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Doing nothing would be this company's favorite pastime if they would have the energy for it.

Bayview Loan Servicing, LLC

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Coral Gables
United States - 33146

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+1 800 457 5105(Customer Service) 19 13
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+1 877 826 4419(Insurance and Binder Inquiries) 1 1
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ATTN: Cashiering Department, 4425 Ponce de Leon Boulevard, 5th Floor
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Its Successors and/or Assigns, P. O. Box 5933, Troy, MI 48007-5933

Bayview Loan Servicing Complaints & Reviews

Bayview Loan Servicing / unethical illegal foreclosure

Oct 15, 2019

How this company gets away with this is beyond comprehension. They should all be put in jail for scamming the American public and not following proper ethical procedures of law. Steeling other people's property. This is an abomination of our democracy and has to be addressed by our...

Bayview Loan Servicing / the company

Sep 28, 2019

I do not feel that they have any employees ever phone call goes only to a computer, because it is impossible to get someone to answer the phone. When you call you are forwarded to someones voice mail that says they will call back in 24 hours but that does not ever happen. We have sent an...

Bayview Loan Servicing / fraud committed by bayview loan servicing

Aug 27, 2019

Bayview hired a clean up crew to clear EVERYTHING from my property ( Basically whoever Bayview hired kept things from my home!!) I was devastated!! They broke into the home leaving black electrical tape on the sinks, commode, hot water heater...Claimed they weather striped around the door...

Bayview Loan Servicing / mortgage loan and forced insurance

Jul 16, 2019

They keep charging me more and more of what they call "delinquent payments!" There are no late payments! They lied and said I didn't have insurance and try to force me to pay for their insurance! My insurance company faxed them my policy. They threaten to take my property! I'm going to...

Bayview Loan Servicing / failure to correct error of late charge on my credit report this month.

Jul 13, 2019

Hello, I am writing to Bayview because I cannot get anyone of your representatives to assist my with my dispute regarding an error entered on my credit report. I recently had a discharge on my bankruptcy from 2014 on July 3, 2019. Your company entered a late charge on my credit report...

Bayview Loan Servicing / Fraudulent

Jul 10, 2019

Bayview Loan ServicingI submitted documents of fraudulent activity from people who are saying they were working for Bayview and helping remodification and it was a scam . My house got sold out from under me and my kids while I was going through stage 4 Breast Cancer and chemotherapy and radiation treatments. I...

Bayview Loan Servicing / mortgage modification

Jun 20, 2019

My grandmother passed away and i was left a house that i finally was able to get into and bayview sent me a modification i sent it in and they took one payment and now they wont answer my call. They we're supposed to auto withdraw from my bank but never did so. Then i get a letter for...

Bayview Loan Servicing / bayview loan servicing, fraud, tort and negligence

Feb 10, 2019

I had been with Bayview for many years. Every year I always had a problem with them in straight out my mortgage situation due to they said I am current then the next month they said I am 2 months behind. My property tax is $1500 annually due to Proposition 13. My mortgage originally i...

Bayview Loan Servicing / fraudulent credit reporting

Oct 09, 2018

Bayview Loan ServicingI closed on my condo and paid off my loan with bayview loan servicing in april, 2018. I received a letter from bayview in may of 2018 that the account was paid in full. October 9, 2018, I received an e-mail notice from transunion and experian that bayview loan servicing is reporting me...

Bayview Loan Servicing / mortgage

Jul 24, 2018

Please I need help. Bayview turned down my modification because they said my documents weren't received in time I don't want to lose my house they are threatening with foreclosure please somebody help I need to know what to do I am behind on my mortgage and desperately need help I now have three grandchildren living with me we would have nowhere to go

Bayview Loan Servicing / home mortgage

Apr 26, 2018

If there is ever a class action suit, I would love to be notified! I had a regular home mortgage. Was late on only one payment at one point and paid a small late charge. Paid on time for years and years. THEN...Got a bill for $36, 000 because they made an accounting error. Due immediately...

Bayview Loan Servicing / would like to put the money I am behind on the end of the mortgage loan.

Mar 20, 2018

Keith gilbert, my loan is with Bay view mortgage, I got behind because of a sinkhole and flood damage that insurance didn't cover. The sinkhole, we had on home since 2012 which has cause on going maintained condition with home. We have spent thousands of dollars in repairs. I got behind...

Bayview Loan Servicing / mortgage

Jan 24, 2018

Is there anyway with all the complaints about Bayview loan servicing we can start a class action suite against them, they have ruined my credit and have lied and kept me from purchasing a home so mine was sold and I have to rent now. My loan was sold to Bayview have through my bankruptcy...

Bayview Loan Servicing / violation of freddie mac loan modification guidelines

Jan 16, 2018

Jennifer Clyde Loan # [protected] Please be advised we are asking for an escalated review of this file and that it be assigned to a loss mitigation escalation specialist. We have been providing documents in this matter Since September 2017. We last sent updated documents per a written...

Bayview Loans Servicing / unethical credit reportings

Dec 14, 2017

Never signed a loan (Note) with bayview loans, however, was reported by this agency to 3 credit bureaus - damaging credit for 7yrs, causing stress and hardship on foreclosed families. Political figures of higher powers needs to step in and remove reporting from credit bureaus of bayview...

Bayview Loan Servicing / mortgage fraud

Dec 09, 2017

BANK OF AMERICA OWN BORROWER'S LIEN. BAYVIEW LOAN SERVICING LLC own nothing. Ownership has made the continuing participation of the lender indispensable. The power to see is conferred by Florida statute exclusively to an owner. Mortgage servicers cannot exercise the power to sell. The...

Bayview Loan Servicing / mortgage payment... extra principal not being applied

Nov 28, 2017

Im trying to pay my mortgage off faster after being sold out from one main financial after i had to leave my job. Now im good and trying to pay extra on my principle each month. I have the payment taken off my card every month with a extra $12 paid that i was told woukd automatically go...

Bayview Loan Servicing / loss mitigation dept bayview servicing co (david white) (james galon) dominic moren)

Nov 21, 2017

Complaint against bayview modification department loan # [protected] november 21, 2017 Deborah dix 131 malcolm Forest rd new castle 19720 Bayview ceo, Im complaining to the ceo, occ, bbb, fdic etc…. I've been sending documents over and over to (david white) (emial...

Bayview Loan Servicing / mortgage

Oct 27, 2017

customer service representative lied doing a time that i had no means of handling my emotions almost made me loose everything else i had during hurricane harvey. i called the day hurricane hit he told me not to worry that my mortgage was good and that collection are reporting or harrasment...

Bayview Loan Servicing / unethical behaviour

Oct 27, 2017

my loan was thru CitiFinancial in 2002 it was sold to ditech and greentree they sold it to bayview. in July I made the payments to Bayview the loan matured in Oct 2017 I paid the payments on time and when I called to see about getting the lien off the house they said I still owed money for...

Bayview Loan Servicing / bad modification loans from bayview loan servicing

Oct 12, 2017

I was laid off work about 4 years ago I got 4 payments behind on loan bayview modified my loan to help I thought. But I lost 14 years of payments on my home and then I find some how I am now on a 45 year loan. Lost for what I can do if anyone has advice any help would be very appreciate...

Bayview Loan Servicing / mortgage account number 171644

Sep 09, 2017

I made payment of 2 payment on 8/29/17 by bill pay today 9-7 received email that payment failed, I attempted to call but Hurricane prevented speaking with someone. I see shows payments owing from 3/ 17. I have prove of payments as follows. 2/22/17 850.00 bof a 3/15/17 850.00 mar 5/8/17 845.00...

Bayview Loan. Servicing / cash for keys

Aug 14, 2017

Bayview Loan. ServicingRecently gave my keys for cash to bayview. Now there is a sign at the front door. Saying Warning. This property was found unsecured.. Making it look as thought I abandoned my home. Which I didn't. Its defamation of my character. It looks like they are trying to devalue this home by not...

Bayview Loan Servicing / mortgage from bank of america sold to bayview loans servicing

Jul 06, 2017

My loan was sold to Bay View. I made one payment and now for months, my account manager will not call me back to take the next two payments. When I finally got him to answer the phone, I told him I had been trying to pay, why wouldn't he call me back, etc. He laughed and hung up on me. Now...

Bayview Loan Servicing / loan #658918

Jun 16, 2017

Back in April I requested mortgage relief in the form of a request to start a Short Sale. In a letter dated May 26th Bayview sent me a letter that stated, "...your request for a short sale or purchase contract has been received. In that letter, there is not any prescribed "due by" date...

Bayview Loan Servicing / mortgage

Apr 20, 2017

My Citimortgage loan was turned over to Bayview Loan Servicing. I was due a $5, 000 HAMP incentive in in the sixth year (2015) of a loan remodification agreement I had completed with Citimortgage. Bayview loan Servicing withdrew the $5, 000 incentive, saying I had not fulfilled the term...

Bayview Loan Servicing / unethical behavior

Feb 15, 2017

We have had a small business loan with Bayview Loan Servicing for ten years. We have had several life altering events over the past three years that lead to bankruptcy in January 2016. With the Federal Bankruptcy Court's approval, we held Bayview and the homes we own out of the bankruptcy...

Bayview Loan Servicing / loan modification illegally

Jun 13, 2016

My ex-husband was court ordered to refinance or sell our joint property in 2008. I have spent years and thousands of dollars taking him back to court. In our latest court battle i found out that Bayview modified the loan without my knowledge. By doing this, they made it easier for my ex to...

Bayview Loan Servicing / took my house away illegally without notifiying title holder

Dec 20, 2015

Took my house from me illegally in west hollywood without notifying me the title owner of the house. Bullied my tenants out and sold it to their friends. Reporting them to doj they had the criminal wolf firm in irvine take my house away with fraudulent li-es. They hired cesar reinoso at...

Bayview Loan Servicing / not giving "pay off satisfaction letter" for the mortgage

Aug 26, 2015

The worst customer service! They don't know what they are doing. They have tons of excuses and they will try to teach your policies, which they created to give you hard time. Here is the story: I had a couple mortgage with Bayview. I sold my business in 2008 but they left the lien...

Bayview Loan Servicing a/k/a Bayview Asset Management LLC / fraud

Jun 09, 2015

I am filing a complaint against Bayview Loan Servicing a/k/a Bayview Asset Management LLC for the reason being that the Foreclosure Manager Nicholas DeSumma I am under the information and belief is directing some of his staff to committ fraud. The Fraud that he is directing his staff to...

Bayview Loan Service / non transparency

Mar 30, 2015

This loan servicing center has zero transparency. Keep a detailed record of your mortgage payments. I made an extra principal payment online along with my monthly mortgage payment. When i look online to keep track of their work to be sure its posted correctly, I discover that they do not...

Bayview Loan Servicing / mortgage modification/foreclosure

Mar 05, 2015

Everyone that is having problems with this company; Please file against Bayview with: Consumer Finance Protection Bureau at [protected]. You can also go to the website. These jerks need to be held accountable. If I can get close to 100 ppl to file complaints in the same month; they cannot...

Bayview Loan Servicing / mortgage practices

Jan 26, 2015

We were with Kellner mortgage when we first got our loan in 2006. They then sold our mortgage to Countrywide and they sold it to BOA and BOA sold it to Bayview Loan Servicing. While we were with BOA, they set us up on a repayment plan paying $777.09 for 4 months while our mortgage was only...

Bayview Loan Servicing LLC / never received refund

Jan 10, 2015

I scheduled my mortgage payment to be automatically taken from my bank account on the 15th of every month. Bayview Loan Servicing LLC. sent a confirmation stating it would draft the money from my bank account on the 15th, but instead they requested the funds on the 10th which caused...

Bayview Loan Servicing / loan modification

Dec 22, 2014

If you are directed to Bayview Loan Servicing for home mortgage service- run as fast as you can in the other direction! I moved to Florida for a new job and I needed help with my home in Michigan. It took me on month of attempting contact before I spoke with someone that could provide me...

Bayview Loan Servicing / customer service, fraud

May 20, 2014

Monica Feinstein of Bayview Loan Servicing, failed to apply payments to our accounts in a timely manner. She continues to give us different amounts that we owe and refuses to put the amount we owe in writing. She says that it's company's policy not to. I have been over paying the...

Bayview Loan Servicing, LLC / neglect and harrassment

Jan 23, 2014

Wells fargo initiated a hamp mortgage modification for me back in 2009 when my mortgage payments became unmanageable. After the modification, I was able to pay down my personal debt and drastically improve my credit score. Wells fargo among other banks sold hamp modification loan product...

Bayview Loan Servicing / illegal mortgage practices

Nov 13, 2013

Bayview Loan Servicing has continued to operate illegally based on the 2009 Bail Out for the banks and the current regulations for home modifications. I have been denied a modification over and over and been told now they will not review me for another modification application, they will...

Bayview Loan Servicing, LLC / mortgage scam

Aug 19, 2013

My mortgage was assigned to Bayview Loan Servicing, LLC by Bank of America. For 2 1/2 months I have made over 40 phone calls and sent 9 letters to them to get a pay off amount for my mortgage. They never respond. They transferred my account to three different "asset managers" who never called...