Consumer Complaints & Reviews in Somerville, Alabama

PurePlay / been playing over 10 years on pureplay

Jan 25, 2019

I used to win Over $ 500 every year...but not in the last 5-6 years I have seen a lot of hands.playing over 10 years.. I have noticed one thing since all the bad beats started happening. When someone wins with 2 pair, take notice that over 90 % of the time, the first 2 cards that were dealt...

Hooters 403 Apache Dr N / customer service

Dec 5, 2018

My husband and I went to the Hooters in Bryan, Texas today (December 5, 2018. We was seated by a young lady who did not even say hello, or welcome to Hooters or anything. She sat us down and we were there about 10-15 minutes and no one even acknowledged us sitting there. Two girls walked...

Ford Motor Company / 2013 ford fusion 4d titanium

Feb 19, 2018

VIN 3FA6P0K94DR317955 After the car has been running and then sets for an hour the problem occurs. You start up, run for about 200 feet and then it will stall. You are on the highway at this time. You have to put the car in park while on the highway, press the brake and it will restart. It doe...

Burger King / wrong chicken nuggets

Oct 19, 2017

I saw a commercial for the new spicy nuggets tonight and I went to the nearest BK to try out the new offering. I ordered the spicy nuggeta and when I got home they were just the regular nuggets. U agree it is partially my fault for not double checking and ensuring they were the spicy...

JDByrider / service/coverage

Aug 20, 2016

Hi, I'm complaining cause jdbyrider is not being riteful here at all this is a stolen car claim that was not put in. Here this . the car I got financed and it got stolen and whomever stole it trashed it too busted windshield, airbags busted back axle broken and all so said the lady at... / They refused to accept my card

Aug 9, 2015

I had experience on the website I placed the order and entered my card details, but the website refused to take it. It was mentioned that card holder’s name didn’t exist and the card was expired. Seriously, everything was ok with my card. But I tried to... / Seller doesn't provide any help, but our order was lost

May 14, 2015

We ordered two original presents from the company The seller sounded professional and really nice, but in result we wasted money and this seller refused to help us. He sent the order, but it was lost somewhere. We contacted the seller, but he told us that it...