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Xlibris Publishingeverything

My book The Toscanini Mystique was never reviewed, corrected, spell checked, edited or had the photographs added as promised. I have only received one royalty check from them all last year. I want all the monies paid to them since 2012-13 (my book was published in 2014) returned in full or will take them to court and the Better Business Bureau. Kenneth Christensen. I wish to send my book to a decent Christian publishing company instead. I will not send the two I will be working on this year to them. Unless they do all that they promised me (I still except a full refund) I will take legal action. Kenneth

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    Xlibris PublishingRetaining my refund, played other face to bbb, to have complaint closed

    After I was notified by xlibris my book cannot be published by using my name in the manuscrit and other peoples names, I requested a cancellation of the contract and my money refunded, as to what, after I posted a complaint with the bbb about this issue, xlibris pretended to cooperate, and they refunded me. Immediately 50 $, retaining the rest of the 499$ thanksgiving package I bought, exactly on thanksgiving 2019.

    That's what I call a fiasco!
    Get ready for my reviews!

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      Xlibris PublishingRoyalties

      I published my book through Xlibris in 2005, ISBN-13: 978-[protected]
      ISBN-10: 141345111X .
      Over the years I have contacted the company repeatedly (approximately 7 times ) requesting help to re-enter my dashboard so as I could review the royalties due me.

      There has always been an excuse why this was impossible. Of course the main reason is that they did not wish to pay out. I would like to join with others if there is a class action suit in progress.

      Malcolm Mills

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        Xlibris PublishingMy book, document for publishing

        I sent to XLibris my document for Publishing this year. I paid last November for Thanksgiving, a suppossed "special", they offered so many good perks like free marketing, etc etc.
        After I sent my manuscrit, I was told, all the pictures were libel, (not true, my brother took them aboard the ship), I only used a ma from the all public internet site, I was told that I couldn't use my name nowhere in the manuscrit (never heard such a thing, to omit oneself of being a character), and that I could not use any other person's name, nobody pictures! so I said, hey, please refund. my money, because if there can no be no book, I want it back,
        I do not want to publish with you guys then!
        I posted a complain on the BBB Bureau, which had closed the claim, as they had response from the company that they will reimburse my money, they sent me 50$ for a package of 499 I. paid. Will they pay me back?

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          • Updated by Maria Salvadora Perry · Nov 14, 2020

            I never expected such a bad service from a publishing company, called then, no answer. They lied to the Bureau when they said they had called me. I never had problem with my previous publishing companies! just this one! this is delaying the process of a publication and putting on halt the resources allowed for it! Unfortunately when I clicked on reviews for XLibris, I found the page they made for themselves, and everything looks good! It is a SCAM! I don't want to throw. my hard earned $ on the wind!

          • Updated by Maria Salvadora Perry · Nov 14, 2020

            Hello XLibris. I am apalled to see all these bad reviews. I hope I am not falling into the category, and that my issue gets to be resolved, T>Is, the refund of the package I brought, as my book canot be published, argumenting you said. commited Libel, and that cannot use anybody's. names
            waiting for the refund, is not just 50 it was 499$,
            to your attention,
            Thank you for prompt following and closing of this matter,

            Maria Perry

          • Updated by Maria Salvadora Perry · Nov 14, 2020

            will be waiting for resolution, hope is successful!

          Aug 13, 2020

          Xlibris Publishing — Royalties

          On February 2018 I sent a manuscript to Xlibris for a book publishing I was charged $4000 for the editing...

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          XlibrisPublishing book

          Could you please verify the quality of the product displayed on your website.

          This book is marketed to millions of customers on Facebook yet is presented poorly to our customers.

          Do you know who is responsible for quality check to ensure professionalism?

          We are deliberately delaying giving the CEO of Xlibris a call. So could you direct the appropriate department to make the adjustment before 12 noon today. We are all losing money. This is not good at all for this company and its customers.

          The text is
          House Rules
          Book Details
          Language :
          Publication Date : 5/11/2009

          Format : Softcover
          Dimensions : 8.5x8.5
          Page Count : 24
          ISBN : [protected]

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            • Ma
              Maria Salvadora Perry Nov 14, 2020
              This comment was posted by
              a verified customer
              Verified customer

              OMG! who pays that much over a publishing deal? even Word Press doesn't charge that much for the most expensive package they have!

              0 Votes
            Jul 08, 2020

            Xlibris — Editing, screenplay and not completing program paid for.

            In August I signed an agreement with Xlibris. Project number ID 7999 and case manager is Carl Amber. I wanted...

            Xlibris Publishinginfringement of my books through amazon bookstores

            I am in search of a lawyer for infringements of my copyrighted books that were made by me i have eight copyrighted books in wich xlibris corp has published six they today as of yet will not give me even a password to my xlibris account and had editing failures i had to pay extra expenses for now amazon book store has one of my books listed as trog conspiracies under a Charles Garner as author in there book stores it is not trogs conspiracies this is infringements of my work as well as my book series is trogs the reich of god sins the underground movement im currently seeking a lawyer to sue for infringement and my 5900 dollars of publishing fees as well as have my book files removed from xlibris publishing corporation i need help if you can win a case of infringement there is proof they also sold books through amazon, barnes in noble i will never see royalties from i am craig brouwer my phone # is 959.929.9247 or you can reach me by mail 102 woodstock ave putnam, ct 06260 e-mail is [protected]@yahoo.com thank you..

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              • Updated by craig alan brouwer · Nov 25, 2019

                I have found in a few cases of political corruption in the past that money of people such as authors had been paid to wealthy political funds for the price of citizenship i found that the authors royalties and funds not reported may in fact be going to a political party of a large group of politicians in the united states being run secretly that by giving the authors royalties and money to them they gave xlibris citizen rights to keep them from deportation now this complaint of mine has seen proof of other polidigo parties doing such deeds against the real we the people i write this in case it has gone unnoticed by such as the fbi or governmental parties such as ins or ice now alot of authors are being forgotten about and left to failure on the strings of xlibris not by chance but the hypothesis fits it is a greater guess it is true..author of trogs

              • Updated by craig alan brouwer · Nov 25, 2019

                old news of corruption by politicians use of the funds of authors to decree citizenship run companies by alien societies.

              • Updated by craig alan brouwer · Nov 25, 2019

                Dear sirs or book publisher i am writing you a short letter to inform you again that a book of mine trogs book one had been sold at amazon book store currently under a name not associated with me the author his name is charles garner the book amazon lists is under trog conspiracies and is indeed book one of trogs my book series of eight in witch six are published with your company i am very upset at this infringement of yours and amazon countership of authors books i am trying to sue you... i am seeking infringements money and a close of my files and case with your company. now you have even denied me my password rights to my account at authors lounge my xlibris account i will not tolerate your practices any longer and stemming from the past of book three your fees to charge me more money for errors you had made in edit corrections dept. i will be seeking a lawyer and am currently against your corporation for infringements of my copyrights i give you no time to comply anymore that you have put me with six published books away with . Please pay me my publishing fees total by my address 102 woodstock ave putnam ct 06260 phone 959.929.9247 e-mail [email protected] and send my check for the infractions you have caused upon me cashing it you will than remove all existing files and material from your book store as well as the third parties amazon, barnes and noble etc.. around 5, 900 dollars is the total please do now comply or efforts of court will in deed proceed in the coming months ahead.. yours craig brouwer author, artist of trogs the book series

              Xlibris Publishingtotal scam of elderly father

              These guys are slimy telemarketers who took advantage of my 90 year old father with dementia. In his desire to get one of his books sold, he unwittingly gave them his credit card number without my knowledge and thousands of dollars of charges started showing up. Not ONE book was sold and he really has no comprehension of how this happened.

              When I disputed the charges, they came back with the agreement that he "signed" and rebilled over $5000. He has no idea who he talked to or why he got these charges. Great job Xlibris...pray on elderly and lonely widowers with dementia. What a scam business.

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                • Ma
                  Maria Salvadora Perry Nov 14, 2020
                  This comment was posted by
                  a verified customer
                  Verified customer

                  That is not suppose to happen! you must have reported it as a crime! nobody can charge your card without your authorization!

                  0 Votes
                Jul 13, 2019

                Xlibris Publishing — medical book

                Three years ago, i have submitted few written Topics, to publish a medical Book. They have given all...

                Xlibris PublishingPaid $15,000 to have book published & they stole my money

                I received my final manuscript in Spring of 2002, I had 10 days to return the final manuscript. I started going through and proofing my manuscript and realized they charged me for proof reading the book but but they never made any of my changes that I had sent to them previously. I called them and all I got was the runaround. I was not a happy camper due to fact that I I had paid them approximately $15, 600 and they were not living up to their end of the contract! I had no money to hire an attorney because all of my money was tied up with their firm.3 days later after receiving the final manuscript I got into a horrible accident and realized I would not be able to complete the proof reading in 10 days that they gave me. My girlfriend called and explained the situation and they didn't care. They told my girlfriend 10 days and they were not extending it..
                They did pay for my Library of Congress card number which according to other Publishers cost around $250. The cover of the book was designed by my daughter so there were also Bo cost to make the cover. I never received any of my money back from Xlibiris Publishing. Words cannot even begin to explain the devastation I felt of being robbed of over $15, 000. I was suicidal and yet still trying to recover from my accident. These people are thieves. After many failed attempts probably about 20 to 30 calls I got no response or returned calls.. I basically put that book away and never did anything with it.
                At this point I'm going to try and revive it and get it published. I am grateful for whoever has filed this class action lawsuit against them. I sure would love to get some of my money back and put these people out of business. I can be reached at [protected] and my email [protected]@ yahoo.com.
                Highest Regards,
                Barbara Baron

                Paid $15,000 to have book published & they stole my money
                Paid $15,000 to have book published & they stole my money

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                  Xlibris Publishing — promises, promises... lies, lies... not paid royalties...

                  Xlibris published my book, 'Raymie' in 2010. I questioned family and friends about whom was buying my book...

                  Xlibris Publishing — publishing a book

                  On august 3 the submitted my book for self publishing with Xlibris. I signed the contract. One week later I...

                  Xlibris Publishing — refund of money owed to me

                  $599.67 is owed to me and I am not being successful in getting a response from Xlibris staff. I was referred...

                  Xlibris Publishing — xlibris refusal to pay 100% royalties

                  My son published a book with Xlibris, "The Sick and His Passenger" the company talked him into spending money...

                  Xlibris Publishing — removing book from social media

                  I stopped publishing with Xlibris now having had my book The Loss of a Son A Journey Through Grief revamped...

                  Xlibrisyoutube video

                  I am requesting that the YouTube Video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6aDz3IiHRnk be taken down / removed from public view.
                  After the loss of my health club business, I am now working back in the oil industry and fear that the content of what happened in the past (early eighties) may be damaging to my current career prospects.
                  Can you assist me with taking this video down, rather than me putting a complaint in via Youtube.


                  Robyn Reimers

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                    Xlibris, Authorshouse Publishing And Affiliates — No royalty book payments, class action lawsuits

                    Please if there is a lawyer reading this, you know and understanding about being violated and rip-off by...

                    Xlibris Publishing Co.books services I paid for.

                    I am complaining of six books i published with xlibris corp.in the past fifteen year period. I paid xlibris publishing fees to the amount of 5, 900.00 dollars since 2004 and have had poor service with them and paid marketing fees as well as extra fees that were errors of xlibris in the publications of book three of t.R.O.G.S. A book series i wrote i am asking that xlibris refund me my fees and pull the books from there files as to be refunded my greef and money of unsatisfaction of the services of xlibris publications please help. Craig brouwer thank you.

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                      Xlibrisfailure to refund money for services not rendered

                      On November 28, 2016, Xlibris agreed to publish a book for me and accepted a payment of $949 via credit card. Before production could begin, they decided that the manuscript did not meet their guidelines and imposed unrealistic and unreasonable conditions for changing it. Their representative told me that all publishers would impose the same conditions. As the conditions were unacceptable to me, I checked with two other publishers and found that the conditions were in no way standard. One of the other companies, Outskirts Press, has since published my book without changes and without incident.

                      Xlibris has refunded only $549 of the $949 it charged me. It is retaining $400 as a "manuscript evaluation fee." Before I signed on with Outskirts, they provided a thoughtful manuscript evaluation for $35 and assured me that the issues flagged by Xlibris were not, in fact, valid issues. Though it's true that the Xlibris contract says that they can withhold $400 if the manuscript does not meet their guidlelines, I feel that it's unfair for them to withhold it in this case. The price they put this "service" is far in excess of the time they spent on it (an hour, at most), and the result was not, as they claimed it to be, consistent with the standards of the self-publishing industry.

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