young lady by the name of Gabby, not only was she rude but she hung up the telephone in my face, because I requested to speak to a Supervisor, because like I told you I have spoken to everyone. I lived at South Marcia Circle but I got a new house and had my electric services transferred to my new address at Briargate Drive that was taken care of successfuly, when I called the City of Houston Water department they explained to me that I needed a (Letter of Residency) from my electric provider, they told me to have the letter faxed to them I called TXU talked to a young man who told me that this would be taken care of I gave him the fax number and hung up. A few days later I called the Water department they said that they have not recieved it, I called TXU energy again and was told that it did not go through, and it would be faxed again but it would take 5 to 7 business days to be taken care of that this was the policy, I said that noone ever explained this to me and further more why does it take 5 to 7 days to fax anything. My daughter and I are living with friends mind you through this whole ordeal, I called back again a few days later, and noone knew what I was talking about, because everytime that you call you talk to someone new, and you have to explain the whole story over again. I asked to speak to a Supervisor who was rude until I explained to him what I was going through that I bought a house that I can not live in because of water. He told me last week that he put in a request to have the letter faxed and that the matter would be solved. I recieved a Letter of Residency in the mail it had my old address on it not my new address and the Water company refused to take it, so my daughter and I are still displaced, I called and talked to Gabby and explained once again the whole story also the addendum of the mistake that was made by TXU, she said that she would put another order in but once again I would have to wait another 5 to 7 day's I asked why, she told me that noone was going to change the policy just for me. I told her to let me speak to a Manager again, that I had been through enough and I did not want to speak with her anymore since she had to be so rude. Ms. Gabby said call back then and she (HUNG UP IN MY DAMN FACE). So I have called my Lawyer to see what else I can do, because now I am pissed for someone to tell me that I could call back everyday or every hour the results are going to be the same. It is coming to the beginning of a new month and my house payment along with TXU's electric payment is due again and I still don't live in my house, now you tell me what kind of mess is this. I did not get with TXU to be treated bad. I am still in need of a Letter Of Residency faxed to the Houston Water Department
        [protected]). My daughter and I can no longer live like this. I called today to check on the status of my letter to find out that they tried to send it to the wrong fax number, so now another person stated that he would have to put in another request and yes you guessed it we would have to wait another 5 to 7 days before the letter can be faxed, this is beyond a disgrace. Thanks Terri D. Collins

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      • Co
        Consum ER May 14, 2008
        This comment was posted by
        a verified customer
        Verified customer

        TXU is the most fraudulent, abusive company to be found.

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      • Ry
        Ryan Hadley Dec 02, 2008
        This comment was posted by
        a verified customer
        Verified customer

        Greetings, All!

        I am very sorry to hear about your trouble relating to your TXU experiences. Unfortunately, TXU doesn't seem to care about their customers and their issues. They were once a giant monopoly here in Texas, as was Reliant. But since deregulation, you have the power to choose your electric provider.

        I work for Stream Energy via Ignite (the marketing arm), a competitor to TXU and Reliant in Texas. Unlike those two companies, Stream Energy does not advertise. They rely on word of mouth referrals from their customers to spread the word about the company. I am a Director with Stream Energy, and I'm here to offer you all a solution to your energy nightmare.

        TXU charges in upwards of 13.8 cents to 16 cents for some month to month plans. The kicker is that sometimes they lock you in for a low rate, but when that rate ends, they don't tell you about it and put you on some plan for a ridiculous rate. Reliant is similar. My mother was on a low rate forever, and when she called Reliant, she found out that her contract had ended and they had rate hiked her to over 15 cents per kWh!

        Let's assume you're on a Competitor's 12 month fixed rate plan. To be generous, I've calculated an annual electrical expenditure based on a 14.0 cent, 15.0 cent and 16.0 cent plan.

        A Competitor
        .140 (14.0 cents) x 1000 kWh = $140 x 12 months = $1, 680.00
        .140 (14.0 cents) x 2000 kWh = $280 x 12 months = $3, 360.00
        .140 (14.0 cents) x 3000 kWh = $420 x 12 months = $5, 040.00
        .140 (14.0 cents) x 4000 kWh = $560 x 12 months = $6, 720.00

        B Competitor
        .150 (15.0 cents) x 1000 kWh = $150 x 12 months = $1, 800.00
        .150 (15.0 cents) x 2000 kWh = $300 x 12 months = $3, 600.00
        .150 (15.0 cents) x 3000 kWh = $450 x 12 months = $5, 400.00
        .150 (15.0 cents) x 4000 kWh = $600 x 12 months = $7, 200.00

        C Competitor
        .160 (16.0 cents) x 1000 kWh = $160 x 12 months = $1, 920
        .160 (16.0 cents) x 2000 kWh = $320 x 12 months = $3, 840
        .160 (16.0 cents) x 3000 kWh = $480 x 12 months = $5, 760
        .160 (16.0 cents) x 4000 kWh = $640 x 12 months = $7, 680

        Instead of paying those rates, how would you like to pay 12.6 cents per kilowatt hour instead? Let's run the math on this and see what it comes out to be.

        Stream Energy Fixed Rate plan @ 12.6 cents (12 months) (Houston might be a cent more per kilowatt hour. I will check on this)
        .126 (12.6 cents) x 1000 kWh = $126 x 12 months = $1, 512.00
        .126 (12.6 cents) x 2000 kWh = $252 x 12 months = $3, 024.00
        .126 (12.6 cents) x 3000 kWh = $378 x 12 months = $4, 536.00
        .126 (12.6 cents) x 4000 kWh = $504 x 12 months = $6, 048.00

        As you can see, the saving are huge in comparison. You should not be forced to pay a higher rate for your electricity to fund your electric company's advertising costs.

        If you are interested in saving money with Stream Energy, please visit the following website to Enroll for Service with Stream Energy. Http://hadley.igniteinc.biz/

        My name is Ryan Hadley, and when you sign up for service, I will be personally responsible for monitoring your service plan. If your rate is about to expire, I have tools that let me know when it will expire, and when that time comes, you will be made aware of the new rate after your 12 month fixed rate is completed. It is my honor to service and support you.

        If you have any questions or comments, please, do not hesitate to call me or email me regarding your electric service. I am here to help!

        Kindest Personal Regards,

        Ryan Hadley

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      TXUPoor customer service!

      EXTREMELY unhappy with TXU... how do i even begin to describe this company. I have seen company's set some bad standards, but guys if you have not dealt with TXU yet you haven't seen anything. Lets start with customer service, they have a bunch of dumb CSR's answering phones calls and are clueless, they make promises left and right just to get you off the phone, when you call back neither their supervisor NOT EVEN THE DIRECTOR knows what the heck is going on... They had a system glitch that caused the internet payment to not to post in system, therefore even before my bill was 30 days late they disconnected my electricity, i called the same afternoon by 12's and paid the bill and also a priority fee to have my electricity switched back on, i was given every assurance in the world that no matter what the power will be restored by midnight. It has been two days and nothing has been done as of now. I called TXU back they blamed the problem on Center Point Energy, when i called Center Point they said that its TXU's system thats messed up and its not only me but other customers are also mad at them, a supervisor from Center Point actually contacted TXU but again as usual NOTHING was done. I spoke with a Manager at TXU the guy said i am sending a priority connection notice right now and it should be there within 30 mins, i called Center Point and they said it takes up to 4-6 hrs to get that order and that he is lying, I called TXU MANAGER back at the phone number he gave (HE HAD CONFIRMED THAT NUMBER TO ME 3 TIMES) and as you have already guessed the number was incorrect, However then called the regular # and this time i spoke with a SO CALLED DIRECTOR who said the manager put in his notes that the electricity should be turned on by monday (3 days after) and he called Center Point and they have no much work that they cannot do the reconnection; the so called director said the Priority fee was incorrect and it would be a refund and there is nothing she can do even if it is a system glitch and that the supervisor whom i spoke with cannot be brought on the phone, she was extremely rude, just simply didn't care. I have not come across another company with such heartless people. I called Center Point and they laughed at this and said if TXU can get a order to us we would reconnected your service even on a SUNDAY. During this entire process i spoke with 9 CSR;s with 9 different stories. One of them refused to transfer me to a supervisor, the exacts words were (I CANT TRANSFER YOU TO A SUPERVISOR JUST BECAUSE OF THIS) by this time i had lost it and blew off on her, i informed the csr that i have been out of electricity for two days due to TXU's fault and you are saying i cant get any help or answer and you just expect me to sit her and wait for days, she was like well there is nothing we can do... HOW DOES A COMPANY LIKE THIS SURVIVE PLEASE TELL ME smb!

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        • Fo
          former employee of txu Nov 17, 2007
          This comment was posted by
          a verified customer
          Verified customer

          I've been commenting this complains, I no longer work but used to be there in the front line taking calls just like yours. If I ever had to call TXU Energy customer service, I rather speak to the agents than to the supervisors and if I'm not pleased with the agent I am speaking with, I would hang up or ask them to transfer me back to the queue. To me, this is the problem (and the reason why I left TXU Energy): The people on top are not necessarily those who know the most. I was offered a promotion for over 2 months and never got anything, people who asked me what the correct procedure was or even what to do in calls less complicated that yours, were promoted before me. TXU Energy prides itself for having "the best" customer service, truth is only 10 - 15 people inside the call center where I used to work actually know what their job is... and there they are, still taking calls as regular agents.

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        TXU Energy & TXU Delivery — Incredibly poor service

        We were without power for two days due to a problem caused by TXU. No one, either in customer service for...

        TXU Dallas TexasDouble billing problem!

        I called TXU to start service 7/10/06 in an apartment & at the same time told them to close my service @ the address I was leaving on 7/31/06. I was taking my time moving & did the final cleaning before turning in the keys. In August I received a bill on what I thought would be my closng bill for 2wks service. Was I surprised when I was still being bill up to August 15th & owed $178! I called again & was assured that it would be handled & a new closing bill would be sent. September came & now I owe $388!!

        My landlord refuses to give me a letter confirming when I moved cause he doesnt want to be billed for it!

        I have spoken to several people & they say I pay or go to collections.

        I have heard from 3 other people this has happen to. A Class action suit is needed against TXU.

        P. W
        Fort Worth TX

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