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Jagex / pest control (osrs)

KFarm93 on Feb 19, 2018
I am very upset about the policy in the "Pest Control" minigame where players who do not do enough of "something" are booted from the game because of "a lack of zeal". I could see this being a worthwhile policy if: 1: The players are AFK (Away From Keyboard). 2: The players somehow sneak...

Arizona Jean Company / arizona delling womens boots

Renita Holmes on Jan 15, 2018
I purchased the boots from JCPenney for Christmas and one of them squeaks terribly loud that I don't even wear them any more!!! I am really upset that I really wanted the boots and received them and its very unappealing to walk around squeaking in every single step!! no one wants to walk...

Steak 'n Shake Enterprises / food - found screw

Courtney Mann on Jan 6, 2018
My son was eating at the Pleasant Hill Steak N Shake location in Duluth Ga. He was finishing up his burger and bit down on something hard. When he pulled the object out of his mouth, he found a SCREW. The manager was concerned and comped his meal. I am beyond thankful that he didn't...

Gem Shopping Network / titanium diamond flower ring

Hanneke Wasserman on Dec 21, 2017
I purchased the above mentioned ring because it was presented as an original Majestic collection ring from designer Janice. Upon receipt the ring does not look like the original Majestic collection ring. It has no hallmarks of any kind. I sent the ring to be appraised and was told it can...

Sears / samsung refrigerator

karasmer on Dec 18, 2017
Under our protection agreement our refigerator broke and has not been fixed yet, the tech has been out several times and finally says it's not repairable meanwhile the protection agreement expired. Tried getting a replacement under the lemon law being as it is deemed not repairable and...

Caribou Coffee Company / caribou service today

Montana Monnens on Dec 14, 2017
Today I went to Caribou to get a drink for my sister and I. To start, I ordered a campfire mocha and a hoho mint mocha. I was not asked which way I would like it made, hot over ice or blended. So they just gave it to me hot. Then I was not asked if I had perks and wanted to check in, I do...

Olive Garden / poor service

James Cheatwood on Dec 9, 2017
For more than Thirty years my wife and I have celebrated our Anniversary at an Olive Garden facility. Over the many years I have become used to outstanding service. Today 12/09/2017 was an exception to the norm. We weren't celebrating any special occasion and for that I am thankful. we...

Gem Shopping Network / ring

Jeanette Barrett on Dec 9, 2017
At the end of November 2017, I purchased a ring from Gem Shopping Network. Less than one month from receiving it, I noticed that one of the diamonds had fallen out. I called Gem Shopping Network's customer service number and was immediately connected to the answering machine where I wa...

Panda Express / the employee

Trina2385 on Nov 14, 2017
I was at Panda Express in Sugarloaf Mills Mall this weekend. My food total was $19.01 and I had a $20 and didn't want 99 cents back. So I told the cashier I will bring the Penny back as soon as I pay for my niece food at the next food stall. She said no and didn't give me my food so my...

Nissan / back window glass in a 2017 nissan centra

Hurang Hu on Nov 1, 2017
We bought a 2017 Nissan Centra. During driving in the night (dark conditions), the back window glass scatters the lights from the headlights of the cars behind, causing vision problems. When I drive the car during night, I saw two "big poles made of headlights" from the headlights of the...
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