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Geeks On Site reviews first appeared on Complaints Board on Aug 29, 2009. The latest review in home wifi repair was posted on Apr 10, 2021. The latest complaint poor service, overcharging was resolved on Dec 23, 2014. Geeks On Site has an average consumer rating of 2 stars from 33 reviews. Geeks On Site has resolved 8 complaints.

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Coral Gables, Florida
United States - 33134
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Geeks On Site Complaints & Reviews

Geeks on Sitein home wifi repair

wifi at home works then it quits. called geeks on site 1st they charged $210 up front, then the geek gets here knows nothing about routers or wifi, he just does computer repair. They were supposed to be here at 3 the day before, so left work early they called at 2:10 said can't make it there can come next day
1 to 3 he shows up 12:30. looked at my computers knows nothing about wifi or routers. before he left reset my routers and everthing quit working! i said hey it's 3 pm oh it's that late already, meanwhile was getting text msgs. I said they better not charge me for extra 30 min. they sent another invoice for $99, i called them explained what happened and said i wasn't paying, so they charged my credit card without my authorization $49.50. Meanwhile my wifi is still not working properly

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    • Updated by Ed F. · Apr 10, 2021

      they are a scam

    Geeks on SiteComputer not fixed as promised. No removal of Microsoft Edge, and other issues.

    I asked for someone to come to my house, as I wanted to have Microsoft Edge taken off my computer, and my Internet Explorer left as my browser, as well as set up my Zoom, and take duplicate files off of my computer, of pictures, and other files that were duplicates. I wanted someone to come to my house, because I also wanted them to check my wires and cables. I couldn't put all of that above. A tech, Yaz Adassi, came out on 3/28/21. When I called to ask for someone to come out, they said that I could pay the price of $99 an hour for two hours, or as long as it would take to fix, at the rate of $99 an hour, or I could pay $289, which would include the amount of time they would need to fix it now, and they would run a check on my computer, by remote, every month, to keep it in top form, so I agreed to that. Yaz came out and worked on my computer for two hours. He wrote on the back of my invoice, all that he did, including removing Microsoft Edge, and putting it to Internet Explorer, which I have always had as well as multiple other things he said I did. I am NOT a computer expert. I am a handicapped 71 year old woman, that has no way of checking all that he said he did, so I took his word for it, as I couldn't check it all. He did not remove Microsoft Edge from my computer, which I specifically asked for, and he wrote down on the back of my invoice that he HAD removed Microsoft Edge. He also wrote down a bunch of things that I would have NO way of checking what he did. I went on to my computer, to find out that he did not get rid of Microsoft Edge, and he upset my whole process of getting my email from Outlook. I can't get into websites that I am subscribed to, and I can't forward articles from the media to my Facebook like I always could. I have to sign in individually to sites that I use all the time, and sometimes it will sign in, and sometimes not. I called Geeks On Site, and they said that they could fix it remotely. I authorized them to do that, but when they started doing it remotely, I was told that I would have to be in front of my computer, in case they needed me to give information or a pin, things like that. They told me that I didn't have a maleware removal tool on my computer. I told them that I have Norton Utilities Premium, as well as Lifelock. They said that I should have a maleware remover and that would cost me an additional $75, and that My Norton didn't have this, and this would take care of a maleware problem. so I said yes. I had to sit in front of my computer for six hours! I have a very severe handicap, that makes my feet and hands swell up, as well as pain all throughout my body, as well as severe weakness in my body. By the time I got off of my computer, I had to go to bed. I got up the next morning, turned my computer on, and everything was the same! No fix, no removal of Microsoft Edge, or removing duplicate files, or anything else they were supposed to do. I called them again, and said that the problem wasn't fixed, and that they would have someone else come out and fix it. I told them that I just wanted my money refunded to my account, and they brought up the fact that they had someone work on it for six hours remotely. I told them that they charged me $375, and my computer STILL wasn't fixed, and I had to sit there for six hours. They weren't paying ME for the six hours I had to sit there, so no, I didn't want them to work on it again, being that they tried twice, with me giving up eight hours of my time, between the guy that came out, and the remote six hours, where nothing was fixed. They kept pleading for me to give them another chance to do it remotely. I told them that I would give them an hour to try to fix the mess they created, and no more. They did another remote job, and I actually gave them an hour and a half. They still did not fix the problem. I called back, and told them I want my money refunded. The person I talked to said that my money WOULD be refunded to my card, and it would take three to five days before it would show. The next day, someone from Geeks on site called me, and said that the guy told me that he would put in a request for my money back, not that I would get it back. This person tried to get me to agree on a lesser amount for them to give back to me. He kept haggling with me, and I told him, they didn't fix my computer, I sat in front of the computer for seven and a half hours, besides being there when the guy came to my house for two hours, and they wanted me to pay them for something they didn't fix, and I was just supposed to kiss the seven and half hours away that I was sitting there in in? He came back with, "what about the maleware that they installed?" He asked if I could pay the $79 for the maleware, and $49 for "the work they did. I agreed to pay that, just to get them off the phone. So now I have paid them $128, and I have a computer that is worthless. It is in worse shape then it was before they tried to work on it! I can not use it. It was in better shape before they tried to fix it, and the "maleware remover, " doesn't work either. PLEASE help me, I need my computer fixed. I have doctor appointments that I have to do online. I have 17 doctors and specialists, because my condition is very rare. I don't have a client number on my invoice here. I will have to look it up on my computer. I will have to someone try to attach my invoice. I don't now how to do that.

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      Geeks on SiteComputer service

      I am writing for an employee
      Their services were used one before, and everything was fine. Bought a service contract for close to $300. This entitled 24/7 service for a year.

      Was about to Skype into a news program for expert testimony. Search engine wouldn't work due to a computer update that didn't take.

      Called. I have a Mac, as the majority of people in the entertainment industry. This person was obviously reading a manual trying to figure out what to do. He couldn't figure it out, admitting that he didn't know Macs.

      Transferred to another individual (Steven.). Steven picked up his manual and made the computer worse.

      Was asked to call back tomorrow. Explained the computer was needed for work and there was a service contract purchased to be able to obtain 24/7 service. Was told you were transferred to me! He explained the person who knew Macs was not available.

      Explained again, the computer was required for work. Steven spoke to his ‘supervisor' who said someone would call back in a half hour to fix the computer.

      The call, of course, never came. Was unable to Skype into the news program and my appearance was cancelled.

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        • Gr
          Grandi Jan 30, 2021

          Apropos of the prior gentleman's comment, I do not think all techs are created equally. I bought a new printer; after hours (10 am-4:15 pm), the reason for which I called never was accomplished. I am not a novice, and have never had a problem installing a printer.

          Now printers are expendable, no installation disks, no instructions, etc. All I wanted was to print from my laptop. In all those hours, that objective was never completed. Because of CoVid, I did not want to be in the room while he was working. He uninstalled Windows, re-installed Windows; After, I bought an installation cable. Now my PC is barely recognizable and creating problems with my service provider as to security. I am supposed to call another tech Monday, but feel cheated. The tech who spent all the hours was a very nice man. But I f
          am not paying for nice, but for knowledge and competence.

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        Geeks on SiteComputer services

        Terrible company! They'll promise anything to get an appointment and your credit card information. They sell grossly overpriced services and products. They have no employee technicians, they are Independent Contractor technicians and completely unvetted as to their competence and skill level, sent to solve computer problems. Headquarters are in the U.S. with terrible offshore phone tech support, mostly South America, who can't speak legible English. How is company still in business???!!!

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          Geeks on Sitecomputer repair

          On or about March 25 2020 I called Geeks on Site (Yellow Pages San Francisco, CA tel: [protected]) about a computer problem. I was told to go my computer and follow their instructions. I did this and shortly after they locked my computer and a voice said they found a virus and I had to pay $299.00. I refused and asked they unlock my computer but they hung up. They did not unlock my computer.

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            Sep 13, 2019

            Geeks on Site — unauthorized credit card charge

            We are a small sign making company So we got a phone number from phone book. Needed repair on our HP 24"...

            Geeks on Siteworked for them

            Be aware of this company. They will hire you as a tech then let you go when you can't repair a customers machine, and telling the customer and them that they will fire you. Do not work for this company. They under pay their technicians arefor andthe jobs or travel time barely paid and they blame the technician for not submitting their contracts to them. I am a former employee for this company and they don't treat anyone correctly.

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              Geeks on Siteincompetent "tech" being billed for a fix he didn't accomplish

              Do NOT use this service in Dallas. My machine would not boot to Windows, just to BIOS. Geeks On Site sent out a "tech" who immediately started fiddling with the BIOS settings, saw that the HD was not in the boot list (this means that the HD was inoperable), and - decided my machine wouldn't boot because the CMOS (internal clock) battery was dead. I'm not kidding. He insisted on sending us out for a replacement, even though I knew that incorrect time will only affect programs, which couldn't be accessed because the HD was dead. I should have known what was up when he asked me for a screwdriver to open the PC case with because he didn't have one with him.

              I had expected him to boot from an external drive and try to run a repair and recovery on the HD. Didn't happen.
              The "tech" talked / rambled incessantly the entire time he was here, to the point that I had to go to another part of the house to get away from the nonstop babble. I got the impression that he deals with people who know nothing at all about computers, as he continued to ramble about irrelevancies even after I told him I did software support for 15+ years.

              Finally, after the CMOS battery was installed (two hours into the service call and counting), he admitted that he couldn't fix the issue, had me sign an invoice, and left. I signed the invoice just to get him to leave.

              I called another computer service tech, who came in, booted the machine from his thumb drive (which I had asked the Geeks On Site "tech" to do as soon as he arrived, but he was too busy messing with the BIOS to listen), verified that the HD was fried by the simple expedient of disconnecting it from my machine's motherboard and hooking it to his laptop with an adapter.
              He replaced my HD with a new SSD drive, and again (using his Win 10 bootable thumb drive) downloaded Windows 10 and used my existing Windows 7 Pro key to validate the new O/S.
              Total elapsed time? Under an hour, including restoring my system / documents backups.

              Now Geeks On Site is calling me and threatening to sue because I refuse to pay for their incompetent "tech"'s inability to do his job.
              Good luck with that, fellas.

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                • Ge
                  Geeksart Aug 19, 2019
                  This comment was posted by
                  a verified customer
                  Verified customer

                  Geeks on Site is a scammer company. They also scammed the time on their own technicians too. One thing you have to understand that their technicians are not their actual employees, they are 1099 contractors and they don't get pay for travel to the customer sites unless the site is above 30 miles away from technician's home. They even charged customer money for the laptop or computer which is only 2 weeks old. Any customer called for hardware support for their new laptop, they should tell customer contact the manufacturer for support if the laptop or PC is under a year old. But Geeks on site just wants your money, they don't care about that. especially the elder person. That is Geeks on site's biggest targets. How do I know because I worked for them, that why I know.

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                Geeks on Siteethernet cable installation

                BEWARE!!! They charge by the hour and a simple installation of adding a ethernet cable to the ones we already have cost me $149 for first hour, $25 every 15 minutes after 1st hour = $449.00 USD The tech that came to our store wasted his time standing still and looking at the ceiling, then he went and took 33 minutes of lunch break and came back. I complained and I didn't get compensation refund for the time he stole from us. I just got smart remarks and WE DON'T' CARE WHAT YOU SAY ATTITUDE: Company said to me: " Online reviews do not hurt us because we depend on our hundreds of yellow page phone book ads in hundreds of cities, we do not depend on online. " Check out my picture to see whole video. I am assuming this review won't hurt you since you don't depend on hundreds of yellow pages.

                ethernet cable installation

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                  Apr 18, 2019

                  Geeks on Site — computer service

                  I got a bad feeling about this outfit while discussing my computer issue on the phone. Stupidly, I gave them...

                  Feb 09, 2019

                  Geeks on Site — some customers awful feedbacks

                  well well well I am a current employee of Geeks on site and dealing with the public is never a piece of cake...

                  Geeks on Site — unethical behaviour/falsifying information

                  I was having some problems with my computer back in february. I kept getting a message that said something to...

                  Geeks Onsite — computer repair

                  I spoke with the Geeks onsite office and the guy told me there are located in Florida and have a good rating...

                  Geeks on Site — computer repair

                  I was on vacation when my computer ceased to function for me. In the middle of what I was doing the screen...

                  Geeks on Site — computer repair

                  I called this company after my computer crashed. I paid $297.00 for 4 hours of service. The technician came...

                  Geeksonsitecomputer services

                  They never fixed my computer and took over 1800$ from me and the 149$ fee to start the diagnosis! ! These guys are the real deal scam artists and will take you for everything they could!! Do NOT use these guys for anything !! They said they would deposit 2000$ into my bank account and that I needed to purchase 2000$ in iTunes gift cards to make the repairs to my computer that was needed to fix it. After I purchased the cards nothing was repaired and they even locked my computer so that even I could not use it after which I brought the pc to geek squad to be repaired which in turn cost me another 210$!

                  computer services

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                    www.geeksonsite.com — they don't provide help, but they ask for money in advance

                    OMG. It was real scam. I contacted the techs from the company www.geeksonsite.com. I explained the situation...

                    Geeks on Site — overcharging

                    After a power outage i started having some big issues with my computer so i called GEEKS ON SITE the man i...

                    The complaint has been investigated and
                    resolved to the customer's satisfaction
                    Geeks on Site — poor service, overcharging

                    Called Geeks on Site in Whiteville, NC 12-23-14 a.m. and telephone person stated a tech would come out...

                    Lake Waccamaw

                    The complaint has been investigated and
                    resolved to the customer's satisfaction
                    Geeks on Site — repair service

                    I bought a new windows 8 after much teeth knawing i decided i needed some professionall help in the...

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