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Balboa are unprofessional, they over charge under deliver and are robbers.
Totally disappointed.
I want my money back they are criminals.
Nothing nice to say.
When they want to rip you off of thousands of dollars they will call 10 times a day, badgering. When you want something they don't get in touch.
Please don't use them I want to save people from this exorbitant expense.

my two children's picture books. molly wanted a cute pony. no naughty.

I am complaing about not receiving a refund
For the printing marketing of my two picture booksl
It has taken two years to be edited by balboa press and it still has not
Been printed. The final editing has not been sighned by me.
I have only paid 30, 000 for nothing in return.

Ii will be printing the book else where and marketing it myself.
For half the price.
Also I have waited two years for this editing and what do I get?
I am complaining for a refund just for the printing and marketing as
This has not been done.

  • Updated by Molly had a cute pony page · Oct 17, 2019

    Refund from Balboa press not given
    No Printing marketing done

  • Updated by Molly had a cute pony page · Oct 20, 2019

    I need a refund for nothing...
    I have paid for editing publishing printing and a lot of marketing.
    That was two years ago . I am sick of paying for xtra things.
    My books have not even be printed...? So why can I not have a refund.
    I have spent 30, 000 and need to move on. But where is my money.
    I am ony on a pension and have no savings left. You have that.

marketing services

They keep on asking for more payments with no fulfillment. Very bad experience. You can always publish and market your book independently in a cost-effective way. Shameful indeed they're using Louise Hay's name to get you into trap. I should have done more research and now, then won't allow me to refund my money. I paid more than $30k with them. I need my money back.

I recently found out this blog for their published author:

web-optimized press release

I recently published a book with Balboa Press I'm complaining about the press release that I purchased from...

company's contract signed on the internet.

Helpful hint: Balboa Press's contract has, "Zero Day Cancellation" Please read the contract. I did not and it...

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rip off

I recently published a book with Balboa Press, and I am writing to let everyone know that they are a rip...