Consumer Complaints & Reviews in Coral Gables, Florida, United States

Silestone (Cosentino) / silestone counter top

Dec 21, 2018

We purchased Silestone (Cosentino) (Roseville, Ca) counter tops for our kitchen remodel from LOWES (Cotati Ca.) on 3/4/2016. After discussing different installation options, we chose to use Lowes installer which was counter fit stone (Sacramento Ca.). All 3 of these companies knowingly...

Bayview Loan Servicing / fraudulent credit reporting

Oct 09, 2018

I closed on my condo and paid off my loan with bayview loan servicing in april, 2018. I received a letter from bayview in may of 2018 that the account was paid in full. October 9, 2018, I received an e-mail notice from transunion and experian that bayview loan servicing is reporting me...

Florida Power & Light [FPL] / fpl truck destroyed my landscaping

Sep 04, 2018

Power was out at my house and a FPL truck came by. I have pictures and video of the destruction. I spoke to several gentleman that were there repairing the outage and no one would take responsibility, this is an outrage of power. Please have someone contact me and if you could send me an...

Massage Envy / charged for visit I did not attend

Aug 27, 2018

I want to 1. Cancel my membership effective immediately and 2. Complain and get a full refund for a charge I did not authorize. Last month on or around July 29, 2018, I scheduled a massage and a facial for a day in the future. Leaving the massage center, I did not have a pen. After 10 year...

Panera Bread / manager

Jul 16, 2018

Hi I was at coral gables panera bread and the manager(Danny) was very rude he wouldn't acknowledge me as I was at the register.He wasn't wearing gloves when he was getting food, he was treating me with no respect "maybe because I am black".He was yelling at one of his associates very badly...

American Automobile Association / / aaa roadside service

Apr 26, 2018

At 1:41pm I called aaa road side assistance for service. Key left in car. Eta was 1 hr. 1 hr passes I call again, they advised me that it will be another hr. Nothing I could do but wait. I call again for the third time, still waiting. I called now for the 4th time, at this time i'm furiou...

Bayview Loan Servicing / home mortgage

Apr 26, 2018

If there is ever a class action suit, I would love to be notified! I had a regular home mortgage. Was late on only one payment at one point and paid a small late charge. Paid on time for years and years. THEN...Got a bill for $36, 000 because they made an accounting error. Due immediately...

Bayview Loan Servicing / would like to put the money I am behind on the end of the mortgage loan.

Mar 20, 2018

Keith gilbert, my loan is with Bay view mortgage, I got behind because of a sinkhole and flood damage that insurance didn't cover. The sinkhole, we had on home since 2012 which has cause on going maintained condition with home. We have spent thousands of dollars in repairs. I got behind...

Bayview Loan Servicing / mortgage from bank of america sold to bayview loans servicing

Jul 06, 2017

My loan was sold to Bay View. I made one payment and now for months, my account manager will not call me back to take the next two payments. When I finally got him to answer the phone, I told him I had been trying to pay, why wouldn't he call me back, etc. He laughed and hung up on me. Now...

Bayview Loan Servicing / mortgage

Apr 20, 2017

My Citimortgage loan was turned over to Bayview Loan Servicing. I was due a $5, 000 HAMP incentive in in the sixth year (2015) of a loan remodification agreement I had completed with Citimortgage. Bayview loan Servicing withdrew the $5, 000 incentive, saying I had not fulfilled the term...

Geeksonsite / computer services

Mar 07, 2017

They never fixed my computer and took over 1800$ from me and the 149$ fee to start the diagnosis! ! These guys are the real deal scam artists and will take you for everything they could!! Do NOT use these guys for anything !! They said they would deposit 2000$ into my bank account and that...

TopTradelines / service not received, unethical behaviour, refuse refunds

Aug 29, 2016

05/2016-08/2016 I purchased a tradeline package for $3, 999. They said they would post 5 tradelines to the 3 credit bureaus by the end of June with an average of 6 years old, and $10, 000 credit limit. I asked for a refund and they refused. The only thing they offered was to put one...

The Law Offices, Pollack & Rosen, P.A. / Video Camera

Jul 27, 2016

We bought this video camera in 2012 for $2, 000 and we paid it to Dell in a timely manner. On Feb 2013 Pollack and Rosen called and said they bought the debt from Dell and we had to pay them what they demanded if not they would take us to court. They took $500 from our bank account on...

Alfacapital / Vincent Ghahremani, vixipay

Jan 07, 2016

This payment gateway, managed by Vincent, is not paying the merchants. Do not get involved with this fellow. During 2015 the suspect stopped paying merchants funds, and is out of reach. We would urge merchants/possible investors/partners to be careful and not do business with any busine... / Fraudulent charge

Sep 24, 2015

I think I used the company for a logo I didn't even use 2 years ago. I happened to be looking at my bank statement today and saw a charge for $9.95. I had no idea what it was about since I haven't used the service in so long. I'm trying to get someone on the phone, but they have very long...

Sears Auto Center (Coral Gables) / Despicable Service - Poor Quality Tires

Sep 11, 2015

Despicable service. Three months ago my wife bought 4 "new" tires for her car at a price of $180 per unit. Today one of the tires was flat. She went back there to claim the warranty. The clerk, and later the manager, refused to honor the warranty adducing that the tire was damaged because... / I lost money, because I believed to these guys

Jun 24, 2015

I contacted the agent from We spoke about funding programs, and he offered to invest in one. It was rather new, but the perspectives were good. I invested about $50, 000, but the agent vanished with my money. They closed the program and I couldn’t... / after 5 weeks they still haven't helped me

Jun 23, 2015

I had a lot of credit inquiries and I decided to ask the company to help me to remove them. I called them and provided my personal info. But these people took it and told that it could take about a month. Ok, I waited 3 weeks and decided to call them, because they... / their free stuff was real scam

Jun 05, 2015

People, don’t believe to what the company offers you and to their free stuff. I ordered free report from them, but in confirmation form I indicated my card info. These thieves simply took money from the card and no one warned me about it. As well a... / They asked for many documents, but they didn't want to give funding to me

May 28, 2015

I needed money in order to expand my business. I decided to contact the rep from It was mentioned that they worked fast and provided funds within couple of days. It sounded promising and what I really needed. But in reality everything seemed to be bad. At the... / they stopped our trial

May 22, 2015

We recently started our new business and decided to try the offers from We choose the free credit-ready features, but after that we added some optional stuff. The optional stuff was for 14 days, but these scammers stopped our trial and no one warned u... / I didn't get the report

May 18, 2015

5 weeks ago I asked to provide the credit report. I spoke with the rep from He sounded professional and promised to make the report within couple of days, but it was ###. They simply ignored me and haven’t provided the report. I already tried to reach them, but...

Inquiry Busters / they didn't provide help and impossible to get any answers from these jerks

May 18, 2015

I contacted the rep from the company I provided them my personal info and asked to help me with the credit inquiries. After that I heard nothing from these scammers. I have no idea why they have stopped to communicate with me. I need some answers, so please help me... / I need to pay for so-called free analysis

May 18, 2015

I applied for free analysis on the website I really believed that it was for free, but it wasn’t. I provided them my personal info and after couple of days I received the invoice from them. They asked to pay for the analysis. I was really confused and decided to call...

Kingcade & Garcia / Bankruptcy mill

May 14, 2015

Admonishment issued in fl, 2005 Updated on nov 20, 2010 An admonition means an attorney did something wrong but may still practice law. The bar gives the lawyer an admonition in hopes that he or she will not repeat the behavior. Admonishment issued in fl, 2004 Updated on nov 20, 2010 An... / They still haven't provided the package of services, which I ordered 2 weeks ago

May 05, 2015

I subscribed for the new package of the services through I waited two weeks, but they still haven’t changed it and I haven’t received new services and programs. The rep continued to provide some promises, but in reality they did completely nothing. The company...

Bayview Loan Service / non transparency

Mar 30, 2015

This loan servicing center has zero transparency. Keep a detailed record of your mortgage payments. I made an extra principal payment online along with my monthly mortgage payment. When i look online to keep track of their work to be sure its posted correctly, I discover that they do not...

Body Details / Poor Service

Feb 11, 2015

Terrible place, DO NOT GO THERE!!! Their customer service is just awful and unprofessional. I have been going to body details for 4 years to remove my tattoos and they are still there! They don't give you the right expectation when you sign up, I feel like they just wanted to take my...

Bayview Loan Servicing / mortgage practices

Jan 26, 2015

We were with Kellner mortgage when we first got our loan in 2006. They then sold our mortgage to Countrywide and they sold it to BOA and BOA sold it to Bayview Loan Servicing. While we were with BOA, they set us up on a repayment plan paying $777.09 for 4 months while our mortgage was only...

Bayview Loan Servicing / customer service, fraud

May 20, 2014

Monica Feinstein of Bayview Loan Servicing, failed to apply payments to our accounts in a timely manner. She continues to give us different amounts that we owe and refuses to put the amount we owe in writing. She says that it's company's policy not to. I have been over paying the...

Florida Registered Paralegal Vila, Padron&diaz P. A / Royal Holiday / Illegal practices

May 18, 2014

I have been telling about my case here in this website about what happened to me by so called Royal Holiday Club (addressed Ilse of Man and Switzerland). According to my contract its the case of Europe, Bahamas and Cayman Islands (tax fraud?). And now I got a letter from Florida (!) in...

Bayview Loan Servicing, LLC / neglect and harrassment

Jan 23, 2014

Wells fargo initiated a hamp mortgage modification for me back in 2009 when my mortgage payments became unmanageable. After the modification, I was able to pay down my personal debt and drastically improve my credit score. Wells fargo among other banks sold hamp modification loan product...

Jose Bushdid / Unauthorized Charges

Oct 14, 2013

Disclaimer; Using my "Freedom of Speech Rights". My experience- I was charged thousands of dollars for services I never wanted performed. Dr. Jose is (in my opinion) very shady and misleading. He pretends to care about ones well-being only to maximize insurance billing and out of pocket charges. This man does not abide by the code of ethics.

Bayview Financial / False re finance.

May 02, 2013

Bayview Financial said the represented M&T bank who is or was my morg. co. They were going to get us re financed and lower our payments. They told us not to send any funds and to disregard any thing from the bank. I later found out that our house had been put in forcloser and I was told to...

Jose A. Guerrero, Attorney / Terrible Lawyer - DO NOT USE THIS LAWYER!!!

Nov 22, 2012

Jose A. Guerrero cares about one thing. Money. That is all that he cares about. His money. I witnessed a judge very angry at him because of how slow my case was progressing. He gave some lame, liar excuses to the judge, when in reality it was his incompetence. He is dishonest and rude...


Jun 07, 2012


Avesil / Ripped Off. Theives. Fraud

Mar 27, 2012

Avesil is the biggest fraud company I have ever dealt with. DO NOT ORDER THIS PRODUCT! I placed the 14 day trial order and never received it, never received a confirmation that it was shipped nothing. Month later received package with a bottle and a $95.90 BILL. PLEASE do not make the same...

Welcome Wagon / Misrepresentation

Feb 10, 2012

I signed an agreement for services with Welcome Wagon (Coral Springs, FL) in October 2011. The representative stated mailers would be sent to my local community in December 2011- and that I would receive the results before Feb 2012. They failed to deliver as promised (although they have...

Bayview Loan Servicing / scamed

Jan 04, 2012

Is Bayview Loan Servicing a mortgage company or Loan Sharks or what?. Now we have had the worst time with them. Bayview have sent us over fifteen modification with a letter saying that we ask for help with our mortgage. Every time we pay one out they create another one saying we have to...

Coral Gables Cosmetic Center / Poor outcome! Money Lost!

Oct 30, 2011

Importante! Si no lee ingles, pidale a alguien que se lo lea! Terrible... of course they are great when everything comes out as planned, like everyone else... but good service, and human quality! are tested when things do not work as planned!!! They miscalculated the difference between my...