Consumer Complaints & Reviews in New Windsor, Maryland, United States

Wounded Warrior Project / donation

Oct 23, 2018

A friend was having his birthday. He was injured in a war. He asked on Facebook if we could make a donation to Wounded Warrior project. The ad said if we wanted to make a one time donation or monthly. I checked the one time only box. I made a one time donation of $20.00. My credit card...

Skechers / sneakers

May 10, 2017

I purchased a pair of sneakers from Kohls. I love the sneakers. But they are peeling and I don't even have them for a month. I paid good money for them and very disappointed that they are peeling within less then a month. Don't get me wrong like I said I love the sneaker and it fits great...

DirecTV / channel 11 nbc not on my direct tv any more as of the first of the year

Jan 04, 2017

I can't believe direct tv and nbc can't just get along and resolve this issue! My husband has early onset alzheimer's and I put on channel 11 (Nbc) every day prior to leaving for work, this is how he is able to cope with his day... A routine meaning watching shows that he likes and is used...

Misty Ridge Kennel Resort and Boarding Kennel / Quality of pure bred german shepherd dog

Nov 14, 2016

6 years ago, we bought a GSD puppy from Joyce Burdette at Misty Ridge, New Windsor, MD. He was touted as being "Healthy, well bred, having had hip dysplasia bred out of him." What we weren't told is that due to his breeding, he had arthritis of a dog more that twice his age, had such a...