AuthorHouse Complaints & Reviews

Authorhouse / book publishing

May 30, 2019

I paid $600 for the basic package and just when I thought my book was being set up at he printers for publication, I have been ghosted by Authorhouse. No communication, emails, or answered phone calls. They took my money and ran. I have no expectation of getting my money back but will not...

Authorhouse / still charging my credit card.

Feb 25, 2019

A couple of months ago, I called and spoke to someone explaining I wanted to cancel my ALC subscription. To date...they have not stopped the emails and continue to charge my Wells Fargo Visa Card. I don't use the service and want it Stopped! My name is Bryan Smith, my books published by...

Authorhouse / trying to my get my cookbook new groove fusion publish

Jan 21, 2019

author house is a scam I have been dealing with them for 151/2 years from 2003 to present. Trying to get a cookbook publish called new groove fusion cookbook I have been through 12 to 16 account managers manuscripts lost or misplaced. Galleys are filled with misspellings "Typo's" some...

Authorhouse / book: "forgotten lost and hidden america"

Jan 07, 2019

Author House publishing gave me an offer I couldn't refuse to publish a second book for me title Forgotten Lost and Hidden America for $580.00, after submitting my manuscript and a partial payment of $300.00 dollars they renege on the agreement, by request to get proof of all the...

Authorhouse / no refund forthcoming after cancelling a publishing package.

Dec 21, 2018

A quote was received to publish my second book "My Zimbabwean Odyssey - The Sequel" in September 2018. The fee was to be paid in three instalments ie:- 17th September, 17th October and 17th November 2018. However, because AuthorhouseUK could not produce the 8" X 5" size of book required...

Authorhouse / print on demand, book publisher

Oct 27, 2018

Greetings, I published a book with Authorhouse in 2015 and was not satisfied with the accountability in sales, royalties, and finished product. (Rogue Journey) After months sales took place without feedback to the author and also over the course of years. The book was also sold in the U...

Author House / book publishing

Sep 27, 2018

I signed a contract with authorhouse under the cheapest package they had, they took out the first month's initial payment, they had me send a manuscript. They had me send an author bio, a book bio, and an author's picture. I no longer want their services, how do I get them from not selling...

Authorhouse / self publishing scam authorhouse

Mar 24, 2018

In 2009 and 2010 I published two different books with Authorhouse I know that the books have had reasonable sales yet I have still not received my royalty cheques. I have sent over 200 emails and they say they cannot pay me as I do not have a UK bank account. Why would I when I live in New...

Authorhouse / royalties

Mar 04, 2018

By now I am sure it is quite clear to anyone that Authorhouse is a wildly disreputable company. With the thousands of complaints and the pending class action suit filed in New York, no one should ever consider using them as a publishing tool. In 2009 I did just that. They charged me ju...

Authorhouse / services of illegal pulling money off of my credit card without my permission

Jan 10, 2018

I had AuthorHouse Publishing for my Service of Publishing my book' I was to make payments and my first payment was posted a month ago' The year of 2018 I was to make another payment as I was going to just pay the whole amount and be done' I gets a text from my Credit Card that I had just...

Authorhouse / isabelle leymarie

Oct 21, 2017

Last year I published a book with Authorhouse for which I paid a huge sum for so-called "promotion." More than a year later, I never received any royalty statement, which any publishing company is supposed to do. I then submitted another book for which I paid over 3000 dollars as a first...

Author House / publishing my book

Mar 09, 2017

My email is [email protected] Keep well clear of Author house they have cheated me out of over $2000 by not doing as I wanted, I'm from Sydney If they were to pull the same stroke in Sydney they would be put out of business and their Publishing Manager Jud Cure whose from India...

Authorhouse / overcharged me for marketing services

Dec 22, 2016

During July 15 2014 My book of poetry called Inspiring Thoughts was published by Authorhouse to be sold on Amazon. I signed an agreement to have my book advertised in the September's 2014 issue of Reader's Digest but to my surprise I paid almost $7, 000.00 to have an 2 inches by 2 inche...

Authorhouse / unprofessionalism

May 15, 2015

I signed a book publication contract with AuthorHouse in 2012. Since then, problems have been dogging the project. Micheal Pyles, who is in charge of sending me free copies, has never responded to my emails when I asked him why I could not have a say on how the copies are sent if I have to...

Authorhouse / poetry book

Dec 02, 2014

AuthorHouse was suppose to publish my Manuscript, a Book of wonderful poems a three part...They took my work and my money in May, I pay my first payment, and then I pay the second payment...They said that they want the last payment but everytime they call me I ask about the book and they...

Authorhouse / rip off publishing compnay

Jun 13, 2014

The rogue, predatory, fraudulent publishing company called Author House based in Indiana will steal your money and not publish your work. Please, do not deal with them for your peace of mind., They collected money from me and refused to honor the contract and all I did is contact the...

Authorhouse / book shipment

Feb 27, 2013

Sherman Wright, my service representative, from AuthorHouse said for $3, 245.37 I would be sent 390 books After a revision and 2nd printing with the revisions were done. I talked to the printing and billing offices and was assured that they would not be printed until after the revision...

Author House / lack of royalties and lose everything

Oct 31, 2012

Author House keeps the royalties (in which I'm now gathering receipts from some buyers) and they also have the problem of losing everything including a royalty check from a year ago. They won't re-issue it because they have said for months it's still live. I told them to...

Authorhouse / no royalties

Oct 18, 2012

not paying royalties after giving them thousands in marketing strategy, supposedly performed by them, for instance 2, 000, 000 emails for book, result they said, no sales, media press release all across u. s a. and so they say, etc, etc book published 2010 dec, i own copyrights, shows book high seller, but they still are not paying me.

Authorhouse / I can only blame myself for choosing authorhouse

Oct 12, 2012

Last year in 2011, I paid AuthorHouse thousands of dollars to publish my book. Unfortunately, I found out too late about the scam. I have received approximately $10 in royalties since my book was published in 2011. I bought books myself, and wasn't surprised when I never received the...

Authorhouse / authorhouse is a ponzi scheme

Oct 05, 2012

My novel writing partner and I had high hopes when we discovered Authorhouse (originally 1st Books). We have discovered they are in business to publish novels and charge a fee, as well as to distribute the works to bookstores around the world (some long established), not to sell books to...

1st Books Library Dba/ Author House Publishing / theft of royalties

Mar 13, 2012

Since March, 2004, all I have received fom Author House from my wildly popular book; Acts of War: JESUS/ALEXANDER & JFK, are pennies, with my last check, in May, 2009, was $2.24. When I would check with Author House about my sales, the mantra, "You haven't sold ANY books in the ?... Publishing / copyright infringement

Mar 05, 2012

Cancelled Agreement 9 1/2 years ago - they claim I didn't. Have have 2 checks -one on 08/07/02 $4.49c & one Jan 16th 2012 for $8.96c - yet they claim 'on the www "Very Good. Very Clean Copy-Over 500, 00 Orders Filled". Send your complaints to [email protected] - with E-mail...

Author Solutions DBA Author House / fraud, failure to pay royalties, etc.

Jan 25, 2012

Paid author house $600.00 to "publish my book" - it charged me $10.75 to make each book which was only 52 pages! I was informed that they were "expert professionals" and that my book would be sold in hundreds of book stores and retailers. When I put in "sand storm soldier" by...

authorhouse publishing / feeling of getting the run around

Dec 28, 2011


Author House / rotalties/correction/promises

Oct 21, 2011

If you are thinking of using this company - think again. When they shut their UK offices, warning signs should have gone up. As we got rather tiny royalty cheques, we were surprised but thought that may be our book is not selling - er, thats strange as it is ranking 33 in the top 100 best...

Author House / rip off

Aug 23, 2011

To my utter misfortune, I became acquainted and started to use the services offered by 1stBooks publishers now known as Authorhouse, and published my first two books in 2003. At the time, I detected no problem with their services and accepted that being my work was academic, would not sell...

1st Book/authorhouse / copyright infringement/theft/ fraud

Aug 22, 2011

Time to call in the FBI. I have amassed 70 pages of eveidence against this company and intend to bring charges through both the FBI & Copyright Enforcement Office. I began with this companyin 2001, and have secured boks through friends - yet have had under $5 for forty years hard work. I...

Authorhouse / bait and switch

Apr 27, 2011

It has taken over 10 months and no book. Hundreds of calls with no answer. Just a message. It takes weeks to get a single change done. You can never talk to the people who design your book cover you must go through an intermediary. They charge you for every change $50.oo to $75.00. You cannot...

Authorhouse / non payment of royalties

Apr 25, 2011

I don't know about AuthorHouse filing for bankruptcy but I do know that my book Mound Bayou is being issued by some 'new' company called Lightening Source Inc. I did not give anyone permission to do as such and I still haven't received any payments for books sold yet!

Authorhouse / scam artist

Apr 10, 2011

Beware authorhouse are scam artist class action lawsuit, need people Hello, i want authorhouse/iuniverse. Why is the complaints board advertising for self pub companies. I have solid evidence. Since i posted a last week a class action law-suit has been initiated. Is it real please check out...

Authorhouse / complaints

Mar 23, 2011

Let me start by saying that I am a former employee of Authorhouse. My position was terminated because labor is cheaper elsewhere (not their stance, but it's the reality). Therefore, if anyone has a right to dislike them, it's me. Many complaints I've read range from...

Authorhouse / nothing back from my investments

Feb 24, 2011

in 2006 i had a book publish from autorhouse. i pay them about 600 dollars for my book to be publish. i thought i was going to make plenty of money for my book. i got my first check from them and my pay was less then 3 dollars. i only had one book sold. the sell price of the book was about...

Authorhouse / scam

Feb 18, 2011

AuthorHouse is a SCAM. Bait-and-Switch tactics and downright lies. Stay away from them! So a salesperson by the name of Kathryn calls me after filling out an online form, tells me I can get my 1st photography book published by AuthorHouse for $1700 in a POD arrangement - and they'll throw...

Authorhouse / warning!!!

Feb 17, 2011

Do not use this self-publishing scam company! They advertise to be the top or best in their field, they offer deals at end of quarters, they offer so much marketing, media promises, and make themselves out to be some sort of dream company. They are not. First, you do not control any price...

authorhouse uk publishing company / submitted manuscripts and money paid for publishing

Feb 03, 2011

RE: REFUND OF MONEY PAID FOR PUBLISHING On August 23rd 2010 I sent a sum of Kenya Shillings 103, 217.15 to Authorhouse Publishers in UK for the publication of two books - DYING FOR PRESIDENT and A PLACE TO CALL HOME and since then nothing has happened. My Email messages to consultant...

Authorhouse / theft

Jan 29, 2011

They stole more than $2017 from my MasterCard. Though they admitted that they received ALL the money they asked for, the book's material, and a clear statement that they will publish my book; they vanished and never published anything for me. I WISH I had spent a few minutes to read...

Authorhouse / huge scam

Jan 25, 2011

Let me tell you something about author house. I am an autor myself and i made the HUGE MISTAKE of believing that Author House were a company of credit, i submitted my details and began my submission process includding giving them my card details. On suspicsions they were a scam i called my...

Authorhouse / theft of cash


I have written, "Acts of War: JESUS/ALEXANDER & "JFK, "" which cost me out-of-pocket over six-thousand dollars in Galley Modifications since 2003, and while I firmly believed it would sell well, (and it did), I only received mere pennies for my hard and dangeous work, with no royalty check...

Authorhouse / royalty rip off


To my utter misfortune, I became acquainted and started to use the services offered by 1stBooks publishers now known as Authorhouse, and published my first two books in 2003. At the time, I detected no problem with their services and accepted that being my work was academic, would not sell...