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Xlibris Publishing Complaints & Reviews

Xlibris Publishing / removing book from social media

Grant Cross on Jan 20, 2018
I stopped publishing with Xlibris now having had my book The Loss of a Son A Journey Through Grief revamped and re-released I find I can not remove my old book of the same title from Amazon or Google books without URL no Xlibris was meant to have taken care of all this {understand why I...

Xlibris / youtube video

Robyn Reimers on Aug 31, 2017
I am requesting that the YouTube Video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6aDz3IiHRnk be taken down / removed from public view. After the loss of my health club business, I am now working back in the oil industry and fear that the content of what happened in the past (early eighties) may be...

Xlibris, Authorshouse Publishing And Affiliates / no royalty book payments, class action lawsuits

poeticjustice on Jun 2, 2017
Please if there is a lawyer reading this, you know and understanding about being violated and rip-off by major corporation, like Xlibris publishing, now they called themselves authors and many other names. They took total control of my book which was supposed to be self published, paid...

Xlibris Publishing Co. / books services I paid for.

craig brouwer on Apr 25, 2017
I am complaining of six books i published with xlibris corp.in the past fifteen year period. I paid xlibris publishing fees to the amount of 5, 900.00 dollars since 2004 and have had poor service with them and paid marketing fees as well as extra fees that were errors of xlibris in the...

Xlibris / failure to refund money for services not rendered

David M. Smith on Mar 11, 2017
On November 28, 2016, Xlibris agreed to publish a book for me and accepted a payment of $949 via credit card. Before production could begin, they decided that the manuscript did not meet their guidelines and imposed unrealistic and unreasonable conditions for changing it. Their...

Xlibris / false editing

Dear Sir, Madam, As a writer, I paid Xlibris $ 1800 for a package that included editing (pid 622992). I did it because English is not my native language. Back in July 2014, I received a clear text from Xlibris that I approved. However, a few months later the book was printed with several...

Xlibris Publishing / a misleading 'sell'!

Roger Stimson on Oct 5, 2016
I purchased an initial publishing package from Xlibris for my Children's book. After I had paid £5, 500 for publishing and marketing the Senior marketing Consultant contacted me to persuade me to sign up for a further marketing package. I told him in several emails (which I still have) that...

Xlibris / premium publishing company

Francisco Guerra on Sep 13, 2016
I've been asking for my refund, because these people (Xlibris) have not been able to do the service I paid for in three payments. I left a voice mail to the guy (Greg Griffin) to call me back, so I can get my refund hasn't called back. I also did not give these people permission to start...

Xlibris / billed for book that never arrived

UNsatisfied customer 7200 on Jun 20, 2015
I ordered a book from Xlibris, the Print-On-Demand online bookstore/publishing house, five weeks ago. It was the only website to order a book that a beloved author had self-published. Previously, I had ordered a book from another "POD" bookstore, and the book arrived promptly and in good...

Xlibris / Author Solutions / corrupt hr, toxic work environment

iamgroot on May 28, 2015
The company has all the signs of a toxic work environment so that explains why the employees cant focus to do their job well: Signs of a toxic workplace: Widespread anger and frustration Workplace bully is admired Scapegoats are always blamed Dysfunctional relationships Dysfunctional...

Xlibris / consumer scams/ripoffs

Books-R-Me on Feb 10, 2015
Back in December of 2011, I had finally committed myself to releasing my first and only book thus far. At the time, and even with the assistance of my publishing consultant, they took me for roughly $1000 USD, for production, printing, etc., and thankfully NO substantial advertising...

Xlibris / no royalty checks

fooled me 1 on Jul 18, 2012
Xlibris is NOT only a rip off when it comes to publishing your book, but they are very rude and disrespectful once they get your money. I purchase their 'Custom package which included Editing' services, when I returned my manuscript back to them several times, it still was NOT up...

Xlibris / Author Solutions / fraud

Gonna Be Rich! on Jul 10, 2012
Their editing and grammar is poor because Philippians work for them. They steal your work, especially through the computer. When I submitted work, they were too busy trying to exclude portions of my writing that it took almost a year. Then, I requested my manuscripts back. When the young...

Xlibris / royalties

smith pettis on May 27, 2012
My name is Smith Pettis author of the book, Poetic Soul Vol 2: A voice From The Other America. I had self published a book called Poetic Soul in 2002 in Lansing Michigan which did well on a local level considering that it was just a 20 page booklet of about 20 poems. I decided that I...

Xlibris / denial of copyright

abdelilah belhaouari on Apr 18, 2012
My name is abdelilah belhaouari. I'm native of morocco and currently live in toulouse, france. Last october, 2011xlibris co. Published my book : "a migrant from morocco" isbn: 9781465302526. Early last february, i asked the company about my book and i got two answers: "updating of sales i...

Xlibris / xlibris does not accurately pay royalties

Daprisione on Mar 27, 2012
My book "Between Chains and Freedom" has been having marginal success indicated by my number of likes and reviews on Barnes and Noble. Plus the fact that Barnes and Noble has been advertising my book in particular amidst the bestsellers all over youtube and elsewhere.Not to mention the...

Xlibris / once they get your money you can hang it up

Zamkoole on Feb 9, 2012
Once they get your money you can hang it up! They want to charge you $71 for a children's book that has 70 pages. Their employees complain about their job at Xlibris to customers. They'll fix everything you want fixed (if the price is right). Book publishing shouldn't be like this. I truly hated this experience.

iUniverse / Author Solutions / AuthorHouse / Xlibris / Bertram Capital Management / fraud scam theft

Marvin111 on Apr 16, 2011
Go to [redacted] and look up the complaints about royalties, ineptitude, exorbitant costs. Read the New York Times article from 2009 in which Kevin Weiss admits the average sale per author is 150 books and that's all.

Xlibris / pay your money take your chances

1987gto on Mar 27, 2011
" Like the old saying goes Pay your money take your chances." I published my first book with Xlibirs and I will say it was no "walk in the park". I will tell any potential author Edit your manuscript and have the book ready to go when submitting it to any publishing house no matter if they...

Xlibris / promises no delievery more money

innerfreedom03 on Jan 2, 2011
I have a book published also called "A Frog in a Pot" they claim I never sell any. I have only sold 3 copies. I did receive royalities but they "suckered" me into more money with the downloadable book and more marketing services. I have been nickled and dimed to death. I just had to pay 89...

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