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Geek/Wish Complaints & Reviews

Geek/Wish / geek wish

Jul 22, 2018

I recently ordered a phone from geek. I was charged the $202 from my banking account, which was the total if my order. That was dated on the 19/7/2018. However on the 20/7/2018, a further amount of $213 was debited from my account. I did not place another order nor is there any order history with my placed irders in the geek app. I do not understand how or why this amount has been taken from my banking facility. I would like for this amount to be credited back to my banking facility asap. This has been a total inconvenience and to say the least so annoying trying to get my money back. I have...

Geek/Wish / refund after a returned item

Jan 03, 2018

On the 27th February 2016, I purchased a Smart Self Balancing Electric Drifting Scooter. Within a few days, the scooter arrived. I moved around on it ok for a few days, but when I came to charge the item, I found a few screws missing. On contacting the sender, they advised me to go to a DIY store and purchase the screws there. I was not happy with this but tried. I'm quite sure that an item with screws missing is stable or still under warranty if it was returned for some reason. As I was not happy, the seller told me to return the item for a full refund. I told the seller that he must make...