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The Terminix International Company — truth in lending/deceptive practices

In August had a rep come to give an estimate for tenting. I could not afford the service without financing. The rep said he would run my credit take 5 min. I was approved have...

The Terminix International Company — terminix pest control

Purchased a termite protection plan each year since 2001. Was assured on several occasions that this would cover tenting when we would sell our home. In May of 2018 had an...

The Terminix International Companyterminate bond

I purchased a home at 9358 Bay view Dr. Lillian, AL 36549. Terminates were discovered the day before closing. Terminix had carried the bond on the property since 1991 under the prior owners name - Robert Zarr. Upon closing, I was provided with a letter from James Faust, branch manager Gulf Shores, confirming Terminix is responsible for all treatment and repairs. To date, we can't get return calls, updates, or any communication. The last we were told, 1 month ago, was that 3 bids for the repairs had been submitted to corporate and we were awaiting their approval. And then dead silence. I need an answer NOW. 3 months is plenty of time to wait.

The Terminix International Company — termite

We ordered termite service in 2015. The guy came out one time, was unable to reach a section of roof and said will return. Made an appointment with us. We waited all day he never...

The Terminix International Company — free termite inspection

We have scheduled our free termite inspection on 3 seperate occasions and we waited and waited and noone ever showed up. Not even a text or phone call. Not one of the 3 time...

The Terminix International Companypest control

i has this product installed in my house on friday march 2nd 2018 a rep came out wed feb 28th 2018 for an inspection of the house at the time my appointment was 3 to 5 the rep did not come until well after 6pm this is only after i called at 5 to find out what was going on. when the rep came i informed him that my main concern was mice that i had in my basement. An appointment was set for friday march 2nd. the appointment time was 8 to 12 again the rep was late i called at 915 to find out what time the rep would be coming i was told that they would have to find a rep for me and they would inform me when he would be here. i then received a call saying the rep would be there around 10. the rep then laid wooden mice traps 1 bait station and glue pads. and 2 termite stations and sprayed. i called on saturday because i was not satisfied with traps that were laid i was told that the next appointment would be 1 week from then. on sunday i once again called to cancel my service the lady was very combative and told me that i was not playing for just mice control but mostly termite, i informed her that my main concern was mice not termites and that i was not happy with how i was being treated and talked to . i was told that a manager would contact me in 24 to 48hours. after hanging up i called the local number on my contract to again express my concerns about how i was being treated as well as how the lady was talking to me and the lack of professionalism i was told that this would be escalated and again a manger would be calling me in 24 to 48hrs. today is not thursday march 8th at 12:11 i again called to say that i have not received a call from a manager in regards to my canceling services. i was told that the manager is in a meeting and they would call me i then asked if i could talk to a manager in that department and was told that the manager was on lunch. the professionalism is horrible at this company i have sent a letter to the bbb and am extremely disappointed with how i am being treated

The Terminix International Company L. P.bed bug service

On September, 20 we purchased the bed bug package from your company. We called back in because we seen bed bugs present in that space again. Somehow, the representative misunderstood and assumed we meant to treat other parts of the house. This is when I started contacted Terminix, I didn't receive any callbacks like I was promised, no email, no follow up what so ever. In which we were not able to treat the room with service guarantee, and now the bed bugs has spread to other rooms. Causing clients to be bitten, and even some hospitalized. We're a nonprofit organization that assist clients recovery in a safe space, and now our space is not sufficient for them. From a business aspect we were willing to pay for the entire home to be treated, but felt our concerns should be heard from someone who actually cares. This case has been handled poorly, it lacks customer service, and most importantly CUSTOMER GUARANTEE. Going forward, I personally wouldn't refer anyone to Terminix. This has been the worst experience thus far dealing with an vendor.

The Terminix International Company L. P. — Pest Control Service is a joke

I have been using Terminix for about 3 years for rodent problems. You would think that after 3 years my problem would have lessen a little. It has a matter of fact, it'...

The Terminix International Company L. P. — bed bug treatment

My husband and I were informed we had a bedbug issue and two companies come out to inspect. Terminex was one and they insisted they could beat the price of the competitor as well...

The Terminix International Company L. P. — Bed bug treatment

a sales rep came out to examine our home on this day and gave an estiamte for bedbugs based off 4br and 2 living areas.appt was scheduled to techs cameout the following next...

The Terminix International Company L. P. — Service not completed - overcharged

We have had the absolute worst experience with Terminix. We hired the company in June when we bought our new house in New Jersey to do an attic clean out and wildlife exclusion...

Termite Control

I am writing this at 2:48 am because I was awakened by termites crawling all over my body in my sleep. This all started when I called Terminix now (about three weeks ago) to let...

Just a complaint against terminix

Terminix suppose to be a reliable company but they lied, stole, and pressure personal info and the info they got out of me they took money out my account without permission where...

Crawl space encapsulation

No matter what, go elsewhere. The management could not care less about the quality of service at this location. We contracted Terminix to complete a crawlspace encapsulation at...

Termite mitigation, billing and customer service

If I could give negative stars I would.  This is the worst company I've ever dealt with.  Every step of the way and with every employee I've dealt with in the company, from the...

Crawl space encapsulation

No matter what, go elsewhere. The management could not care less about the quality of service at this location. We contracted Terminix to complete a crawlspace encapsulation at...

Terminix Laguna Hills — They didn't rush to help us with the termites

I had the contract with Terminix Laguna Hills. We signed it for 5 years and the company pledged to provide inspection in our house every 6 months. Suddenly, they have changed the...

Termite Inspection for Treatment

I could not reach the TERMINIX branch at 8550 N. 91st Ave, Suite 77, Peoria, AZ 85260, directly. All phone numbers listed on the internet all go to a call center. It was hard to...

Failure to honor Guarantee

Terminix purchased the pest control service that I had been very happy with. I allowed them to do the first treatment but the results were so poor that I would not let them treat...

Pathetic customer service and fraud

For background, I signed up Terminix service on 08/29 through James (Contact#[protected]). He came to our community and signed-up around 15 people. I happen to be there at my...

No Show/no call

Called the customer line on 3/9 and representative said theres availability next dat 3/10 between 1-3pm. Free estimate. I went ahead and got the appt. March 10 I took the PM off...

Failed to transfer

My wife and I just bought a house in Huntsville, AL. This is not our first house - so I've been down this path before, but not with these results. Prior to putting an...

Service Inefective

Service sucked. Came to my house to spray for bedbugs but never finished the service. Every time they came they couldn't use the proper equipment because it was either broken...

Terminix Pest control — Up selling

My wife and I recently hired Terminix to get rid of the spiders in our house. The guy came out and spread stuff around the outside to get rid of ants. This worked great! Not an...

Cancelled service, but charged me anyway

I cancelled their services because I was going out of town, and no one would be able to let them in to do the work. Well...they came anyway, and charged me $200. I called and...

Misleading/False Advertising

I called Terminix to inquire about their services. They offered me the Ultimate Protection Plan.

The plan states, "Thank you and congratulations. Your home will soon be protected by the strongest pest and termite guarantees in the business. We bring 80 years of Terminix experience to show you what Ultimate Protection really means.

Your upcoming services

Your first Terminix service will include your annual termite inspection as well as a complete pest treatment to both the interior and exterior of your home. Our professional treatments eliminate existing pests and establish a perimeter to help keep them out. The pest services that follow will focus on maintaining the outer perimeter to proactively keep pests from entering your home in the first place. Your pest control service and annual termite inspection are scheduled for:

Date of visit: 00/00/0000
Service to be performed at:

Because parts of this visit are inside the home you will need to have someone present. If this time is not convenient, please call 1.800.TERMINIX or visit and log into Manage My Account where you can reschedule appointments as well as view service or payment history and pay bills online.

Your Terminix Ultimate Protection Package includes:

• One low monthly bill and one Terminix technician
• Regularly scheduled services that get to pests before they get to you
• An annual inspection to certify your home termite free
• The most advanced and effective treatment technologies available
• The Terminix Ultimate Protection Guarantees for pests and termites
• Around-the-clock access to customer service

All of us on your Terminix team look forward to protecting your home and family for years to come.

Your Terminix Sales Professional

Notice the line "The Terminix Ultimate Protection Guarantees for pests and termites". So I am assuming that I am signing up for pest and termite treatment. They come and do the pest treatment. He tells me the termite guy will call me. The termite guy calls and said that he will be out to give me an estimate. I am like, whoa, I already signed up, paid the fee, and the contract says I am covered for pest and termites. I told him I do not want another estimate. So I called the customer service. They said that if I already have termites, that termite protection does not apply and I have to pay another monthly fee for termite protection.

Does anyone see that statement in the contract above? No. So I screamed and demanded that they either refund my money and I will get service else ware, or provide the termite treatment that is stated in the contract. Waiting to hear from the manager. I will forward it to the Attorney General's office with a copy of my contract if they don't pony up.

Unprofessional Violation of Contract Terms

I cannot fathom how this company can violate its own contracts, keep vague and incomplete records, conduct themselves rudely to paying loyal customers, have outdated billing...

Service and reliability

We had termites last year April 2012 and signed a service contract that cost thousands of $$. They came out to do annual check in March 2013 and claimed everything was okay. 3...

suposedly rid my home of bedbugs

Workers came out on 01/07/2013 to rid my home of bedbugs. on 01/13/2013, I called and informed them that we were still being bothered with bed bugs. I was told that someone would...

Work was not completed

On 7/29/11 Terminix came to my house at 224 Black Pond Road, Hubbardton, Vt and installed several one way doors around the chimney flashing of my home to remove bats. This was guaranteed for 18 months. The bats returned and two new one way doors were installed on 5/24/12. Despite repeated calls to Terminix, no one has come back to remove the doors and seal the flashing to the roof as was done the first time. I called the Terminix Office at 34 Locke Road, Unit 1, Concord, NH., [protected] numerous time. No one has responded.

Bait and Switch with price and company

Terminix Buys EcoFirst raises prices. No notification. Just bills us. Mormon Scammer David Royce Has sold out 3 times to Terminix. He's Boss (Mormon) started company and sold...

Poor Service/Customer Service

Growing up, Terminix had always been a part of my life. Our Terminix man, Dave, visited us regualarly and was almost like a part of the family. We were always pleased with our service. So when it came time for me to choose a termite and pest control product, I didn't think twice and went with Terminix. I can't sufficiently enough express how absolutely disappointed I am with my decision, and with how poorly this organization now treats its customers.
When I moved into my fiance's home, she had termite bait traps, but no pest control plan. We received a renewal notice for the bait traps, but I decided to have Terminix come out to give us a quote on a more all-inclusive service, specifically to add pest control (Florida is rife with palmettos and ants/fire ants). When my "inspector" Randy Bianchi arrived, he was very friendly and walked my premises with me. He advised that the bait stations we currently had (and had been solicited to simply renew) were no longer effective at keeping termites away, and furthermore he advised that they were more likely to attract termites to the home at this point than to repel them.
I was concerned that we hadn't been advised of this until we indicated that we were willing to spend more money and increase our service with Terminix, but I didn't press the issue. He detailed what the product entailed: "baiting" the exterior of the house, interior of the house in select areas, and baiting the attic regularly; and of course removing the existing Terminix bait-traps which were at best useless and at worst a detriment. I signed up for the plan and agreed to regular deductions to be made from my account.
When the serviceman first came to my house (without a call-ahead so that I could ensure someone would be home to let him in), he laid bait outside and left, leaving the old bait traps. A week later, he returned and treated the interior. He neglected to treat the attic area. When I advised that I had be told this was part of what was sold to me by Mr. Bianchi, he simply stated that it wouldn't be necessary. He again left without removing the old bait traps.
All this is moderately understandable compared to the rest. I phoned Mr. Bianchi 5 times before he returned my call, to advise him of the mistake that was made in leaving the traps behind. He returned my call stating he'd lost my number, and apologized for the delay. He asked if I wanted to remove the traps myself (really?) and I responded that I would prefer Terminix pick up them up, as was discussed. He said he would come out in the next week to do so, and would call ahead to let me know when, so we could discuss a hole that was dug at the base of my house as well. That was almost a month ago, and that was the last I've ever heard from him, or from ANYONE from Terminix for that matter.
I called Mr. Bianchi more than 12 times, leaving many messages, receiving no response. I have place 3 calls to 1800-TERMINIX. I have politely yet clearly expressed my frustration with my service. Each time the call center rep sympathized and assured me that someone would contact me. One rep I spoke with went so far as to say that she has had similar experience with this Inspector (not returning calls). I replied that the problem was no longer just with the inspector, but now with Terminix as nobody in this company was taking ownership of this issue.
Terminix has nobody taking ownership of their poor customer service, and there is no single point of accountability for any issues that arise. A simple, almost trivial, little issue has created furious customer because of the company's utter lack of commitment to customer service. No inspector, no serviceman, no salesman, no customer service associate, no manager, no quality control person has returned my more than 20 calls now. I can not understand in this age where each dollar is spent so deliberately, how a customer spending $700 annually with your organization can be so utterly ignored and dismissed.

  • Ju
    Juanita Algar Jul 09, 2012

    I have been a customer of Terminix for over 40 years (at the two homes that I have owned here in South Fl.) and I am now finding that a satisfied customer is no longer a priority of Terminix. Over the last two years, it has been just awful trying to get an inspection of my home. Although it was that when I called someone would come out. # weeks ago, a nice man came out, found evidence of termites. I was told that someone would call to set up an appt. for treatment. After 3 phone calls to the local office, and of this date no one has called. Am I supposed to wait until the termites take over my w

    hole house??? I am still waiting.thanks for letting me sound off.

    Juanita Algar Customer #150617

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Managers suck

Managers will schedule 21 stops per day or more for the techs at this branch. SO, WHAT KIND OF QUALITY WILL THE CUSTOMER GET?????? DO NOT FALL FOR THIS COMPANY, THEY NOT ONLY SUCK...

Poor Management

Management in this particular Terminix office is terrible. I had a manager by the name of Julia Valenzuela (didnt know anything about how to manage people) In her meetings she...

Killed our parrot

We had terminix out to get rid of our ant problem. A guy showed up and im pretty sure he was a new employee. Since he was out we have been getting mail asking for more business. Even we have ask not to recieve any more mail. This guy used a spray can and whatever he used killed our parrot. So, im asking you to stop sending us mail. Have a heart guys, just stop;.

We had terminix out to get rid of our ant problem!. A guy showed up and im pretty sure he was a new employee|. Since he was out we have been getting mail asking for more business:. Even we have ask not to recieve any more mail|. This guy used a spray can and whatever he used killed our parrot?. So, im asking you to stop sending us mail!. Have a heart guys, just stop.


I set up an appointment on the 16th of April this year for Terminix to spray my home inside and out for ants. They sprayed and a wk later no results so I called back and I wa...

Unprofessional and Lies

We signed up for the protection plan with Terminix because we knew we had carpenter ants. The guy came out and said we had carpenter ants and powder post beetles (When he showed me what they were he pointed out were sow bugs (roly polys) . The second guy said nope those are sow bugs, but you do have powder post beetles as well. The powder post beetles live in the wood and then lay eggs and go somewhere to die. The wood that has the holes needs to be burnt outdoors in order to kill the bugs. They can live 15 years in the same places, so you won't usually see them. They are the size of a pen tip. Terminix can put something on the boards already infested, but it costs $300, and the wood would already be damaged by the bugs.

The first guy said someone needed to come out within a week and that they would call. They never called. Almost 2 weeks later, I call to make an appointment. I call the morning of the appointment to confirm and they say there never was an appointment and reschedule for later that day. I call after the appointment time frame because no one showed up and they say sorry they forgot to tell the technician. I make a 3rd appointment only to have them show up a day early while we are gone. He left a card, so I called him and let him know I made the appointment the next day. The next day (today) he does come.

According to the second guy, the spray and also drilling holes in the walls to put dust poison are covered in our protection, but tenting the house is not and would cost around $3, 000. I called the 800 number and the verified that this is the truth. (Supposedly) The first guy and the second guy the first time I asked him said spraying, dusting and tenting were ALL covered.

We need to get a crawl space door that he told me how we can make or we can use a piece of ply wood and something to keep it down like bricks, stones, etc. The places where the birds pushed the screen needs to be covered with 1/8 inch hardware cloth and stapled in place. (They aren't going to do it) We also need a vapor barrier and insulation under the house.

I'm am annoyed with Terminix since the first guy said Terminix does more than they actually do. The first guy said he'd put the screening up for the birds. Second guy said to call in 2 weeks if we are still seeing ants. The second guy gave me a slip with what he did and it has a charge for $275.99. We are paying monthly and there's not supposed to be any extra, so I called the 800 number and supposedly we are not being charged extra, but why does it say we are?

On going termite problems

I have been having on going termite problems and a worthless contract with terminix. They take my money but leave the termites.
The company must be horrible to work for because there is never the same person there 2 years in a row.
I have thousans=ds of dollars worth of repairs to do and still have termites. Do not sign up for a contract with them it is a waste of money. What a rip off!
I will be attaching picture of the damage shortly.

dishonesty of employees, rip off

My horror story began in April of 1990 in Salt Lake City, Utah. I was hired to service a pest control route. At first I wondered why the employees had morale problems, and why the...

Switch and Bait Masters

SWITCH AND BAIT CO. Terminix is by far the largest rip off company I have ever used.I had a inspection, it was set up my my real estate agent. After there so called bargain inspection (that was the sales mans response to my complaint )I charged you only $100 for the inspection. So he did. Then he gave a bid for the work to do, I used him for only one of the iteams as it was a Condo and all else was covered by HOA. They added $1000.00 to the $450.00 bid. The work was just what the bid said, nothing was found different then bid. BUT $1000.00 WAS ADDED . That would have been $450.oo a hr. KARMA IS A COMPANY THAT BELLYS UP.