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Consumer Complaints & Reviews in Bloomington, Indiana

Circle K Stores / not being took out of system after I quit

Alley316 on Jul 17, 2017
On June 24th 2017 I quit working at Circle K store #39 which made my last day working for them June 19th 2017. Here it is July 17th 2017 almost a month later and they still have me as an active employee. I have contacted the manager there several times and he was ok about it at first. Our...

Steak 'n Shake Enterprises / management

AbigailSilverman on Jun 16, 2017
I have been a frequent customer at your store on N College Ave in Bloomington, Indiana. Food comes out slowly, the floors are often dirty, whatever. This isn't uncommon for one of your stores. However, I have had consistent issues with a manager named Summer. She is rude to customers and...

CVS Pharmacy / prescription discrepancy

Rachel B 81 on Apr 30, 2017
04/30/2017 Transferred prescription from Walgreens (Plano, TX) to CVS (3910 W. 3rd St. Bloomington, IN) and was given a different named medication (Mibelas) from what I've been taking going on 2 years now (Minastrin). I return to the pharmacy to inform them the medication that I just...

Xlibris Publishing Co. / Books services i paid for.

craig brouwer on Apr 25, 2017
I am complaining of six books i published with xlibris corp.in the past fifteen year period. I paid xlibris publishing fees to the amount of 5, 900.00 dollars since 2004 and have had poor service with them and paid marketing fees as well as extra fees that were errors of xlibris in the...

Aldi Stores / fit and active stuffed sandwiches

Julia Eads on Feb 4, 2017
I have been buying these for the past couple of years and they were really pretty good compared to lean pockets. Then recently you changed them. They are now a lot more fattening, greasy and taste nasty. They are not fit to eat and a horrible waste. Please consider going back to the way...

Kaspersky / kaspersky total security

catvan on Jan 3, 2017
When I was installing my total security it came back with a problem. I was on your website and I called the number for technical help. I talked to people who said I had some foreign people with access to my network and it needed to be cleaned up. I paid them money to do this and extend my...

Cato / customer service

Concerned customer 0047 on Dec 30, 2016
I was recently in the Bloomington IN store buying a gift card. It was pretty busy that night since Christmas was only a couple days away, I was being helped by a brunette when a small small woman with blonde hair came up to the front screaming, ranting and raving about how someone put some...

Xlibris / Premium publishing company

Francisco Guerra on Sep 13, 2016
I've been asking for my refund, because these people (Xlibris) have not been able to do the service I paid for in three payments. I left a voice mail to the guy (Greg Griffin) to call me back, so I can get my refund hasn't called back. I also did not give these people permission to start...

iUniverse / Fraud, by mail and misrepresentation

Dickie Hilton on Jun 3, 2016
Dear Diana, iUniverse Representative I'm writing to you now after our most recent conversations and after receiving your email dated April 12, 2016, on the subject of: PD: 470384 – Content Evaluation Results (second round). I would like you to pass this on up the chain of command. I want to start...

LG / lfc23760 refrigerator dead

Bought in 2009 from Best Buy & Dead as a door nail! No lights, no fan, no nothing. I've read many complaints online. I bought a new master control board from AppliancePartsPros.com Installed the new board and still NO power. When tested on both boards - it is confirmed that power i...
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