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Careaga Plastic Surgery - a tummy tuck done with poor workmanship

I went to Dr. Careaga for a tummy tuck and I so regret ever meeting him. I have wished a thousand times that I would have chosen another doctor but unfortunately, I did not.
He talks about drain less tummy tucks but he uses drains. I am a size 6, very athletic, had no hanging skin and I thought that working on me would be one of his easiest cases and that if anyone would not need drains, it would be a body type like mine but, he used drains.
From the first day after my surgery, my right drain was not working and it never worked the entire time it was in me. It was obvious that when he put the right drain in me, he hit a nerve in my leg and I was in severe pain in my groin and leg and it felt as though I was constantly receiving electrical shocks. The drains were extremely uncomfortable, I was miserable and could not wait for them to be removed. By the time he removed them, the drain in my left side, he had to pull it multiple times and used force just to pull it out of me. Also, due to the right drain not working, on two different post op visits, he had to put a huge needle with a large cylinder into my abdomen multiple times to remove fluid. I almost passed out the first time he did this because he did not warn me that he was going to do that or at least advise me to look up or close my eyes, which that would have helped. That same day, I saw my incision for the first time and I was overwhelmed because it looked like Frankenstein had sewed me up. I had heavy pleats upon more pleats the entire length of the incision and I had no idea the incision would look like that because he never for-warned me and I've never seen anything like it. It took many months for most of the pleats to go away.
It was very important to me that I had a straight incision line and we discussed this many times. He agreed that he would do a straight line but he did not do what I wanted and what we agreed to. He made the incision well beyond the outside of my hip bones and then he slanted sharply straight down approximately 3 inches. Not only does it look bad but I also have lines that stretch out that were once large pleats and it also makes it much more difficult to hide the scar wearing underwear and the skin bunches very oddly like it's 100-year-old crepey skin when I bend and it looks very ugly. I feel like I've been branded by Dr. Careaga. Every Dr. who has seen my incision, they have all said that they've never seen an incision like mine for a tummy tuck and that normally if it's necessary to go beyond the outside of the hip bones, then the incision should have curved slightly up at the ends but never sharply down and that I should have scar revision surgery. One of the doctors said he did not think scar revision would work because the skin was too tight. All I know is that my incision looks terrible and if he would not have done the sharp 3 inch slant down, the incision would look much better and I would not currently have these problems regarding the incision.
Also, when he stitched around my belly button, he did not stitch in a precise, uniform or clean circle but very sporadically and oddly and at the bottom it's stitched like an upside down v and it left me with 2 deep pleats for many months and one of them was over 1 inch in length below my belly button. The pleats finally went away, leaving a remnant of a line on what was a long pleat. I also use to have a belly button and I thought that I still would have one but I don't. Now, I just have an opening with a deep hole for a belly button.
Also, the abdominal fat that I did have prior to surgery, I feel that he did not remove what he should have and many of the problems I had prior to surgery, I still have today. The odd thing is that my stomach was flatter and the skin was tighter and looked better the first day after surgery and the first couple of months after surgery than what it does right now. Also, I did have lose upper stomach skin prior to surgery and still do now, after surgery.
Also, when I called to get a tummy tuck price, I was quoted $7, 000 but when I went in for my consultation, they gave me a proposal of $10, 505.00 which was obviously thousands over what I was told. It was stressful getting them to agree to $7, 405.00. At this point, I can't do anything but let others know what's happened to me and hopefully you will not have to go through what I have and am going through. My advice to anyone reading this is to chose your doctor wisely because when you don't, it's your life that's changed forever.

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