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Incorporated: January 1999, DE

Contact Information
Principal: Ms. Jane Morris
Ms. Susan Driscoll (CEO)
Mr. Mark Pankoke (HR Manager)
Mr. Joseph Steinbach (COO/Vice President of Technology)

Business Category: Internet Services, Publishers - Magazine, Publishing Consultants, Publishers - Book, Publishers Representatives


iUniverse Complaints & Reviews

iUniverse / my book

Tattypanz on Nov 17, 2017
I published with IUniverse as I was very ill and did not think I had time to wait for a real publisher. They did the book (cover bad) and in 12 years I have not received a penny in royalties. They also hang on to the rights to the book. They are scammers and I would advise everyone who i...

iUniverse Publishing / lack of royalties for book sales

Derri Spahn on Jun 20, 2017
In 2009 I published a book with IUNIVERSE (or some universe). Never heard from them since. Then, a month ago I received a call from someone stating they were from IUNIVERSE indicating that they noticed my book was not selling and for 1500.00 they could promote it . I told them I have never...

iUniverse / Fraud, by mail and misrepresentation

Dickie Hilton on Jun 3, 2016
Dear Diana, iUniverse Representative I'm writing to you now after our most recent conversations and after receiving your email dated April 12, 2016, on the subject of: PD: 470384 – Content Evaluation Results (second round). I would like you to pass this on up the chain of command. I want to start...

iUniverse / Fraudulent practice lying to get my money then not delivering service.

Sourceman on Dec 23, 2015
I paid my money to IUniverse; theysaid they would produce my book. They said they needed me to change the cover because it was controversial and showed a parody depiction of a public figure. They provided me with a new cover I said cool. The new cover they provided included the...

iUniverse / Company has become a boiler room

Keith Clingan on Aug 21, 2015
I published three books with iUniverse in 2000 and felt I got a great deal out of it. I know that my books are not commercially successful, but I am glad that they were published. Now all of a sudden 15 years later I am suddenly getting calls from what sounds like a boiler room trying to...

iUniverse / my refund

chef lola on Jan 16, 2015
I paid $1000 for my book to be published by iuniverse. I spoke with an agent by the name eddie wright who told me I can take my time on whenever I am ready to start the book, he said even if it takes me more than 5years I can still come back and continue anywhere I stopped and if I decide...

iUniverse / ripped-off

C.D. Mcleod on Jun 10, 2013
I have been away for a while now I'm ready to take down self publishing, it's legal and brilliant. Join me if you got screwed by iuniverse/author house... I will provide you with all the details. You are not alone I have a seizable following. All of their tricks on screwing...

iUniverse Publishing / Services not delivered, fraud and lack of honesty from employees

mdmwrite on Jun 3, 2013
RUN, don't walk away from this company that practices fraud with no shame! In 2009 I purchased and paid for in full a Premiere Pro Publishing package. Since my book was not complete at the time, I did not immediately utilize it. In 2012, my book was complete and I initiated the proce...

iUniverse / Royalities

MarkFthornton on Apr 20, 2012
I published my novel with Iuniverse back in 2000. My book The Souls of Dumah is now available to order in Barnes & Nobel. And online at Amazon. It is available in hardcover paperback and as an Ebook. When I search my book online I find it for sale all over the world but in 12 year...

iUniverse / Half Truths

19Q Jerry on Oct 5, 2011
I just published a book through IUniverse. I am quite disappointed because of the "half truths" they present. I purchased the book buyers return package and found out I am the one that needs to go to the bookstores and try to get them to stock the book. Like I have time to do that. The...

iUniverse / unfulfilled order

Stanley Scism on Jul 16, 2011
iUniverse advertised a special price for a bulk order. I ordered 500 copies of my books (250 of each title) in 2010 October to be sent to two addresses--one in Idaho, one in New Hampshire. I was on overseas assignment, and when I returned in April, the books were STILL at neither addre...

iUniverse / Away to fight back

railroaded on Jun 17, 2011
A way to effectivily fight back against Iuniverse and all other publishers is to never sign anything with them until they give you the name of the resident agent working for them in your state. Once you get the information check the Attorney General's consumer protection agency to se...

iUniverse / Author Book Order

Sowing on Apr 8, 2011
I tried to order 50 books from iUniverse with what they called the Author Event Discount at 45%. The representative told me if I ordered 100 books, I could get a 50% discount. I told her I didn't need them. She said I could order my other two books to equal 100 and get the discount. I...

iUniverse / I have not received royalties which are due in over year

Jellu on Feb 17, 2011
I published a book with iUniverse in 1008. Received firest scheck. Had to call for second. Now have not received nor can gain information on my book in a year 1/2. Have a seond one ready, but need to know status before I do this again with this company. Iknow my book has been purchased by...


railroaded on Feb 2, 2011
I up - signed for a "Premier Pro Package" with Iuniverse and they have taken over two years to yet publish my book. I have had one of their "award winning" editors who edited my book (Cathy Witcamper ), while transferring my call to another department condescedingly, telling them that "hi...

iUniverse / Publishing a plagiarized book

In 1999 a novel entitled "Out of Egypt, A Letter to Sophie" was completed. A man took the original manuscript (Copyright TXu001358129), changed it from third person to first, changed straight quotes to curly quotes and commas, changed a few words, added an epilogue and published it through...

iUniverse / POD

iUniverse has published my book with sixty blank pages. Their marketing ploys result in zero sales. Now my book is on Amazon under my real name and not my nom de plume like I requested. The once flagship of the vanity/POD industry, has turned into a black joke staffed by poltroons. Snafu...

iUniverse / Poor Customer Service

I signed on with iUniverse with my eyes wide open: I had my cover professionally designed by another source, I utilized an outside proofreader, and paid extra for the "express" Premiere Pro package to ensure my book went to press in a timely fashion. As a result, my book was completed...

iUniverse / Poor quality book cover

I am having a lot of problems with iuniverse and its poor services. Dealing with iuniverse is, like you said, very frustrating. I have one big problem after another in my dealings with them. When I thought all my troubles were over, I was shocked to recieve two test copies, which had...

iUniverse / Service, Delivery

THE (BITTER) iUNIVERSE EXPERIENCE I purchased the PREMIER PRO book package which promises "One-on-One author support". But my assigned publising assistant was inexperienced and incapable of effectively guiding me through the publishing process in a way that supported what I was trying to...

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