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no response

I & my GF booked flight tickets (Round Trip) to Bali Indonesia from South Korea. But I need to...

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Request for Cancellation and Refund(TravelGenio don’t answer my email at all!) β€” Cancellation and Refund problem

Hello, I am Jaehong LEE. I had reserved 3 filght tickets from Incheon (Korea) to Cagliari (Italy...

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I made a reservation from Clark International Airport in Philippines on March 18 at 15:30 to Seoul...

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Flight Customer service β€” won't take my call automatically hangs up after 15 mins on hold 6 times in a row

Need to cancel flights due to coronavirus. Island we are going to is level 3 travel advisory...

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booked a hotel β€” Unhelpfully helpful.

Now I am getting frustrated. I have talked to 2 agents on the phone. To the first agent I said I...

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Flight cancellation β€” Flight cancellation refund!

My flight Lufthansa-LH2479&LH7318 book from London-Beijing has been canceled, my booking number i...

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Refund β€” You, Travelgenio did not make a refund even 90 days have been passed.

This is the passenger who bought the ticket from Travelgenio last year December. Ticket number i...

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Hotel reservation β€” Unable to cancel without paying a fee

I had no intention of cancelling my reservation. This was spring break; and I was going to visit...

The cancellation of the membership contract β€” UVC made it very difficult/impossible to cancel our contract

Mr. Negrete, We signed the contract on February 28, 2020. On March 4th, 2020, within the 5... verified

I paid in full via bank transfer for a flight from Cardiff to Abuja- Nigeria.

I paid in full for a flight ticket from Cardiff to Abuja-Nigeria, which is scheduled for the 23rd...

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Fraud transaction made on β€” Fraud with

I am charged around 48000 rupees on a Agoda booking done today which we never did. I never did any...

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I want to change my flight date β€” I want to change my flight date from 6/27 to any date which is between 4/13~4/18

My booking number is 58FWJC and I had made a reservation of my flight from prague(Czech republic...

hotel booking: danang, vietnam

I booked Tuong Ni Hotel Danang Vietnam for 4 nights 4 rooms from 6th - 10th March 2020. When we...

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No answer from Travelgenio

I have reserved flight ticket by Travel2be last Jan. I want to cancel my ticket so, I sent an... verified

Cancelled flights β€” Unable to contact them

I have tried contacting them for 4 days via phone and email and constantly on hold with 1 minute...

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Flight cancellation scam β€” Fraud

I bought two two tickets to Istanbul from eDreams. The airline notified me that due to change in...

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Where there is no communication ..

I booked a ticket while planning a honeymoon ahead of my marriage. However, all happy plans were...

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refund!!! β€” I haven't received a refund yet

in a hurry. Give the result for a quick refund. I contacted several times, but I haven't received a...

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Can't get Reply of Refund Request

mail : jeongsu.[protected] reservation code : R3LTGR I request refund on customer service 3...

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refund β€” When will you respond!!!!!!

A non-operational announcement has appeared on the Asiana airline When is the refund...

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Airline and rental car β€” Could not reach anyone to cancel or change my plans due to the Covid 19 pandemic.

My name is Samantha Hickey. My #[protected]. I made travel arrangements on February 28, 2020 for...

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You must refund our flight ticket

I'd like to refund for a ticket canceled due to a coronavirus. From moscow and the departure date...

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Changing my booking

Travelgenio that does not respond to my request. Hello I bought a flight ticket from Kuala Lumpur...