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Government Vacation Rewards Complaints & Reviews

Government Vacation Rewards — travel discounts

Offering travel discounts to military retirees and veterans that are not discounted they say you have $250.00 in credit...

1 comments Travel & Vacations  · Sep 16, 2019

Government Vacation Rewards — open positions

Good Morning, I hope all is well. I do apologize for sending this message under the "complaint board", but I am...

Travel & Vacations  · Sep 04, 2019

[Resolved] Government Vacation Rewards — air booking fraud

Book a flight via Alaska airlines. Prior to submitting payment I was reading the booking policy it clearly stated...

Travel & Vacations  · Jul 27, 2019

[Resolved] Government Vacation Rewards — do not waste your money!

You people robbed my husband out of $$$$ of dollars! This company is nothing but a scam and I will be reporting you to...

Travel & Vacations  · Jun 23, 2019

[Resolved] Government Vacation Rewards — vacation failure and rip off

I just want to send a warning to my brothers and sister in the U.S. Armed Forces about this rip off company that i...

Travel & Vacations  · Jun 20, 2019

[Resolved] Government Vacation Rewards — select access membership

Being conned for this amazing vacation membership with the liberty to use credits, points and certificate as you see...

Travel & Vacations  · Jun 17, 2019

[Resolved] Government Vacation Rewards — incorrect return date on itinerary

On June 5, 2019, I purchased a United Airline flight from Government Vacation Rewards, with departure date of June 15...

Travel & Vacations  · Jun 08, 2019

Government Vacation Rewards — service

I was trying to book a cruise with them, and I couldn't get them to help me make my payment. Who doesn't want money. I...

Government Vacation Rewards — gvr... liars and a big scam!!

I was scammed out of $1, 500 for membership. GVR promised HUGE discounts when booking using GVR. For one complete year...

1 comments Travel & Vacations  · Nov 29, 2018

Government Vacation Rewards — not a user friendly

We paid up front and used one trip and was in a bad unclean hotel. We worked thou it and we wanted to pass it on to...

Durham Hotels  · Oct 22, 2018

Government Vacation Rewards — un-american

I paid nearly $3, 000 over a course of 2 years for "points". I now have over 81, 000 points but cannot use all of them...

Travel & Vacations  · Jun 13, 2018

Government Vacation Rewards — email regarding getting $500 savings credits.. and then the results on the phone..

As noted the email of April 20 promised savings credits.. and it was apparent that all they wanted was a "body" to talk...

Travel & Vacations  · Apr 24, 2018

Government Vacation Rewards — charge for reinstatement of points is a ripoff

My 50, 000 points expired 7 days ago, called customer service and they want and to pay another $1600 to restate them or...

Timeshares / Vacation Rentals  · Mar 01, 2018

Government Vacation Rewards — cruise insurance

I booked a cruise to Beize, Cozumel, Roatan leaving on 3-11 September My Name is James R Garza 2017, I had to cancel...

Collections Agencies  · Jan 02, 2018

Government Vacation Rewards — failure to award earned points

I have been a member of government vacation rewards for six years. During the first couple of years, their service wa...

Travel Agencies  · Jan 19, 2017

Government Vacation Rewards — membership

I was contacted about joining this great vacation rewards club where I would get all these great benefits and earn...

Vacation Clubs  · Jul 27, 2016

Government Vacation Rewards — not what they said they were

This company promised big things and have delivered almost nothing. We took 2 trips with them and were put at the...

Orlando Travel Agencies  · Dec 31, 2015

Government Vacation Rewards — travel

I was pricing different sites, i.e., Travelocity and Orbitz and found a round trip to cancun from Connecticut staying at...

Travel & Vacations  · Dec 31, 2015

Government Vacation Rewards — very shady company

Long story short, I am in the Military I joined as a member because they cater to the Military. This company and their...

5 comments Online Scams  · Apr 08, 2015

Government Vacation Rewards — run away

These guys are a discrace to what they represent. they represent our military and government employees and claim that they...

2 comments Travel & Vacations  · Feb 20, 2015

Government Vacation Rewards — ripped off for an airline ticket

This was my first time using my GVR, to book an airline ticket to san Antonio, TX from Jacksonville, Fl They quoted me a...

Airlines  · Feb 04, 2015

Government Vacation Rewards — rip off

GVR is the worst business ever!!! Do not get involved with this company. They are just ripping people off and stealing...

2 comments Travel & Vacations  · May 31, 2014

Government Vacation Rewards — failure to honor an email ad

I received an email for veteran's day showing that the company could use the military star card to book a car and...

Government Vacation Rewards — booking error

Been with this company and used them for one vacation but now they totally screwed up my next. Booked the wrong date for...

1 comments Credit Cards  · Oct 13, 2013

Gov Vacation Rewards — fraud/ scam

This company is a total fraud. Watch out! This. Company goes under other names as well. Since my investigation I have...

Government Vacation Rewards — contract not honored

We booked a Honeymoon vacation to the Atlantis Hotel, Paradise Island Bahamas which was supposed to include several...

1 comments Travel Agencies  · Jun 13, 2013

Government Vacation Rewards — contract dispute

Contract states you are not entitled to a refund if cancellation is after 10 days. Not looking for a refund, however...

Government Vacation Rewards — unauthorized automatic payments

I was contacted by a Sales rep in early June about getting a vacation package. He said you would pay $149 right now to...

Government Vacation Rewards — unauthorized charge to credit card

I was traveling on government travel orders to Georgia in March of 2010 with another government employee. On 2/26/2010...