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The Terminix International Company L. P. Complaints & Reviews

The Terminix International Company L. P. / Pest Control Service is a joke

AnnG0212 on Aug 14, 2017
I have been using Terminix for about 3 years for rodent problems. You would think that after 3 years my problem would have lessen a little. It has not...as a matter of fact, it's gotten worst. These people clam that they are experts in pest control. can find your pest problem and fix it...

The Terminix International Company L. P. / bed bug treatment

Sickandtired1 on Aug 5, 2017
My husband and I were informed we had a bedbug issue and two companies come out to inspect. Terminex was one and they insisted they could beat the price of the competitor as well as eliminate the problem along with offering a guarantee. The initial treatment lasted less than an hour and...

The Terminix International Company L. P. / Bed bug treatment

Amili Dawson on Jan 24, 2017
a sales rep came out to examine our home on this day and gave an estiamte for bedbugs based off 4br and 2 living areas.appt was scheduled to techs cameout the following next wednesday.treated 3bedrooms and stated would be back the next day to treat 4h bedroom as well as bring bedcover...

The Terminix International Company L. P. / Service not completed - overcharged

Sascha Gabrielle on Nov 25, 2016
We have had the absolute worst experience with Terminix. We hired the company in June when we bought our new house in New Jersey to do an attic clean out and wildlife exclusion. Erik Groat seemed reasonable and was sure the team could do the job we needed. The team from Roselle Park came...

Terminix / Termite Control

Camilamramon on Aug 9, 2016
I am writing this at 2:48 am because I was awakened by termites crawling all over my body in my sleep. This all started when I called Terminix now (about three weeks ago) to let them know I had a serious termite issue in my bedroom, that had been treated by them multiple times before. I...

Terminix / Just a complaint against terminix

Lakeitha Evans on Jul 5, 2016
Terminix suppose to be a reliable company but they lied, stole, and pressure personal info and the info they got out of me they took money out my account without permission where by I didn't owe them anything else and they say I still owe them the only way I find out is that I wa...

Terminix / Crawl space encapsulation

FuriousFive on Jun 25, 2016
No matter what, go elsewhere. The management could not care less about the quality of service at this location. We contracted Terminix to complete a crawlspace encapsulation at our home on 3/29. They began the work on 4/13, which included just pulling out the old insulation, and have not...

Terminix / Termite mitigation, billing and customer service

Lzsnook on May 26, 2016
If I could give negative stars I would.  This is the worst company I've ever dealt with.  Every step of the way and with every employee I've dealt with in the company, from the technicians to the "customer service" on the phone have failed to do their job.  I first hired terminix four and...

Terminix / Crawl space encapsulation

FuriousFive on May 26, 2016
No matter what, go elsewhere. The management could not care less about the quality of service at this location. We contracted Terminix to complete a crawlspace encapsulation at our home. They began the work on 4/13, which included just pulling out the old insulation, and have not been back...

Terminix Laguna Hills / They didn't rush to help us with the termites

Reviewer27925 on Jan 28, 2016
I had the contract with Terminix Laguna Hills. We signed it for 5 years and the company pledged to provide inspection in our house every 6 months. Suddenly, they have changed the conditions of the contract and said that they wouldn’t inspect it every 6 months and we should inform them, when...

Terminix / Termite Inspection for Treatment

michaelv2820 on Jan 20, 2016
I could not reach the TERMINIX branch at 8550 N. 91st Ave, Suite 77, Peoria, AZ 85260, directly. All phone numbers listed on the internet all go to a call center. It was hard to find the supervisor info for this technician named GARY HALDERMAN on the internet, and the call center would not...

Terminix / Failure to honor Guarantee

SSJeep on Jun 25, 2015
Terminix purchased the pest control service that I had been very happy with. I allowed them to do the first treatment but the results were so poor that I would not let them treat again. I was told the product they use kills spiders but does not continue to kill new spiders. My previou...

Terminix / Pathetic customer service and fraud

unhappyterminix on Apr 28, 2015
For background, I signed up Terminix service on 08/29 through James (Contact#479-857-6517). He came to our community and signed-up around 15 people. I happen to be there at my neighbor and signed almost at sunset time. He was in hurry and signed in rush giving the conception that its $80...

Terminix / No Show/no call

KathyL12 on Mar 10, 2015
Called the customer line on 3/9 and representative said theres availability next dat 3/10 between 1-3pm. Free estimate. I went ahead and got the appt. March 10 I took the PM off to wait for their call. 3:05pm no one called so I called customer service. Put on hold and got hung up. Called...

Terminix / Failed to transfer

TUMF on Jan 27, 2015
My wife and I just bought a house in Huntsville, AL. This is not our first house - so I've been down this path before, but not with these results. Prior to putting an offer on the table on the house we were interested in, I researched to find out what termite company had a bond on the...

Terminix / Service Inefective

Terminix on May 19, 2014
Service sucked. Came to my house to spray for bedbugs but never finished the service. Every time they came they couldn't use the proper equipment because it was either broken or being used by another employee. As a result the bugs kept coming back and in even greater number...

Terminix Pest control / Up selling

Lillianmichael on Feb 21, 2014
My wife and I recently hired Terminix to get rid of the spiders in our house. The guy came out and spread stuff around the outside to get rid of ants. This worked great! Not an ant in site. He then came inside and spot sprayed only the spiders that he saw. Which was nothing compared to...

Terminix / Cancelled service, but charged me anyway

humanfly on Nov 4, 2013
I cancelled their services because I was going out of town, and no one would be able to let them in to do the work. Well...they came anyway, and charged me $200. I called and discontinued services forever. Then they called earlier today (2 months later) to verify an appointment. They would...

Terminix / Misleading/False Advertising

Natalie Z. on Oct 25, 2013
I called Terminix to inquire about their services. They offered me the Ultimate Protection Plan. The plan states, "Thank you and congratulations. Your home will soon be protected by the strongest pest and termite guarantees in the business. We bring 80 years of Terminix experience to show you...

Terminix / Unprofessional Violation of Contract Terms

Accused UNSTABLE on May 4, 2013
I cannot fathom how this company can violate its own contracts, keep vague and incomplete records, conduct themselves rudely to paying loyal customers, have outdated billing services, insult and yell at customers and provide treatment services THAT ARE COMPLETELY INEFFECTIVE and continue...

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